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WWF Superstars 7/9/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Wilkes-Barrie, PA

1.)The Undertaker defeated Tatanka
2.)Mabel defeated the Black Phantom
3.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel defeated Chris Kanyon
4.)WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze defeated Luna Vachon to retain the title
5.)Owen Hart defeated Gary Scott
6.)Duke Droese defeated Jim Massenger

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Taker attacks Tatanka from behind thanks to DiBiase distracting Tatanka from the floor. Taker works over Tatanka with several overhand blows and chokes Tatanka in the corner. To his credit, Brian Lee is going a good job mimicking the real Undertaker. Taker sends Tatanka into the ropes and drops Tatanka with a big boot. Taker walks the ropes and drops down across Tatanka’s arm. Taker is dominating the early portions of the match with strikes and choking Tatanka. Taker tries to keep control but Tatanka hammers away with a few overhand chops, but Taker is able to stop him rather quickly. Taker drop toe holds Tatanka and rakes his face because he can. Tatanka gets a second wind and tries to make a comeback. Tatanka strikes Taker a few times but is stopped quickly again. Tatanka knocks Taker off his feet with a leaping forearm strike! Taker throat thrusts Tatanka and spikes Tatanka with the tombstone pile driver to win the match. (*1/4. I understand that they are building this Undertaker as the real one and equally effective as the real one, but to basically job Tatanka out like that was odd to me. I’d understand if the gimmick was long term, but it wasn’t. It was nothing special of a match, too.)

2. The new WWF Magazine has Yokozuna on the cover pinning Hulk Hogan. Obviously, Hogan just signed with WCW and was an attempt to make him look weaker.

3. Alundra absorbs a few blows before dropkicking Luna and avoids Vachon in the corner causing Luna to crash over the top to the floor. Luna pulls Alundra down and begins to work over her knee. Vachon has a Boston Crab locked in but Blayze doesn’t give in. Blayze nearly rolls Vachon up to win the match. Blayze gets another two count with a roll up out of the corner. Luna hits a swinging neckbreaker and a middle rope splash for a two count. Luna misses a top rope splash and Blayze hits a running bulldog. Blayze wins with a German suplex. (**. A quick match that had some fine action in it. I was rather surprised by it, honestly.)

4. To close the show, we hear from Jim Cornette and Yokozuna. Next week, Yokozuna squares off with Typhoon. Cornette recalls how Typhoon refused to let Yoko walk past him a few weeks ago on RAW. Jim is confident that Yokozuna will take care of the mighty Typhoon.

Final Thoughts:
An uninteresting episode of Superstars this week. The women’s match was decent for television but there wasn’t much substance to the show. I didn’t think how they booked Tatanka here as it made him look weaker than he is. Next weeks episode doesn’t have a lot of promise either.

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