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WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Predictions

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013

World Wrestling Entertainment returns to pay per view tomorrow night with the Elimination Chamber. Here is the card for the event along with my predictions.

Brodus Clay & Tensai vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

I’m surprised, yet happy, that Tensai is getting over. I wish it wasn’t in the comedy role he was given, but I enjoy his work and want him to succeed. It looks like Clay and Tensai could be getting a push, but I would have a hard time with the decision of them going over Rhodes and Sandow. So, I’m going to go with Rhodes and Sandow to win. WWE should just leave Clay and Tensai on Superstars or something.

For the WWE Divas Championship
[champion] Kaitlyn vs. Tamina Snuka

Uh, I’ll just pick Kaitlyn.

For the WWE United States Championship:
[champion] Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

I enjoyed the vicious attack Cesaro did to Miz on RAW last Monday as it brought a reason for the match. There is a reason for the fans to get behind Miz. I’m thinking this will be where Miz wins the championship. Cesaro can then be elevated to the main event scene.

For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
[champion] Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

It seems like every time these two meet, Del Rio is able to find a way to win. There just doesn’t seem to be any reason to take the championship off Del Rio, at least not Big Show being the guy to do it. I just don’t seem to have a lot of interest in the Smackdown brand nowadays.

Elimination Chamber to determine Number One Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho vs. Mark Henry vs. WWE World Tag Team Champion Kane vs. WWE World Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan

I’m torn between two guys. The first one being Mark Henry and the second being Jack Swagger. Henry is a great heel and is entertaining. He has a history of being able to draw as a champion on Smackdown and he is always a highlight of the show. Then, you have Jack Swagger. He has a new gimmick and manager to go along with his new look. His new look makes him look tougher and more ruthless to me. I’m going to take a chance on this and say that Swagger wins. This could be his moment to catapult him up the card and make him a legit threat. If it’s not Swagger, I have to think Henry will win.

John Cena, Sheamus & Ryback vs. The Shield
I wish this was inside the Chamber, and it very well could be added. If it is, I don’t know why they wouldn’t advertise that fact. The Shield has been really good at getting heat and remaining an entertaining act on television. This appears to be the time for the babyfaces to get their revenge. After all, Cena is main eventing Mania in April. Why have him be part of a losing team? The babyfaces win this one.

For the WWE Championship: Rock loses title if he gets counted out or disqualified
[champion] The Rock vs. CM Punk

It will be a good match. But, the result is clear. Rock wins and we get the Once In A Lifetime Match, for a second time.

Those are my predictions for the event. Feel free to share your own below.

Thanks for reading.

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