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TNA Impact 3/28/2013

TNA Impact on SPIKE!
TNA Impact on SPIKE!

Jeff Hardy takes on Mr. Anderson.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Jonesboro, Arknasas (ASU Convocation Center)
March 28, 2013
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, & Todd Keneley
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Live from Jonesboro, AR, Impact Wrestling kicks off with highlights from last week and then a shot of the great looking crowd.

Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the #1 Contender makes his way down to the ring to a massive ovation. Hardy says that last week he wasn’t 100% and he’s still not, but he’s better and he tested himself against 3 of the top wrestlers in TNA. He says it’s Open Fight Night and he’s got to call someone out tonight, but before he can say anything else Bully Ray walks through the crowd mocking Hardy. Aces & Eights are accompanying Ray out to the ring.

Ray says that everyone in the arena needs to sit down and shut their mouths. Boos cascade down on top of Ray as he tries to talk. He says that he’s sick and tired of hearing Jeff Hardy’s voice and listening to him bitch and moan all the time. Ray asks the crowd if they know who they are and he’s gets a response of boos followed by a “you suck” chant. Ray says that they are the Aces & Eights and he asks Jeff if he was getting ready to call him out. Ray reminds Jeff that their title rematch isn’t for another 2 weeks in Corpus Christi, TX and says he wouldn’t want to see Jeff get hurt again in front of his “moron creatures of the night” before that match. Ray hands Mr. Anderson the microphone and Anderson asks Ray if Jeff is really getting “another second chance.” Anderson says Hardy get’s 2nd chance after 3rd chance after 75th chance and then asks if Ray remembers all the free passes he and Bully got, but reminds Jeff that it never happened to them because they don’t need free passes. Anderson says as long as Hardy isn’t burning down any more buildings and keeps selling merchandise the rules don’t apply to him. Anderson says that Hardy is a giant disappointment and in Corpus Christi he’ll be a disappointment yet again. Hardy then attacks Hardy but he gets destroyed by the rest of Aces & Eights fairly quickly. Bully Ray gets ready to hit Hardy with a chain but then Kurt Angle, Magnus, Samoa Joe, & Eric Young storm the ring and chase Aces & Eights off!

Ray tells them to retreat but Hardy says he’s calling Anderson out tonight! Ray tells Hardy that he won’t make it to Corpus Christi.

Footage of the Tag Titles Match last week with Bad Influence’s attack on Dirty Heels is shown. Backstage Chavo & Hernandez talk about the match last week and Chavo reminds him that it’s Open Fight Night and they’ll take care of “those clowns” (Bad Influence).

Chavo & Hernandez make their way down to the ring and they’re dressed to fight.


Back from the break Chavo says last week he & Hernandez were robbed and cheated out of the Tag Titles, but this time it was by Bad Influence instead of Roode & Aries. He says tonight is all about payback because it’s Open Fight Night. He says that they’ve talked to Hulk Hogan and he added a stipulation to the match they’re about to have, the winners are the new #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles! Chavo asks the fans if they’re ready and then calls Bad Influence out.

TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match
“Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero Jr. & “Super Mex” Hernandez vs. Bad Influence

Both of these teams are former Tag Team Champions and last week Bad Influence cost Hernandez & Chavo the tag titles. Bad Influence are wearing new “Bad Influence The Movie” t-shirts. Kaz and Chavo lockup and Kaz forces Chavito into the corner and then swings at him, but Chavo ducks and catches Kaz with a Hip Toss and then an armdrag. Chavo tags Hernandez in and then hits a Scoop Slam on Kaz followed by Hernandez Slamming Chavo on top of Kaz as well. Hernandez follows up with a Splash as Todd talks about Dixie Carter’s announcement last week on Twitter of the Ray-Hardy rematch in Corpus Christi. Hernandez covers Kaz and gets a nearfall, but then Kaz comes back and pokes him in the eyes and tags Daniels back in. Daniels charges at Hernandez but gets caught in a Bear Hug by the massive Mexican-American. Hernandez hit’s a Belly-to-Belly Suplex and then Chavo hits him from the outside. Hernandez tags Chavo in and then catapults Daniels into a European Uppercut from Chavo. Daniels falls back onto Hernandez’s knees and Hernandez holds him there as Chavo hits a Somersault Senton on Daniels! Daniels begs off but Chavo nails him with a series of strikes. Chavo goes for a Mexican Whip in the corner but Daniels reverses it and then charges at Chavo. Chavo backdrops Daniels over the top and when Daniels lands he falls back and hits his head on the ring steps nearby. I don’t think that was a planned bump by Daniels as he didn’t look thrilled when he landed. Chavo sets up for a dive but Kaz pulls the ropes down causing Chavo to go spilling out to the floor. Hernandez comes in but Bad Influence double team him in the ring. Bad Influence whips Hernandez hard into the corner and then Kaz charges after him, but Hernandez kicks him and then uses the ropes to flip himself over the top rope to the apron. Chavo & Daniels go at it on the other side as Hernandez hits Kaz with a Shoulder Block through the ropes. Chavo whips Daniels into a corner and then charges at him but this time Daniels backdrops him over the top. Chavo lands on the apron and nails Daniels with a Forearm Smash! Hernandez & Chavo then both dive over the top rope from the ramp with a double Super Mex Dive onto Bad Influence! Chavo goes for the Three Amigos but as he picks Daniels up for the third one, Kaz comes in and pulls Daniels down and then they slam Chavo into the turnbuckles. Daniels distracts the referee as Kaz beats on Chavo in the corner and starts working on Chavo’s arm. Daniels then hits an Armbreaker on Chavo.


Back from the break Kazarian continues to beat on Chavo in the ring and then he mocks the Eddie Guerrero shimmy. Daniels tags back in and hit’s a Slingshot Knee Drop followed by a Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop from Kazarian as Kaz tags himself back in and gets a nearfall. Kazarian puts Chavo in a Top Wristlock as the fans get behind Chavo. Chavo fights out of the hold but Kazarian sticks a knee in his gut and then whips him into the ropes. Kaz goes for a clothesline but Chavo ducks and catches Kaz with a Spinning Headscissors! Kaz quickly tags Daniels back in and Daniels knocks Hernandez off the apron before Chavo can tag out. Bad Influence set up for a double team spot but Chavo ducks a clothesline from Kaz causing him to clothesline Daniels! Chavo then hits a beautiful dropkick on Kaz and tags Hernandez in! Hernandez starts laying Bad Influence out with Palm Thrusts and Shoulder Blocks as the fans are really getting fired up! Hernandez whips both members of Bad Influence into a corner and then connects with a Double Splash! Hernandez tosses Kaz across the ring and then lifts Daniels up into the air and then Chavo then comes in and lifts Kaz up onto Hernandez’s other arm! Hernandez showing off his ungodly strength now! Hernandez with a Double Over the Shoulder Backbreaker on Bad Influence! Hernandez covers Daniels, 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! Daniels retreats to the apron but Hernandez grabs him by the head to try and pull him back in. On the other side Kaz pulls Chavo off the apron and slams him into the guardrail. Hernandez attempts to Suplex Daniels into the ring but Kaz runs over and trips Hernandez up! He falls back and Daniels lands on top of him as Kaz also holds Hernandez’s feet down! 1…2…NO the referee catches Kaz and stops the count! Bad Influence now whip Hernandez into the ropes but he breaks through their double clothesline attempt and hits one of his own on both members of Bad Influence! Hernandez charges at Daniels in the corner but he gets his foot up and then stacks Hernandez up in a pin! Chavo puts his feet on the ropes for extra leverage, 1…2…NO the referee catches Bad Influence cheating again! Daniels argues with the referee and then attempts to whip Hernandez into the ropes, but he reverses it and then goes for a clothesline. Daniels ducks it and then goes for a Cross Body but Hernandez catches him in midair and lifts Daniels up to his shoulders and down with a Sitout Powerbomb! Hernandez tags Chavo in and then he climbs up top! Chavo sets up for the Frog Splash but Kazarian runs over and shoves him off! Daniels rolls Chavo up and Kaz holds onto Hernandez’s legs so he can’t get back in the ring, 1…2…NO Chavo kicks out! On the ramp Hernandez lays Kaz out with the Get Off Me sending him crashing off the rampway and into the ring post! Daniels hits Chavo with a back kick and then goes for the Angels Wings but Chavo blocks it and then Hernandez hit’s a Slingshot Clothesline over the top on Daniels! Chavo climbs back up and dives off with the Frog Splash! 1…2…3!

Winners: Chavo & Hernandez via pinfall (Frog Splash)

In the back Taryn Terrell says she has a really good idea who she’s calling out tonight.


TNA takes a page (not a good page either) out of WWE’s book by doing an “Insta-Facts” thing when they come back from break with some random fact about TNA.

Footage of Brooke firing Terrell as a referee last week and signing her as a Knockout is shown.

Taryn Terrell makes her way down to the ring and let’s just say her ring gear is…interesting. I’m being very PG with that description. Terrell says this is her first official night as a Knockout and Brooke Hogan says she can get physical with anyone she wants and it’s Open Fight Night. Terrell says that there is one woman that has ridiculed her and assaulted her and it’s no secret that she’s about to call out Gail Kim!

Gail Kim comes out and she says this is her first rookie mistake and asks if she really wants to embarrass herself on national TV against the greatest Knockouts ever. She says that Terrell has rubbed other people the wrong way and that includes someone that wanted to call Terrell out herself. Tara walks out with Jesse and laughs as Gail says that Terrell thinks she can hang with them. Gail says this is more fitting for her first night and nails Terrell from behind! Tara and Gail beat the hell out of her and Gail holds Terrell as Tara kicks her repeatedly. Velvet Sky’s music hits and the Knockout Champ runs down to the ring to even the odds! Velvet hits a clothesline on both Gail & Tara and then kicks Tara through the ropes! Velvet then chases Gail off as well! Terrell & Velvet would make an interesting Beautiful People couple now that I see them next to each other.


In the back Terrell attacks Gail from behind and Velvet pulls her away as Tara holds Gail back.

A Gut Check video package airs with former Gut Check wrestlers talking about it and in the back JB says that next week Gut Check returns. He announces that next week it will be “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs. Magno! Yes, people I just popped! Adam Pearce is a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and he’s a former ROH star as well as being the former Head Booker for ROH. Magno actually worked in TNA very briefly during the 2006 World X-Cup as a member of Team Mexico and has also wrestled for ROH and Lucha Libre USA. He’s a masked luchador that was trained in Mexico but is from El Paso, TX and speaks fluent English. He’s wrestled for the legendary El Hijo del Santo’s Todos x Todos promotion in Mexico in the past as well. Pearce & Magno come face to face as JB hypes the match up.

Sting attempts to get into Hulk Hogan’s office but a security guard stops him and says Hogan doesn’t want to see him and Sting freaks out.


A replay of what went down with Hardy and Aces earlier is shown. Hulk Hogan talks to Jeff Hardy backstage and talks about the rematch in Corpus Christi on April 11th. Hogan says that Hardy already had a rematch coming but for him to step up and fight for it was amazing. Hogan takes the blame for Hardy losing the title at Lockdown but Hardy says everyone makes mistakes, but he doesn’t live in the past he only lives for the future and Corpus Christi in the future. Hogan says that since he handpicked Bully for Lockdown he’s going to let Hardy handpick the stipulation for Hardy-Ray II. Before Hardy can say anything else they both hear Sting’s music starts playing in the arena and Hogan says he’s not even supposed to be here tonight.

Sting comes out to the ring and he says that Bully Ray swerved him and the whole world. He says that he told Hulk that he could trust Bully Ray and he was wrong and now he needs to try and fix things, but the only way he can fix it is if he can be on the same page as Hogan. Sting says that he’s tried over and over to talk to him to no avail and since tonight is Open Fight Night he’s calling Hogan out!

Hulk’s music hits and Hogan walks out to the ring with the aid of a crutch. Hogan drops the crutch on the ramp and limps the rest of the way. Sting says that he’s tried to apologize to Hogan a few times already and he’s going to try one more time, and if he doesn’t accept it this time things could get a little “nuclear” here tonight. Hogan says that he should have listened to his gut because he knew Bully was a bad guy but he listened to others like Dixie Carter and Sting saying that Bully changed. He says it’s because of Sting that he didn’t listen to his gut and made a decision that messed up the whole company. Sting says Hogan is the one that made the decision and instead of pointing the finger and making a career out of blaming guys like Sting he has to stop because he’s the GM of TNA and he makes the ultimate decision and man up and take ownership of it! Hogan says he will be accountable for being the man that made the decision and now as the GM he’s tired of hearing the crap about his decision and he’s tired of Sting. He tells Sting as the GM to get the hell out of his ring right now.

Sting starts to leave but then stops and gets in Hogan’s face and tells him to make him! Hogan rips his shirt off and dares Sting to touch him but security runs out and gets between them. Hogan tells Sting that this isn’t over between them as security escorts Sting out.


During the break security escorted Sting out of the building as Matt Morgan applauds and says yet another Hulk Hogan mistake.

Todd & Tenay talk about the AJ Styles situation and then a video package highlighting everything with him is shown.

James Storm’s music hits and the cowboy looks like he’s ready for a fight tonight. Storm says 2 weeks ago AJ Styles made his big return but it wasn’t the return he was looking for. He says that last week he tried to talk to AJ Styles but he just simply walked away, and since tonight is Open Fight Night he thought he would take the time to call AJ Styles out! AJ Styles appears in the crowd and Storm finally notices him. He says that he knows what AJ is going through and what he has in his head because he went through the same thing last year. He says that he lost the big match and went home, but he picked himself back up and got back in the ring and did what he does best. He says that’s what AJ needs to do and since AJ is a man from the south he can relate to this. He says they can handle this two ways, either they can use one hand and put a cold beer in it and talk and drink, or they can use the other hand they can close it into a fist and fight it out. Storm says he’s good with either way but the choice is AJ’s! AJ just stares at Storm and then Aces hits the ring and attacks Storm! DOC destroys Storm with a Big Boot. AJ simply walks away as Aces & Eights beat Storm out. Eric Young’s music hits and he comes out for the save but quickly gets beat down as well. Kurt Angle then hits the ring and evens the odds! The babyfaces chase Aces & Eights off but Angle stops them and says they aren’t done yet. Angle tells DOC never to turn his back on him again and to shut his mouth. He says there is 3 of them and 3 of Aces so they need to make this a 6-Man Tag right now!

6-Man Tag Team Match
Aces & Eights (Garett Bischoff, DOC, & Wes Brisco) vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle, “Cowboy” James Storm, & “Showtime” Eric Young

Storm and Garett will start the match off and Storm lays into Garett with a series of rights. Storm then whips Garett into the ropes and Garett stumbles so Storm just punches him a bunch of times. Storm then shoves him into the ropes hard probably as a way of telling Garett to wake up and then he hit’s a Thesz Press and lays into him a series of right hands. Storm tosses Garett into the corner and nails him with a big uppercut. Storm tries to whip him into the opposite corner but Garett reverses it only for Storm to explode out of the corner with a clothesline. Storm tags Young in and then they whip Garett into the ropes and nail him with a Double Back Elbow. EY covers Garett and gets a nearfall and then hits Garett with a series of right hands. EY hits the ropes but Garett takes him down with a clothesline and gets a nearfall. Garett tosses EY into the Aces corner and then tags Wes in and they double team for him a second. Brisco then slams him into another corner and hits him with a series of punches and shoulder blocks. Wes whips EY into the opposite corner but EY flips over it and lands on the apron. EY then hits a charging Wes with a shoulder block through the ropes and then he uses the ropes to slide through his legs. EY whips Wes into the ropes and connects with a Flying Forearm for a nearfall. EY slams Wes into the top turnbuckle and then tags Angle in. Angle hits Wes with a series of right hands followed by stomping a mud hole in Wes in the corner. Kurt spits at DOC and then goes back to kicking Angle. Angle whips Wes into the ropes and nails him with an elbow followed by a tag to EY. Kurt holds Wes as EY puts the boots to him. EY tosses Wes into the corner and goes back to stomping on him. EY then hit’s a Scoop Slam followed by an Elbow Drop and he gets another nearfall. EY attempts to whip Brisco into the ropes but he reverses it and Garett nails EY with a knee from the apron. EY turns around and slaps Garett but then Wes lays him out with a clothesline. Wes puts the boots to EY and then gets a nearfall before tagging Garett back in. Garett slams EY into the corner and DOC tags himself in.


Back from the break Wes has EY in a headlock on the mat. EY fights back up to his feet and breaks the hold with a Jawbreaker! EY tags Storm back in and he ducks a clothesline from Wes and then hits DOC on the apron. Storm then hit’s Wes with a clothesline followed by a backdrop to a charging Bischoff! Storm hit’s a Facebreaker on Wes followed by a Flying Neckbreaker! DOC takes Storm out from the outside and then Wes puts the boots to him. DOC tags back in and slams Storm back into the corner and then connects with a Running Clothesline. DOC chokes Storm in the ropes and then covers him for a nearfall. DOC hit’s a Butterfly Suplex for another nearfall and then tags Garett back in. Garett taunts Storm and then nails him with a Running Back Elbow for another nearfall. Bischoff clubs Storm across the back and then hits him with several right hands. Garett tags Wes back in and they whip Storm into the Aces corner. Wes then whips Garett into a Back Elbow on Storm and then Garett shoves Storm into a clothesline from Wes. Wes chokes Storm with his boot and then hits a Snap Suplex and covers him for yet another nearfall. Brisco puts Storm in a headlock but Storm fights back to his feet and breaks the hold with body shots only to get cut off by Brisco slamming him to the mat. Wes tags DOC back in and DOC lays into Storm with body shot after body shot and then a big uppercut. DOC goes for a Corner Splash but Storm catches him with a back elbow and then a boot. Storm ducks a clothesline attempt and connects with a Flying Forearm! Storm gets the hot tag to Angle and DOC tags in Wes! Angle with clotheslines to Wes & Garett! Angle ducks a clothesline from DOC and hit’s a German Suplex! Angle with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex to Wes and then a German Suplex to Garett! Angle hit’s the Olympic Slam on Wes! D-Lo Brown runs out and gets on the apron. Angle is distracted as Garett picks up a chain and wraps it around his fist. He goes to hit Angle with it but Angle ducks and trips him and then locks in the Angle Lock! Wes comes in and rolls Angle up, 1…2…3!

Winners: Aces & Eights via pinfall (rollup)

In the back Bully Ray offers a toast to Garett, Wes, DOC, & D-Lo for that win and Ray says “you never walk alone.” Ray gets in Anderson’s ear and says he can’t believe the balls Hardy has to call Anderson out. Ray then says he can’t believe the balls on Hogan to let Hardy pick he and Ray’s stipulation for the title match in 2 weeks. Anderson then flips the hell out and says Ray doesn’t have to worry about that because Hardy won’t make it to Corpus Christ because he’s going to lose his “freakin’ mind” tonight on him. I think Anderson just pitched a full blown bitch fit.


The X-Division video package highlighting the new rules is shown along with King’s promo from last week and highlights from the 3-Way. In the back JB hypes up the One Night Only: X-Travaganza PPV premiering next week. He then brings in Sonjay Dutt and reminds him that he has to win next week’s 3-Way Dance to get another shot. He then introduces the other 2 in the qualifying match, Mason Andrews and the returning “Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams!

Tenay reveals that in 2 weeks from Corpus Christi Hardy-Ray won’t be the only title match, Chavo & Hernandez will get their rematch there as well.

A video package highlighting the Ray-Hardy Lockdown match is shown.

Main Event
“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson gets in the ring and Hardy goes right after him. Anderson comes back on Hardy and whips him into the corner but Hardy floats up and into a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover that sends Anderson out to the floor! Hardy then hits a Slingshot Dropkick sending Anderson into the announce table! Hardy dives off the apron with a Plancha onto Anderson! Hardy slams Anderson into the apron but then Hardy comes back by tripping Hardy into the ring steps. Anderson chokes Hardy in the ropes and then runs down the ramp and charges at Hardy but Hardy backdrops him over the top back into the ring!


Back from the break Anderson has Hardy in an armbar and a replay of Anderson blocking a Twist of Fate attempt during the break is shown. Anderson shoved Hardy into the corner and when Hardy went for the Floatover Spinning Headscissors again Anderson caught him and hit an Alabama Slam (ROLL TIDE!). Anderson is really twisting on Hardy’s arm and Hardy sells it like Anderson is twisting it off. Hardy fights him off and punches him with the free arm and finally shoves him into the corner. Hardy charges at him but Anderson kicks him in the hurt arm again and then hits a Flying Armbreaker to that arm and covers him for a nearfall! Anderson stomps on Hardy’s arm and goes back to the armbar. Hardy fights him off again with punches to the head and then an armdrag. Anderson and Hardy trade punches in the center of the ring and Hardy gets the better of it. Hardy then attempts to whip Anderson into the ropes but Anderson reverses it only to have Hardy explode off the ropes with a Flying Forearm! Hardy then hit’s an Atomic Drop followed by a Leg Drop to the knees and a Basement Dropkick! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! Hardy attempts to toss Anderson into the corner but Anderson reverses it and charges at Hardy. Hardy gets his boots up and then climbs to the middle rope and dives off with a Splash! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! Hardy attempts to whip Anderson into the ropes but Anderson counters into the Green Bay Plunge! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Anderson then charges at Hardy but Hardy catches him with an elbow and springs to the top! Hardy dives off with the Whisper In The Wind but Anderson moves out of the way and quickly covers Hardy! 1…2…NO Hardy still kicks out! Anderson covers him again and again only gets a nearfall. A third pin attempt equals a third nearfall as Anderson starts showing frustration. Anderson grabs Hardy and then he acts like Hardy hit him (he didn’t) causing him to hit Earl Hebner. He calls for someone and then Garett Bischoff appears and hands Anderson a hammer! Anderson swings it at Hardy but he ducks and then hit’s the Twist of Fate! Hardy grabs the hammer and nails Anderson with it as the referee turns around! Hardy then hit’s Garett with the hammer!

Winner: Anderson via DQ

After the match Jeff Hardy pulls out a chair and nails Anderson with it! Hardy then sets the chair up on the ramp and leaps off it with a cool spot where he hit the Poetry In Motion causing Anderson and Hardy both to go flying over the ropes! Hardy sets up a table in the ring and then he pulls a ladder out! Hardy sets up the ladder and then lays picks Anderson up. Anderson knees Hardy in the gut and then attempts to suplex him into the table but Hardy blocks it and hit’s the Twist of Fate! Hardy lays Anderson out on the table and then climbs up the ladder! Hardy sets up for a dive but Bully Ray slides back in the ring and pulls Anderson to safety as Hardy is watching. The fans boo but Hardy is handed a microphone and Hardy says the Title Match in Corpus Christi will be “no rules, no DQ, chairs, stairs, tables, ladders…FULL METAL MAYHEM!” Ray screams at Hardy as the show closes.

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