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WWF Superstars 7/16/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Wilkes-Barre, PA

1.)Typhoon defeated Yokozuna by disqualification
2.)Razor Ramon defeated Barry Hardy
3.)Jeff Jarrett defeated Russ Greenberg
4.)WWF World Tag Team Champions the Headshrinkers defeated Nick Barberry & Mike Bell
5.)Sparky Plugg defeated the Black Phantom
6.)Nikolai Volkoff defeated PJ Walker

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Yokozuna hammers away on Typhoon as soon as Typhoon rolls into the ring. Typhoon drops Yoko with a clothesline and Yoko nearly stumbles out of the ring. We get a USA chant and the camera guy goes to a shot of a kid holding a Bret Hart action figure. He is Canadian. Anyway, back to the action, Yoko chokes Typhoon to regain control of the bout. Typhoon avoids a splash in the corner and delivers a splash of his own. Typhoon nearly wins with a clothesline and drops an elbow for another near fall. Yoko attempts a scoop slam but Typhoon lands on top of Yoko. Crush has made his way down and trips Typhoon to cause the disqualification. After the match, Typhoon attacks Crush and splashes Yokozuna in the corner. Typhoon rams Yoko into Crush head first but Yoko stops Typhoon with a belly to belly suplex and both Yoko and Crush deliver leg drops several times! (*. It was what you would expect from these two. Two big guys going at it is very rarely ever any good, and since one of them is Typhoon, this was doomed from the start.)

2. A video promoting former WWF World Champion Bob Backlund is aired. We get a history lesson on Bob’s run in the WWF. It still bothers him that his manager tossed a towel in to cost him the championship. He has been waiting a long time to get his shot. So, he wants to challenge WWF World Champion Bret Hart to a title match!

3. A video promoting a new wrestler Abe Knuckleball Schwartz. Abe is a baseball player played by the Brooklyn Brawler. He is mad because of the baseball strike but he will be coming to the WWF soon. Yeah, they are serious.

4. The Heartbreak Hotel is back with Shawn Michaels. His guest this week is Tatanka! Michaels pokes fun at Tatanka’s hair. Tatanka apparently has some earth shattering news. Tatanka doesn’t have a problem with Shawn but a problem could arise. Tatanka’s news will shock the world! Tatanka is going to talk about a man that was once his friend and that man is Lex Luger. Tatanka reveals that Luger has sold out to Ted DiBiase and Tatanka is pissed about it. Michaels doesn’t want Tatanka to spread vicious and hurtful lies. Michaels wants Tatanka to supply proof. So, we see footage of the proof. DiBiase was talking to Lawler and DiBiase revealed that he bought Lex Luger already! DiBiase apparently offered a deal that Luger couldn’t refuse. Michaels calls Luger a moron and says that Lex has finally seen the light. Michaels lists the guys involved with DiBiase. Volkoff, Bigelow, Undertaker and Lex Luger! Shawn gives DiBiase some credit. Tatanka says he knows Luger wants championship gold. Tatanka notes that Diesel has a title match against Lex Luger next Monday. Shawn thinks about it and he looks rather nervous. Tatanka suggests to not take DiBiase too lightly.

Final Thoughts:
Ah, so here is the start of Tatanka claiming that Luger sold out. The promo was actually effective in putting doubt in people’s mind and it seemed like the fans knew that Tatanka wasn’t up to good intentions. Also, the idea of Bob Backlund going for the WWF World Championship in 1994 is not of interest to me. It was an average episode of Superstars this week despite a weak featured match.

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