WWF Superstars 9/10/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation Superstars
From: Portland, ME

1.)WWF World tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels & WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel defeated Tom Sullivan & Nick Bayberry
2.)Jim Neidhart defeated Mike Maliacia
3.)Doink the Clown defeated the Black Phantom
4.)Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Tony Roy
5.)the Headshrinkers defeated Mike Bell & Tony DeVito
6.)Yokozuna defeated Steve King

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Raymond Rougeau interviews the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette to open the show. Jimmy Del Ray is wearing one of the cowboy hats they had ruined. Cornette says that the Smoking Gunns made an error by touching their items. Pritchard says you don’t mess with a man’s mother, car, and money. You also don’t clip the Heavenly Bodies wings. They don’t need wings to fly. Cornette says they are going to clip the Smoking Gunns in a way they will not soon forget.

2. It takes Bigelow only a few seconds to take Tony Roy out of action. So, Ted DiBiase gets on the microphone and issues an open challenge for anyone to give his man some competition. The challenge is answered by Adam Bomb. DiBiase gets some cash out and just gives it to Bigelow. Bomb knocks Bigelow to the floor with a leaping clothesline but Bigelow is held back from entering back into the ring by several referees.

3. Diesel and Shawn Michaels shared some comments during the squash match for the Headshrinkers. They recently won the WWF World Tag Team Championships. They think they will be the champions for as long was they want to be them.

4. Yokozuna is afraid of the dark as the Undertaker is back in the company and a showdown will be coming soon enough.

5. Also, earlier in the show, Jerry Lawler popped balloons that Dink were holding for Doink. So, that could be another new feud starting up.

Final Thoughts:
An alright episode this week as the show had several new feuds starting up between Lawler/Doink, Bomb/Bigelow and Bodies/Gunns moving forward. So, this gets a mild thumbs up for this show.

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