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WWE Main Event 3/13/2013

WWE Main Event on ION!
WWE Main Event on ION!

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio meets the Big Show on Main Event!

WWE Main Event
March 13, 2013
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Commentators: Michael Cole & Mike ”The Miz” Mizanin
Report by: Clinton Bowman of

Main Event:
Non-Title Exhibition
“The World’s Largest Athlete” The Big Show v. Worlds Champion Alberto Del Rio

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter walked out before a commercial break as Alberto Del Rio had Big Show tied up in the ropes and then hit a quick backstabber.

*commercial break*

Back from commercial and Big Show is working over Del Rio’s arm. Del Rio counters a powerbomb into a huricanrana. Del Rio with a quick senton and some kicks. Big Show muscles out of an armbar attempt by Del Rio. Big Show drops Del Rio over the apron. Swagger then runs down and clips the leg of Del Rio preventing him from answering the referee count.

Winner: Big Show via countout

Up Next: The Usos v. Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater

*commercial break*

Undercard Match
Exhibition Match
Jimmy and Jey Uso v. 3MB (Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre)

Heath and Jimmy start the match up. Heath hits an arm drag and boasts with an air guitar strum. Jey gets tagged in, mocks Slater, and they hit a double hip toss. Jey gets tossed over the rope off the distraction by Drew, and Heath tags in McIntyre. McIntyre drops Jey on the apron, obviously favoring his chest. Drew follows up with a knee to the temple and a 2 count pin, however, Jey kicks out. After a quick exchange, Jey tags in Jimmy for the hot tag. Jimmy hits a quick superkick, pinning Drew, however, Heath breaks up the tag. Heath bounces off the ropes, and attempts a baseball slide, only to get kicked in the face by Jey. Jimmy super kicks Drew once more, and tags in Jimmy for the Superfly splash!

Winner: The Uso Brothers
Final Move: Superfly Splash

Up Next: Wade Barrett v. Justin Gabriel, and the WM XXIX Main Event Preview

*commercial break* Footage of 3MB in New Orleans playing on the WWE App

Raw Rebound: Preview of John Cena v. The Rock for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXIX & if you’re not down with that…Paul Heyman has two words for you: BORK LAZER!

Corporate H will respond this Monday Night!

Wade Barrett is walking down to the ring for his match against Justin Gabriel!

*commercial break* Wade Barrett interviews Colin Farrell concerning ‘Dead Man Down’ on the WWE Active App. Colin Farrell reminisces about watching 80s and 90s WWF.

Ryback v. Mark Henry this Friday Night on SmackDown!
Vickie Guerrero also made an IC Title Triple Threat Match for Raw: Wade Barrett defends against Chris Jericho and The Miz

Undercard Match
Non-Title Exhibition
Justin Gabriel v. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett immediately takes control with a couple stiff strikes. Gabriel counters easily into an arm drag, as well as a sweep. Gabriel pins Barrett, who kicks out at 1. Barrett immediately takes control with a back body drop followed by a knee lift in the corner. Barrett pins Gabriel, who kicks out at two. Barrett ties up Gabriel in the ring ropes, and clubs him all over. Barrett pins Justin again after another knee lift, and Gabriel kicks out at two. Gabriel counters, and hits a few big strikes on Barrett. Gabriel sends Barrett into the corner, who runs out of the way as he charges. Gabriel jumps on to the ropes, and attempts a 450 splash, but Barrett bounces up quickly and charges the corner, Gabriel jumps over Barrett, and gets caught with a Savate kick. Barrett loads up the elbow, and misses the first Bullhammer attempt by jumping to the opposite corner for the body splash, however…


Winner: Wade Barrett
Final Move: Bullhammer

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