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WWE Smackdown 3/15/2013

WWE Smackdown on SCI-FI!
WWE Smackdown on SCI-FI!

Jack Swagger and Chris Jericho main event this week on Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown Results
March 15, 2013
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Sheamus’ music hits as Michael Cole reminds us that we are 23 nights away from WrestleMania. Cole welcomes us to the show alongside Josh Mathews and Brad Maddox. Maddox will be the fill-in commentator until John “Bradshaw” Layfield returns.

Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Before the match begins, Sandow asks for silence. He says what happened on last Monday’s RAW was nothing short of a professional and managerial abomination. Not only was their sure fire victory over the New Age Outlaws taken from them, as well as their post-match endeavor with the Bella Twins, they were put into a match they were not physically or mentally prepared for against the two vulgarians in the ring. He goes to tell a story about his Uncle Minnow Sandow, but Rhodes takes the microphone. Rhodes says they don’t deserve a story. They ruined their dates and night, so it’s their turn to ruin it for them.

Cody Rhodes will start out against Sheamus. Sheamus executes a headlock takeover. Rhodes gets to his feet and whips him off, but Sheamus shoulder blocks him down. Rhodes quickly comes back with some kicks and punches, but Sheamus comes back by reversing a whip to the corner. Sheamus catches him as he tries to slingshot over, but Rhodes slides out of the powerslam attempt. Sandow is tagged in, and Sheamus blocks his kick. Sheamus pushes him down and drops an elbow. Sheamus puts him in the corner and punches until the referee backs him up. Sandow gains the advantage by kicking and punching him down in the corner. Sheamus reverses a whip to the opposite corner and nails him with a running shoulder to the midsection. Sheamus hits a knee lift and a pair of Irish hammers. Sheamus goes for White Noise, but Sandow elbows out. Sandow charges, but Sheamus sends him to the apron. Sheamus ties him up in the ropes and clubs away at the chest. Rhodes tries to blindside him, but Sheamus elbows him off the apron. Sandow capitalizes on the slight distraction by snapping him off the top rope and dragging him outside. Sheamus fights Sandow off, but Rhodes stuns him with a Disaster Kick off the commentary table.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Sheamus fighting Rhodes off. Rhodes quickly comes back with a dropkick for a two count. Rhodes clubs away at his back before tagging in Sandow. Sandow punches and head-butts him down before leaving the ring to elbow him across the throat. Sheamus comes back with some head-butts. Rhodes is quickly tagged in, and he cuts Sheamus off before he can tag in Randy Orton. Rhodes stomps him before wrenching the arm. Sandow is tagged back in, and they both cut Sheamus off again before he can tag. Sheamus fights up, but Sandow punches him to the corner. The referee gets in Sandow’s face, telling him to back up. Sandow continues to punch away at Sheamus. Sandow backs up and charges into Sheamus’ boots. Sheamus pulls himself up to the top rope and jumps off with a flying shoulder block.

Orton and Rhodes are tagged in. Orton hits a pair of clotheslines, ducks one, and hits a powerslam. Orton takes him down with a T-bone suplex before hitting a hanging DDT. Sandow attacks him from behind, but Sheamus quickly takes him down with a Brogue Kick. Orton stalks Rhodes before dropping him with an RKO for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Sheamus and Randy Orton
Match Rating: * 3/4

The Shield’s music hits, and they appear on the titantron. Dean Ambrose says they can relax. They don’t have to be afraid, but Seth Rollins contends that they just may have to be. Roman Reigns then says they don’t need to fear anything tonight. Ambrose says the ring that Orton and Sheamus are standing in belongs to them. If they don’t believe that, they can ask the Big Show. They served justice to him on Monday night, just like they’ve done to every major force in this industry.

Rollins says that brings up an interesting point. They’ve taken John Cena and The Rock, the WWE Champion, multiple times. They’ve flattened them in the center of the ring, but those two criminals continue to take from them. They are the main event of WrestleMania, and somehow The Shield doesn’t even have a match on the show. That is the greatest injustice he’s ever heard. Ambrose says they’ll serve that injustice themselves. He tells them to find any partner they want, as long as it’s the right one. Orton says he’s in, and Sheamus says he’ll see them at WrestleMania. Rollins says the Showcase of the Immortals will become the Showcase of Justice. Ambrose says they’ll believe at WrestleMania. Reigns finishes off with, “Believe in The Shield!”

Chris Jericho will take on Jack Swagger in tonight’s main event. We’ll also see Ryback and Mark Henry lock horns later tonight.

A Fandango vignette airs. He will make his debut match tonight.

-Commercial Break-

They show footage of Brock Lesnar destroying the New Age Outlaws. Paul Heyman then spoke for Lesnar. Heyman says they’ll accept Triple H’s challenge at WrestleMania as long as he accepts Lesnar’s match stipulation. They won’t announce the stipulation until Triple H signs the contract. Triple H will respond next week on RAW.

Randy Orton and Sheamus are talking backstage when Big Show walks up to them. Big Show says they could use a tag team partner. He says he doesn’t trust either of them, but in lieu of recent events, that’s what he’s saying. They need a tag team partner who is brutal and vicious. Their partner should be a bulldozer and an ultimate destroyer. Orton says they couldn’t agree with him more. Big Show says they won’t regret it. Sheamus says he’s right, because they’ve picked this man: Ryback. Ryback walks up and stares at Big Show until he goes away.

Ryback will face Mark Henry later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Tamina Snuka and Aksana vs. Kaitlyn and Layla

Tamina will start against Layla. They lock up, and Tamina powers her to the corner. Tamina runs into a kick, but she blocks a whip. Tamina sends her to the ropes, but she eats a kick. Tamina blocks a roundhouse kick and throws her down. Tamina throws her by the hair before choking her. Tamina sends her to the corner and tags in Aksana. Aksana kicks her down before tagging Tamina back in. The Funkadactyls are seen watching. Aksana is tagged in, and she takes Layla down with a side leg sweep. She stretches her out a bit covering for a two count. Aksana sends her to the corner before tagging Tamina in. Tamina hits a suplex for a two count. Layla tries to fight back, but Tamina quickly takes control. Layla then sidesteps a splash in the corner and rolls her up for a two count. Layla then kicks her away.

Kaitlyn and Aksana are tagged in. Kaitlyn hits a back elbow and a clothesline. Kaitlyn sends her to the ropes and takes her down with a shoulder block. She then drops Aksana with a reverse DDT for a two count. Kaitlyn hits the ropes, but Tamina punches her in the back of the head. Aksana goes for a body slam, but Kaitlyn slides off and pushes her into Tamina, knocking her off the apron. Kaitlyn then takes her down with a spear, and Layla blind tags in. Layla then hits the LOL for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Kaitlyn and Layla
Match Rating: 3/4 *

The Funkadactyls shake their pom-poms backstage before bumping into the Bella Twins. Naomi says they were a big influence on Cameron and her. Cameron says they’re not twins, but they dress just alike and grew up watching them. Nikki says it’s so great that they influence two “hoochie mommas” who shake their butts for a dancing dinosaur and his fat friend that thinks he’s Japanese. They take offense to that, but the twins say they just wanted to introduce themselves. They then blindside the Funkadactyls until officials run in to separate them.

They show the Undertaker’s tribute to Paul Bearer that was interrupted by CM Punk on RAW. Kane attacked him, and they fought in the main event. Kane defeated him, and he saluted Paul Bearer along with his brother. CM Punk then attacked him with the urn.

Kane makes his way to the ring. He’ll take on Dolph Ziggler, next.

-Commercial Break-

Kane w/ Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ AJ and Big E. Langston

Kane gets him in the corner and punches him down. Kane stomps him before uppercutting him. Kane continues to kick away at him before driving his shoulder into him in the corner. Kane punches him down before throwing him across the ring. Kane sends him to the corner, but Ziggler moves before he can splash him. Kane puts the brakes on, and Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Kane follows him, and Ziggler runs back to the ring. Kane grabs him by the throat as he gets in the ring, but Ziggler kicks him off. Ziggler punches away at him before hitting the ropes and eating a big boot.

Kane hits a pair of body slams before sending him into the ropes. Ziggler hangs on, and Kane runs into a back elbow. Ziggler punches away at him and charges, but Kane drops him onto the apron. Ziggler stuns him with a snapshot off the top, and he quickly follows up with a missile dropkick. Ziggler punches away at him before dropping a big elbow for a near fall. Ziggler applies a front face lock, but Kane fights up and powers him off. Kane then runs into a drop-toe-hold in the corner. Ziggler catches him with a big snapping DDT for a near fall.

Ziggler punches away at Kane. Ziggler hits the ropes, and Kane clotheslines him. Kane kicks him in the midsection and executes a perfect delayed vertical suplex. Kane hits a low dropkick to the face for a near fall. Kane sends him to the corner and clotheslines him. Kane sends him to the opposite corner and repeats the move. Kane goes for a sidewalk slam, but Ziggler flips through and applies the sleeper hold. Kane backs him into the corner a few times to break the hold. Kane runs into a boot. Ziggler goes to the second rope and jumps into an uppercut. Kane picks up a near fall. Kane goes to the top rope and hits his flying lariat. Kane signals for the Chokeslam, but AJ gets on the apron for the distraction. Daniel Bryan then attacks Big E. Langston from behind before he can get Kane. Langston throws Bryan into the timekeeper’s area, and he turns into a big boot from Kane! Ziggler catches Kane with a leg drop bulldog as he comes back in the ring. Ziggler then drops him with the Zig-Zag for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler
Match Rating: * 1/2

Ziggler stands over Kane and talks a little trash. Kane grabs him by the throat, but Langston quickly runs him over. Langston drops Kane with the Big Ending.

They show a video of Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez parodying Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger’s YouTube videos. They joke about Canadians being threats to America’s borders. They have funny accents and play sports on ice.

Chris Jericho and R-Truth are laughing at the video backstage. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter walk up to them, and R-Truth walks off. Swagger asks if he thinks that video is funny, and Jericho does. Swagger says he’s put the weight of a nation on his back. He’s not only fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship; he’s fighting for the soul of the country. Jericho jokes about it. Swagger says Jericho is no different from Del Rio. He snuck over the border from Canada and tried to take what doesn’t belong to him. It belongs to real Americans. Jericho says he grew up in Canada, but he was born in America. Jericho asks Colter if he’s a real American. He says he looks like a cross between Rush Limbaugh and Yosemite Sam. Jericho says instead of worrying about politics, immigration, and naturalization, he should worry about it being WrestleMania season. He’s facing Alberto Del Rio for the title in a few weeks. More importantly, he’s facing Y2J tonight. Until Swagger and “Sam” can beat him, he suggests they shut the hell up.

Fandango will debut, next.

-Commercial Break-

The Great Khali is in the ring dancing with Natalya, the Punjabi Princess.

Fandango’s music hits, and he comes out dancing with another professional dancer. Fandango says he’s a professional interpreter of the language of dance. The “dancing” going on in the ring is unacceptable. It’s obvious they can’t dance. Fandango wants to see if Khali can pronounce his name correctly. Khali says it, and Fandango tells him to shut his mouth. Fandango then teaches Khali how to pronounce his name. Fandango says he did horrible. He says he hopes Khali has a lot of money because he needs to reimburse the people as they’re now going to miss out on the debut of Fandango!

They’ll show a preview of The Rock vs. John Cena match at WrestleMania, next.

-Commercial Break-

They play a video package that highlights the feud John Cena and The Rock have had over the past two years.

Matt Striker is backstage with Sheamus and Randy Orton. Striker says Booker T made the six-man tag team match against The Shield official. Sheamus says the odds are in their favor. Orton says we’re going to see a preview of what Ryback can do against Mark Henry. All of a sudden, Roman Reigns spears Sheamus through the set! Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins beat Orton down before sending him into a garage door twice. The three then turn their focus onto Sheamus, who was getting to his feet. They put him through a table. The referees run in, and The Shield walks off.

-Commercial Break-

Booker T and Teddy Long are looking over the carnage cause by The Shield moments ago. Ryback walks up and wants to know what happened. Booker T cuts Teddy Long off, and he tells Ryback to take care of his match against Mark Henry. They’ll take care of Sheamus and Orton.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback

They stare at each other from across the ring. They lock up and jockey for position. Ryback gets him in the corner, and Henry pushes him off.

The Shield’s music hits, and they make their way through the crowd. Henry leaves the ring, and The Shield attacks. Ryback fights the three of them off, and he turns around to see Henry getting back in the ring. The Shield then attacks Ryback from behind, and they viciously beat him down. They then deliver a triple powerbomb to Ryback. They put their fists together before leaving through the crowd.

No Contest
Match Rating: N/A

Mark Henry begins going up the ramp before turning around and looking at the helpless Ryback. Henry gets in the ring, picks him up, and destroys him with the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry picks him up again and drops him with a second World’s Strongest Slam. Henry screams, “That’s what I do!” Henry tells the referee to get away from him. Henry then deadlifts Ryback one more time to deliver a third World’s Strongest Slam! Henry yells at Ryback, “This is what you got in store for you. I ain’t none of these punks you’ve been running through. You will not run through me! Welcome to the Hall of Pain!”

-Commercial Break-

Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs. Chris Jericho

They circle the ring and lock up. Swagger powers him to the corner, and Jericho pushes him away. They circle the ring again and lock up. Swagger applies a waistlock, but Jericho turns it on him. They fight for position as Jericho gets a side headlock applied. Swagger then drives him to the corner and drops him with a straight right hand. Swagger punches away at him, and Jericho comes back with some chops. Swagger reverses a whip, but he eats a kick. Jericho clotheslines him, but Swagger only goes to a knee. Swagger reverses another whip, but Jericho hangs on to the ropes. Swagger charges, and Jericho drops him on the apron. Jericho then knocks him off with a springboard dropkick. Zeb Colter goes up to Swagger to talk strategy as a commercial break hits.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Swagger send Jericho to the corner and hit a running knee to the midsection. Swagger stomps the midsection and screams, “We the people!” Swagger under-hooks the arms while screaming his phrase. Jericho fights to his feet and takes him down with a back suplex. Swagger is still quick to his feet as he takes Jericho down with a vicious clothesline for a near fall. Swagger rubs his face into the mat before applying a front face lock. Jericho fights up and takes him down for a near fall. Jericho kicks and punches him in the corner. Swagger reverses a whip to the corner, clips the ankle, and applies the Patriot Lock. Jericho kicks him off and gets an inside cradle for a near fall. Swagger then takes him down with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Swagger splash him in the corner. Swagger goes to suplex him, but Jericho counters into a DDT for a near fall. Jericho kicks him in the head a few times before hitting the ropes. Swagger surprises him with a flapjack. Swagger goes for the Gutwrench Powerbomb, but Jericho counters into a Walls of Jericho attempt. Swagger counters that counter into the Patriot Lock. Jericho reverses out of it and applies the Walls of Jericho. Colter gets on the apron, and Swagger is able to crawl to the bottom rope. Swagger gets out of the ring as Jericho yells at Colter.

Jericho takes Swagger down with a baseball slide before sending him into the ring steps. Jericho puts him in the ring, goes to the top rope, and hits a cross-body block for a near fall. Jericho knees him in the face a bunch of times until Swagger pulls him face first into the turnbuckle. Jericho sidesteps him attempting a splash and goes for a Codebreaker, but Swagger holds him up. Swagger throws him into the corner, and Jericho crashes hard. Swagger then hits a decisive Gutwrench Powerbomb for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Jack Swagger
Match Rating: ** 1/2

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter celebrate in the ring. Swagger gets on the turnbuckle and points to the WrestleMania sign.

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