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TNA Impact 3/14/2013

TNA Impact on SPIKE!
TNA Impact on SPIKE!

The fallout from Lockdown. Aces & Eights are taking over.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Chicago, Illinois (Sears Centre)
March 14, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Fresh off the heels of Sunday’s “Lockdown” PPV, Impact Wrestling hits the road and is live from Chi-Town! Impact opens up with highlights from Lockdown focusing on Bully Ray-Jeff Hardy and Bully’s reveal that he is the President of Aces & Eights. After several shots of the big crowd, the announcers hype up tonight’s show which will include the return of AJ Styles.

We’re going to kick things off with the Tag Titles on the line!

Roode & Aries successfully defended the belts against Chavo & Hernandez at Lockdown, along with Bad Influence in a 3-Way Dance, at Lockdown. As Chavo & Hernandez make their entrance Aces & Eights hits the ring and destroys them! Bully Ray seems to be the only Aces & Eights member absent here. It looks like Garett Bischoff is holding an Aces & Eights vest. They beat Hernandez & Chavo down for several minutes and then they toss them out to the floor and Devon grabs a microphone. Devon says he thinks what the people in Chicago should do is sit down and shut the hell up. He says this is the group that he told everyone was going to take over TNA and it’s the club that will dominate from now on. Devon then introduces the new World Heavyweight Champion and the President of Aces & Eights: Bully Ray!

Bully walks through the crowd, soaking up the boos as he makes his way to the ring. Ray and Taz hug as he walks to ringside and then Ray jumps into the ring and holds up the 3D symbol with Devon. D-Lo puts the President’s vest (the one Bischoff was holding) on Bully and then they all hold up the Aces & Eights symbol together. A big “Hardy” chant breaks out but Ray interrupts it and asks the fans if they know who he is. He says that he’s Bully Ray, the President of the Aces & Eights and the World Heavyweight Champion. He says he is the guy that used Sting, screwed Brooke, and the guy made a fool out of Hulk Hogan. Ray says he’s also the guy that made a fool out of every one of the fans and he says for 9 months everyone bought into it, and Aces & Eights pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. He says he can’t tell Devon how proud he was when Devon climbed that cage at Lockdown and handed him the hammer. A pretty audible “f*ck you Devon” chant starts. Ray says it wasn’t supposed to go down like that actually. He says when Wes & Garett came into the cage originally that’s when the plan was for him to escape the cage and reveal everything. Ray says it didn’t happen that way because of Hulk Hogan, because an hour before that match Hulk sat him down and had the big father to son-in-law talk to him. A big “Hogan” chant starts now and Ray says that Hulk told him about the advice Andre the Giant gave to Hogan to “do something memorable.”

He says that he couldn’t give a damn about Hogan’s advice but he did do something memorable. He says that he did something in one night with Aces & Eights that NWO couldn’t do ever. He dares Hogan to come out right now and fire them, but he says it won’t happen and the fans can chant his name all he wants. Ray says they’re Aces & Eights and when you ride with them, you’ll never walk alone. Aces & Eights pose in the ring with the title and then the camera cuts to the back where Sting is pacing back and forth.

Sting says this pisses him off and he needs to get his hands on Bully. He says he’s going to start by talking to Hulk and then yells at some bystander asking him what they’re looking at.


Footage of what went down in the Knockouts Title Match is shown including Taryn Terrell attacking Gail during it after Gail slapped her.

Earlier today Gail says she’s glad Brooke Hogan did the right thing and put Terrell on probation for putting her hands on Gail at Lockdown. She says Terrell better have learned her lesson to never touch her again.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Gail Kim & Tara w/Jesse vs. Velvet Sky & “Hardcore Country” Mickie James

Tenay mentions every Knockout in this match is either a current or former Knockouts Champions. Gail and Velvet will kick this one off. Gail tries to kick Velvet but she catches her foot and spins her around. Velvet then gets Gail in a side headlock but Gail shoves her into the ropes and runs over Velvet with a shoulder block. Gail then goes to hit the ropes but Velvet trips her and follows up with a Japanese Arm Drag followed by a conventional arm drag. Velvet attempts to whip Gail into the ropes but Gail reverses it and goes for a Hip Toss, but Velvet blocks it and clotheslines Gail. In an embarrassing spot Velvet starts to drag Gail into the heel corner for a tag before she realizes that it’s the wrong corner and drags Gail the other way. Mickie actually laughs at that and tags herself in. Mickie and Gail hook both of Gail’s legs together and connect with a Rolling Double Slam followed by a Double Sliding Dropkick! Mickie tosses Gail into the corner and lays into her with kicks and punches. Tara then thinks about getting involved but Mickie dives out of the corner into Tara knocking her off the apron! Mickie hits an Enziguri on Gail for a nearfall and then attempts to whip her into the ropes. Gail reverses it and Tara kicks Mickie in the back from the apron.


Back from the break Tara slams Mickie into the heel corner and then follows up with a Shoulder Block. Mickie fights out of the corner but as she attempts a Shoulder Block Tara counters into the Tarantula! Tara releases the hold as Terrell argues with her. Gail pulls Mickie out to the floor and slams her into the guardrail! Gail tosses Mickie back in and Tara covers her for a nearfall. Tara tags Gail back in and then they hit a Double Slingshot Suplex off the ropes! 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Gail shoves Mickie into the corner and then chokes her with her boot before arguing with Terrell over the move. Mickie fights out with an elbow and then the Mickiecanrana! Mickie and Gail both go for clotheslines at the same time and both girls are out in the center of the ring now! Tara & Velvet tag in and Velvet nails Tara with a series of clotheslines and then a Spinning Elbow! Velvet kicks Gail on the apron and then hits a Spinning Headscissors into a Russian Leg Sweep on Tara! 1…2…NO Gail breaks it up! Terrell argues with Gail about her illegally coming into the ring and Gail dares her to hit her. Gail pie faces Terrell and then dares her to hit her again! Terrell slaps Gail! Mickie dives off the top with a Flying Thesz Press! Mickie turns around and walks into the Widow’s Peak from Tara! Velvet then catches Tara with the In Yo Face! 1…2…3!

Winners: Mickie & Velvet via pinfall (In Yo Face)

A replay of some of the things Bully said earlier is shown.

In the Aces & Eights locker room they’re drinking beers and Bully interrupts them. Bully says Hogan doesn’t have the balls to fire them but if he does he wants to propose a toast to them all. He says they stuck by him and his plan for the past 9 months and calls them the baddest MF’ers on the planet. Bully laughs and says he hasn’t heard from his wife in awhile when he picks up his phone and calls her. He laughs and tells her to “tell Dad I said hello.”


Backstage Hogan is approached by the camera crew but he doesn’t have anything to say.

Clips of the history between Robbie E & Rob Terry are shown.

Robbie E vs. Rob Terry

This is unfortunately a rematch from Lockdown in which Terry beat Robbie. Robbie grabs a microphone before the match and says what happened at Lockdown was a fluke, bro. He says tonight Terry won’t be so lucky and then attacks Terry! Robbie hits Terry repeatedly to no effect and then eats a big shoulder block as he bounces off the ropes. Terry tosses Robbie across the ring with a Hip Toss and then a Press Slam! Terry follows up with a Running Back Elbow in the corner and then a Vertical Suplex into a Powerslam! Terry picks Terry up as a “Feed me more” chant starts to my amusement. Terry hits the Spinebuster and gets the pin.

Winner: Terry via pinfall (Spinebuster)

Terry does his goofy ass dancing after the match.

In the back Sting walks into Hogan’s office and Hulk just stares at him.


Aces & Eights are bitching about TNA not selling any Aces & Eights merchandise at the merchandise stand. Bully tells DOC to open the TNA Program and the first guy it opens to is paying the price. They laugh about who it is and says it won’t be easy but they’ll get the job done.

Cut to Sting in Hogan’s office. Hogan is pissed and asks Sting if he realizes what he’s done. He says it was Sting that led them down this path by convincing Hulk who Sting thought he was. Hogan says he knew who Bully was all along and he is rotten to the core. Hogan says now Bully has the World Title and Aces & Eights has the power. He says the worst part is Bully is even married to his daughter. Sting tells they can fix this but he can’t fire Aces & Eights. He says “we can do this” and asks Hogan to give him a match with Ray tonight. Hogan tells Sting there is no “we” anymore because a few months ago Sting looked Hogan in the eyes and told him to trust him about Bully. Hogan says he told Sting then that he “knows the way this movie ends” and now it’s ended. He tells Sting to get out of his office because he doesn’t want to see him. He tells Sting that he makes him sick as he walks out.

At ringside Taz gloats about what we just saw.

Footage of all of the drama in the past year with AJ Styles is shown.


In the back Austin Aries & Bobby Roode approach Sting in the back wearing “Dirty Heels” t-shirts. Roode & Aries say it’s all Sting’s fault and now it’s backfiring on him. Roode says he should be embarrassed because it’s Sting’s fault that Bully Ray is World Champion and it’s also his fault that they can’t wrestle tonight. Aries says “yeah…we were going to defend the belts against the Mexicans” and because of Aces & Eights they don’t get to work tonight. Roode fakes frustration and he mockingly says they were going to give Sting & Hulk a title shot after that but Roode says that’s a bit of a rocky relationship now. Sting gets pissed and screams at them and says he’s tired of talking tonight. Sting says he just wants to fight which causes Roode to slowly back away as Aries asks him if he wants to fight one of them. Aries says Roode will fight Sting any day of the week but then looks over and realizes Roode bailed on him. Sting sticks his finger in Aries’ face and says he’s fighting him tonight.

AJ Styles’ music hits to a great ovation but AJ doesn’t walk through the tunnel. Bad Influence’s music then hits and they walk away wearing Road Warriors gear and face paint as a “tribute” to Chicago. Kazarian says tonight isn’t just the first live Impact on the road but before he can say anything else the “you suck” chants drown him out. Kaz says it’s also not the first time that AJ Styles has disappointed all of his fans and he’s gotten quite good at that. He says tonight Bad Influence brings back Throwback Thursday referring to their LOD impression. Kaz says they are paying homage to the 2nd best tag team in wrestling history. Oh God I just noticed the painted on Road Warrior Hawk hairstyle. Daniels says the Road Warriors were “fake tough guys” like AJ Styles and fake tough like every one of the fans in Chicago. Daniels says Bad Influence is the real deal and the original “ring warriors” and the “Legion of Boom.” Daniels then says “aaaaaaaah what a toosh” and then informs the crowd they have permission to worship them. James Storm’s music interrupts them and Bad Influence gets pissed.

Storm tells them that they don’t have to run anywhere because he was just sitting in the back listening to them run their “bottle suckers” talking about AJ, mocking one of the greatest tag teams in history, and talking about being tough guys. Storm says he’s pretty sure that AJ will eventually come out and tell them what he thinks of them but as far as mocking one of the best tag teams they’re a little bit bigger, taller, and a lot more over than Bad Influence ever will be. Storm says as far as the tough guy part goes he can help them out with. He says he’ll let them decide which one is going to get the crap kicked out of him right now.

“Cowboy” James Storm vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/Kazarian

Storm slingshots Daniels into the ring and then lays into him with a right hand. Storm comes off the ropes and Hip Tosses Daniels and then an uppercut. Storm whips Daniels into the corner and follows up with a backdrop. Storm hits another uppercut and Kazarian gets up on the apron to distract Storm. Storm turns around but as Daniels charges at him, Daniels sidesteps him and Daniels crashes into Kaz! Storm rolls him up, 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! Storm hits the ropes but Kaz trips him and Daniels kicks him. Kaz puts the boots to Storm and then whips Storm into the corner hard. Daniels stands on Storm’s back and then hits a series of Knee Strikes. Daniels locks in a waistlock on Storm but Storm breaks the hold with back elbows. Storm then hits the ropes but Daniels catches him with a bearhug followed by Snapmare Takeover and then a Split Legged Moonsault! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Daniels hits a series of right hands but Storm answers back and they begin trading blows. Daniels whips Storm into the ropes but Storm explodes off with a Flying Forearm followed by an Atomic Drop and then a Running Bulldog! Storm follows up with the Eye of the Storm attempt, but Daniels blocks it and hits an open hand thrust followed by a Uranage Suplex! Daniels attempts the BME but Storm moves out of the way and as Daniels lands on his feet Storm hits the Closing Time! Storm sets up for the Last Call but Kaz gets on the apron! Storm goes after Kaz which allows Daniels time to recover and then attempt a rollup, but Storm blocks it and then ducks a clothesline. Storm hits a Backstabber! 1…2…3!

Winner: Storm via pinfall (Backstabber)

After the match Kazarian jumps Storm and Bad Influence puts the boots to Storm as a big “AJ” chant erupts. AJ Styles walks out lays into Kazarian! Daniels turns around and looks like he just saw a ghost as he comes eye to eye with AJ! AJ stares Bad Influence down and then Storm dares them to get back in the ring when suddenly AJ DESTROYS Storm with a vicious Lariat! AJ stares down at his former Fortune partner and Bad Influence look stunned. AJ leaves the ring as the announcers question AJ’s motivations.

A vignette highlighting the Angle/Brisco Cage Match from Lockdown is shown. In the back Kurt Angle is approached by Brisco but then Aces & Eights jumps him from behind! They beat Angle down and then mock him before leaving.


A replay of AJ’s return is shown.

Joseph Park makes his way down to the ring in a suit. Park says it’s no secret that it’s been a pretty crazy past few months for him. He talks about getting his “first ‘dubya’ as the boys call it” in the UK and his win at Lockdown. He says all of this success has made him step back and take a look at the highlights of his life. He says #1 in his life has to be graduating law school at the top of his class and #2 is when he finally made partner at Park, Park, & Park. He waves to the nose bleeds and says “hey guys” and apologizes about their seats because he doesn’t have a lot of clout yet. Park says standing right in the middle of the ring right now in front of his hometown is probably the highlight of his life right now. Park says he grew up sitting alongside the first base line at the Cubs games which receives a ton of boos. He says he grew up sitting behind the goal at the Blackhawks games but nothing has been as exciting as his time in TNA. He says he can’t wait for what’s next but then Matt Morgan’s music interrupts him.

Hunter Golden must think Matt Morgan’s beard is just magnificent. Morgan says that to say that Hogan keeps making mistake after mistake at this point is a bit of an understatement. He asks how that whole Bully Ray situation turned out for him and then says out of all of the mistakes Hogan has made there is no bigger mistake than the walking joke in the ring with Morgan right now. He says the fact that Hogan signed Park to an actual contract is an “abortion” to the business and then calls Park a “fat hump.” Morgan says he’s going to start eliminating Park’s mistakes one-by-one starting with Park. Morgan says unless Park wants him to knock every tooth out of his head he strongly suggests that Park get out of his ring right now.

Park starts to leave but when Morgan calls Chicago a dump it stops him. Park says in Chicago they never back down from a fight (big pop for that) so if he wants to fight they can do it right now! Morgan laughs as Park starts to take his jacket off. Morgan says they don’t do things on Park’s time, they do them on Morgan’s time. Morgan starts to leave but stops as Park starts playing to the crowd and lays Park out with the Carbon Footprint! Morgan says “my time is next week” and then slams the microphone down on him.


In the back Aces & Eights celebrates the beat down of Angle but then asks Hogan if he’s going to fire them or what. Ray dares Hogan to fire them if he has the balls and says if Hogan won’t come to them then maybe they should come to him. Ray says he’s already destroyed Hulk’s family now maybe they should destroy his show.

Footage of what happened at Lockdown with Brooke’s reaction afterward is shown. She screams and then cries and says she’s had so many people take advantage of her in her life she didn’t think Bully would be one of them (his name is BULLY, woman!).

Main Event
“The Icon” Sting vs. “A-Double” Austin Aries w/Bobby Roode

Huge reaction for Stinger. Sting and Aries lockup in this first time ever matchup. Sting forces Aries into the corner and then breaks clean. Aries shoves Sting and Sting answers by shoving Aries on his ass. They lockup again and Aries gets Sting in a Hammerlock but then transitions into a side headlock before sweeping the legs of Sting. Aries rides Sting on the mat to show him up before getting up and posing by laying across the top rope. Aries kicks Sting in the gut and then connects with an elbow before locking in a side headlock. Sting counters by lifting Aries up in the air and sitting him on the top rope. Sting slaps Aries in the gut and then kicks him repeatedly! Sting then goes for the Stinger Splash but Aries rolls out of the way and out of the ring where he regroups with Roode. Aries climbs back in the ring and tries to kick Sting but he blocks it and then lays into Aries with rights and lefts followed by an Atomic Drop. Sting goes to bounce off the ropes but Roode pulls him out of the ring! Sting then grabs Roode and slams him into the guardrail and follows up with a Stinger Splash up against the railing! Aries then dives off the top but Sting moves and Aries nails Roode! Sting tosses Aries hard into the guardrail!


Back from the break Sting hits a clothesline on Aries but Roode distracts him allowing Aries to recover and hit Sting from behind. Aries then hits a series of right hands but then Sting blocks on and whips Aries into the ropes and clotheslines him over the top! Roode tries to distract Sting again so the referee throws him out from ringside! As Sting tries to climb back in the ring Aries kicks the ropes into Sting’s nuts! Sting retreats to the floor and then Aries follows him out with the Heat Seeking Missile! Aries rolls Sting back in the ring and covers him for a nearfall. Aries follows up with an Elbow Drop for another nearfall and then he kicks Sting in the ribs. Aries chokes Sting and then lays into Sting with a body shot followed by a big right hook. Aries hit’s a snapmare takeover and then climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick to a seating Sting! 1…2…NO Sting kicks out! Aries rakes his boot across Sting’s eyes and then kicks him in the back. Aries covers Sting and gets another nearfall. Aries beats on Sting in the corner but Sting fights out only to get dropkicked in the knee by Aries! Aries then Knee Drop’s Sting leg and follows by slamming that leg into the mat. Aries covers for a nearfall and then boxes the ears of Sting! Sting answers by boxing the ears of Aries and then whips Aries into the ropes and attempts a dropkick, but Aries avoids it and then he attempts to do the Scorpion Death Lock several times but can’t figure out how to put it on. Aries screams at Sting asking, “HOW DO YOU DO THIS CRAP?!” and Sting answers by kicking Aries off! Sting fights back again with a series of strikes and then a Spinning Clothesline! Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock but Aries quickly rolls out to the apron. Aries then catches Sting with a jawbreaker onto the top rope! Aries climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick! Aries plays to the crowd and doesn’t notice Sting stand right back up! Sting lifts Aries up and drops him with a Gorilla Press Slam! Sting follows up with the Stinger Splash attempt again but again Aries rolls out of the way and hit’s the IED! Aries hit’s a Stinger Splash of his own on Sting and then goes for the Brainbuster, but Sting counters into the Scorpion Death Drop! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Aries retreats to the corner and Sting finally connects with the Stinger Splash! Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Aces & Eights hit the ring and attack Sting!


Austin Aries quickly rolls out of the ring as Aces & Eights beat on Sting. Ray tells Aces to hold him up and then he tells Sting again that he used him before laying him out. Ray asks Hogan how that was for “memorable” and asks where Hogan is. He asks where everyone’s hero is and wants to know if he’s going to fire them.


Back from the break Ray is still taunting Hogan which causes Hogan to finally come out to a massive ovation! Hogan is on crutches as he stops at the tunnel. Hogan says firing Bully would be the coward’s way out and too easy. He says for everything that Ray has done to TNA and his family he won’t get the easy way out. He says that every dog has it’s day and it might not be today or tomorrow but if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. Hogan says from this moment forward he’s empowering every man and woman in the back to band together and fight and eliminate Aces & Eights. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the crowd explodes! Hardy runs out followed by Samoa Joe, Magnus, & Kurt Angle! Rob Terry, Chavo, Hernandez, & Joseph Park are also out! A huge brawl explodes in the ring as Hogan looks on.

The numbers are too much for the TNA guys, on the outside Bully absolutely beats the hell out of Angle. Aces & Eights beats the TNA guys down but they start making a comeback behind Joe & Angle! Ray comes into the ring and lays Angle & Joe out with a microphone and then dumps Terry out of the ring. Ray asks Hogan if this is what he meant by “memorable” and then starts whipping all the TNA guys with a chain. Ray starts to go after Hogan now but as he walks up the ramp he stops and says “that’s your army, that was your Calvary, and your Calvary just got killed!” He asks Hogan what he’s going to do now as they taunt Hogan.

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