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WWE RAW 3/4/2013


We find out who will challenge the Undertaker at WrestleMania.

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (Old School)
Buffalo, New York
March 4, 2013
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Report by: David Stephens of

34 days until Wrestlemania 29!

The show opens with an Old School RAW logo as the audience heads into the arena where all of the video graphics harken back to a time when someone convinced Vince McMahon that the Gobbledy Gooker was a reasonable storyline.

The lights go out as a gong resounds throughout the arena. The Deadman’s music play and he walks out onto the entrance ramp. As The Undertaker raises his arms, the Wrestlemania 29 logo appears on the Titantron.

The Show cuts to an entrance video featuring old shots of RAW promos. Mean Gene Okerlund does the voice over as he introduces the audience to Old School RAW. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are in throwback attire. A ringside shot shows that the WWE has gone all out to recreate a time long past.

CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with Paul Heyman. He says that he will not be facing The Rock at Wrestlemania because the fans screwed him. By screwing Punk then they screwed themselves. Punk doesn’t believe that there is a reason for him to be at Wrestlemania if he isn’t in the main event. Punk says that what he just witnessed has presented him with an opportunity. CM Punk vows to beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The fans scoffed at Punk’s long reign but they love Taker’s streak. Punk has a new number for the fans. 20-1. His Straight Edge lifestyle will lead to triumph.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he walks down to the ring with a microphone in hand. Orton says that he faced Taker himself 8 years prior when he was just a rookie and came close to winning. Orton is no longer a rookie and believes he should face Taker as the Apex Predator.

Big Show comes out and says that you need to be more than Straight Edge or a Viper to beat the Phenom. You have to be a giant.

Sheamus is the next to enter. He says that of everyone out here he is the only one who has never even fought the Undertaker. Sheamus claims it is going to take more than any of them can muster to beat Taker. Sheamus believes in the luck of the Irish.

Vickie comes out onto the ramp and says that in order to determine who rope and then then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Ryback walks over and grabs him, howill face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania there will be a Fatal Four Way match tonight.

King and Lawler run down the itinerary for tonight’s show.


Antonio Cesaro v. Ryback

Cesaro starts the match off with a couple of dropkicks. Ryback responds by whipping him into the ropes and delivering a lariat followed by a couple of chops. Ryback lifts Cesaro up into the air and slam him down overhead to the mat. Antonio rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Ryback grabs Cesaro as he reenters and hits a suspended vertical suplex. Cover, but Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro delivers a few punches followed by a few kicks. Cesaro rakes Ryback’s neck against the top rope. Cesaro climbs to the top rope, but Ryback grabs him and holds him up for a military press. They brawl on the outside for a moment before the show goes to commercial.


Back from the break, Cesaro is behind Ryback with a headlock. Ryback escapes and hits a back bod drop and a spinebuster. Ryback heads to the corner as the crowd chants, “Feed Me More”. Ryback looks for the Meathook, but Cesaro catches him with an Uppercut. Cesaro sets up for the Neutralizer, but Ryback counters by lifting him overhead and hitting Shell-Shocked for the win.

Winner via Shell Shocked: Ryback

Mark Henry v. Zack Ryder

Ryder looks to use his speed at the start, but Henry demolishes him with a shoulder block. Henry lifts Ryder up and hits a World’s Strongest Slam.

Winner via World’s Strongest Slam: Mark Henry

The Miz v. Dolph Ziggler w/ AJ Lee & Big E. Langston

The Miz has a microphone and decides to bring out his ‘mentor’ Ric Flair.

Dolph and Miz lock up in the middle of the ring. They exchange blows until Ziggler mocks Flair by chopping Miz. The Miz responds by kicking Dolph and then knocking him out of the ring. Miz imitates Flair as the show fades to commercial.


Ziggler has Miz in a side headlock, but Miz escapes and punches back. Miz backs Ziggler into the corner until the official breaks them up. Miz is on the apron, but slides under the rope into the ring and tries for a cover. Ziggler kicks out. They continue to spar until Ziggler hits a hard DDT. Ziggler leaps up for a Sleeper, but Miz tosses him off. Ziggler tries again and this time chokes out Miz. Miz tosses Ziggler off in desperation. Miz charges across the ring and hits his signature splash. Flair is pumped up as AJ jumps onto the apron. Langston delivers a cheap shot, but Flair runs over and throws his jacket around Langston’s head. Flair chops at him but Big isn’t fazed. Miz hits him with a baseball slide and then puts the Figure 4 on Ziggler. This match is over.

Winner: The Miz

After the match Miz and Ric Flair celebrate in the ring.

The Rock’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring for a Point-Counterpoint with John Cena. Rock has the microphone as he slings his brand new Title belt over his shoulder. He tells the tale of his travel from Panama to RAW tonight. He said it was so cold that he had icicles on the People’s nipples. But after 10 long years finally The Rock has come back to Buffalo. Rock puts over that they are 34 days until Wrestlemania.

John Cena’s music hits and he comes down to the ring to interrupt. Cena says he has been looking forward to tonight, but Rock can’t understand why because he doesn’t fail at anything in life. Cena says that Rock doesn’t know what it’s like to tell people that he had to do something – but then failed at it. Cena says that last year he told everyone that he needed to win his match against Rock, but he failed.

The crowd chants Cena Sucks. Cena says that after his loss to The Rock he collapsed both professionally and personally. Rock will also be Cena’s way back up. Cena asks if Rock thinks the occurrences since Royal Rumble have been coincidence. Cena says that he has been gifted another chance and he won’t throw this chance away.

Cena and Rock take a moment to soak up the crowd. Rock says that he is happy to see the fire and desire in Cena. Rock heavily puts over Cena’s passion and drive and says that the only person who has more of that than Cena is The Rock. As much as this match matters to Cena, it matter more to The Rock. Cena won’t be getting redemption; he’ll be getting his ass kicked.

Cena decides to step back and shares a quote from Mike Tyson, “In order to be the greatest that ever lived, you have to beat everyone living”. Cena says that he has overcome every obstacle in his way except The Rock. Rock’s time is up, Cena’s time is now.

Rock quotes a famous athlete, “winning is about heart, you just have to have it in the right place”. The man who said that was Lance Armstrong. He was full of crap and so is Cena. Cena says that history will not repeat itself, at Wrestlemania 29 Cena will become the WWE Champion.

Rock says that he knows he can beat Cena. At Wrestlemania 29 Rock will beat Cena… again. If you smell what The Rock is cooking.

Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter v. Hacksaw Jim Duggan w/ Sgt. Slaughter & Dusty Rhodes

The crowd chants USA as the match gets started. Swagger rolls out of the ring and grabs the 2×4. Swagger takes the wood and hits Duggan with it. Slaughter and Rhodes try to make the save but Swagger drops them both in turn. Swagger grabs the ankle of Duggan and will not release it despite the ref’s pleas.

The match never officially seems to end but it would probably get chalked up as disqualification.


Swagger and Colter are walking backstage. Josh Mathews walks up to ask how Swagger could disrespect the legends. As Swagger starts to respond Del Rio runs up from behind and attacks him. Security has to pull them apart.

The Prime Time Players v. Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan)

It is announced that Ted Dibiase is considering managing PTP if they win tonight.

Kane drops Young and then tags in Bryan. He leaps from the top rope with an axe handle. Bryan continues the attack with some shots and a dropkick. Cover but Young kicks out. Titus gets the tag and barks like a dog for a bit before tagging back in Young and slamming him down onto Bryan. Titus gets the tag and puts Bryan in a headlock before pushing him into the corner. Titus charges but Bryan moves out of the way and tags in Kane. Young also gets the tag but is quickly punched and kicked down to the mat. Kane delivers a dropkick to the face of Young and then splashes him in the corner twice. Kane hits a sidewalk slam and then goes for a cover.

Titus makes the save and then attempts to knock Bryan to the outside of the ring. Bryan counters and flies out with a knee on Titus. Young is hit with a chokeslam and this match is over.

Winners: Team Hell No

Brodus Clay & Sweet T v. 3MB

Honky Tonk Man comes out to be in the dancers’ corner. Slater interrupts him before he can speak.

Slater is quickly slammed and pinned by the former Tensai.

Winners: Brodus Clay & Sweet T

After the match Slater tries to interrupt a dance party that is set to Honky’s music. Honky tunes his guitar over the skull of Heath Slater.

After the match Ted Dibiase walks over to the fallen Young and stuffs a $100 bill into his match. Bryan sneakily walks back over and swipes the greenback.


Kofi Kingston is in the ring awaiting his opponent. Fandango’s music hits and there is a female dancer on the ramp. Justin Roberts incorrectly pronounces Fandango’s name, so the dancer has a microphone and says he won’t debut until Roberts can it right. Roberts tries another few times under instruction, but fails. Fandango says that tonight will be a night that everyone remembers because it is the night where the audience almost got the opportunity to watch the debut of Fan-dan-go.


HHH’s music hits ad he slowly makes his way down to the ring. HHH thought it was all over after his Summerslam match during which Lesnar broke his arm for the second time in two months. HHH said as soon as the cast was off he started training every day. He found himself in the best shape of his life. HHH then tells the story of sitting next to an old man who had just had hip surgery. That same old man challenged Heyman to a fight. Heyman turned to Lesnar, so HHH was ready. If Lesnar thought they were done, he was wrong. HHH is calling out Brock Lesnar for Wrestlemania. Trips leaves it in Brock’s hands. He busted Lesnar open last week on RAW. Lesnar can either sit and bleed, or come face HHH at the big dance.


Video promo: The Shield’s take on Wrestlemania season

Wade Barrett v. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

Wade delivers a few blows and then whips Wade towards the corner. Del Rio places Rio on the second rope and punches some shots towards Rio’s kidneys.

Swagger and Colter appears on the ramp. Rio gets back into the ring after taking a respite and walks into a slam. Cover but Del Rio kicks out. Wade tries again, but Rio kicks out. Ricardo is trying to get the crowd behind Del Rio who has been caught in a side headlock. Wade lets him go and then blocks a splash. Wade pulls down on Rio’s neck against the top ropes. Rio applies a cross arm breaker using the ropes for a five count. Rio is on the apron and gets kicked off via a big boot from Barrett.

Wade exits the ring to find Rio. He places him in the ring but takes a few shot on Rio’s head while still outside the ring. Rio falls out so Wade tosses hi back inside the ring. Cover, but Rio kicks out. Wade charges for a splash, but Rio moves out of the way and connects with a few lariats. Rio heads to the corner and looks for the Si Kick. He connects, but Wade kicks out of the cover. Rio locks on a Cross Arm Breaker as Wade is forced to tap.

Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio


Video: Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger on Political Correctness

The New Age Outlaws v. Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes

Road Dogg and Epico start the match. Dogg launches into his signature punches and knee drops to start the match. Cover, but Epico kicks out. Dogg knocks Primo off the ring apron. Primo gets the tag and connects with a few punches before tagging in Epico. He applies a headlock, but Dogg is able to escape and tags in Billy Gunn. Gunn hits a few punches on both members of the opposing team. Gunn hits a huge tilt-a-whirl slam before Epico tries to make a save. Dogg kicks Epico out of the ring. Gunn hits the Fame-Ass-er to end this match.

Winners: Road Dogg & Billy Gunn


There is a grand cake setup with cupcakes. There appear to be 90 candles as Mean Gene Okerlund comes out to introduce the oldest living member of the WWE Hall of Fame celebrating her 90th birthday – Mae Young. A lot of the locker room including Mark Henry is out for the celebration on the ramp.

CM Punk’s music hits and he walks through the celebration to make his entrance for the main event.


Fatal Four Way
Winner will face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania

CM Punk v. Randy Orton v. Big Show v. Sheamus

The match starts as all four men begin to brawl. Orton and Show are left in the ring. They fight to the outside of the ring. Orton is able to whip Show away and reenters the ring. Sheamus is fired up as he kicks and pounds on Orton. Orton responds with a backbreaker. Punk slides into the ring out of nowhere and attempts a cover on Sheamus. Sheamus kicks out and Punk runs back out of the ring.

Sheamus hits an Irish Curse Backbreaker on Orton. Punk slides in for the cover. Punk tries to escape but Sheamus catches him and tosses him out of the ring. Show rolls back in and flattens his foes.


Back from the break Punk drops a knee on Orton and attempts a cover. Show and Sheamus are outside the ring. During the break Orton hit a suspended DDT on Big Show. Orton explodes out of the corner and hits a snap power slam. Orton hits an exploder suplex and attempt a cover. Punk kicks out. Orton sets Punk up for the suspended DDT, but Punk tosses Orton out of the ring.

Sheamus flies into the ring with a battering ram and attempts a cover. Punk kicks out. Sheamus sets Punk up for the clubbing blows and connects with a flurry. Show comes out from behind and drops Sheamus down to the mat. Cover, but Punk makes the save. Punk punches at the head of Big Show. Show responds by getting to his feet and hitting a KO Punch. Sheamus is back on his feet and brawls with Show. Sheamus hits a running knee lift and then drops Show with a running crossbody. Show takes advantage again and climbs to the second rope for a splash. Sheamus rolls out of the way. Sheamus lifts Big Show up into the air and holds him for White Noise. That was an impressive feat of strength.

Sheamus looks for the Brogue Kick as Show is down on the mat. Orton slides into the ring and takes out Sheamus. Show grabs Orton, pushes Sheamus away and hits a chokeslam on Orton. Show follows with a chokeslam on Sheamus and then goes for the cover. Sheamus kicks out. Show signals for the KO. Sheamus responds with a Brogue Kick. Orton hits Sheamus with an RKO. Punk hits Orton with a GTS and picks up the victory.

Winner and facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29: CM Punk

After the match, CM Punk points to the Wrestlemania sign. The lights go out as The Undertaker’s music hits. His entrance video plays as Punk stares towards the ramp. Taker appears on the entrance and stares down CM Punk to close the show.

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