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WWF RAW 7/29/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Seattle, WA

1.)Psycho Sid defeated Justin Hawk Bradshaw by disqualification
2.)Vader defeated Marc Mero
3.)Davey Boy Smith defeated Henry Godwin
4.)Steve Austin defeated the Undertaker by count-out

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. It’s announced that Ahmed Johnson has a ruptured kidney. We will officially find out who the man is that attacked him last week.

2. The fans go ape shit for Psycho Sid. They trade right hands early on with Sid getting the better of Bradshaw. Sid quickly catches Justin coming off the ropes and hits a choke slam! Bradshaw drops Sid with his rope and attacks Sid after the referee calls for the bell. The crowd quickly went silent after that attack. Bradshaw hits Sid with the cowbell. Sid ducks under another shot and drops Bradshaw and his manager with a clothesline. Sid goes for and hits the power bomb! Sid goes for the same on the manager and hits it! A fine segment here, as the fans adore Sid. Which, is crazy since he was pretty bad just a year prior and was a heel.

3. Backstage, Sunny introduces us to Faarooq Asad who is a modern day gladiator. Faarooq gets a WWF Intercontinental Championship match at SummerSlam. Faarooq wants him to treat Sunny with respect. Faarooq is confident that he will win the gold at SummerSlam. Interesting he is the number one contender despite not winning any matches.

4. Vader backs Mero into a corner to deliver a right hand. Vader also spits in Mero’s face in the corner! Marc fights back with a few jabs and a clothesline. Mero drops Vader with a somersault kick! Mero nearly wins with a crucifix pin but runs right into a body shot. Vader slams Mero down to the canvas with a wheelbarrow slam. Vader drops Mero with a short arm clothesline as well. Vader works over Mero with a series of body shots in the corner. Mero runs into a clothesline from Vader. Vader hits a big splash but Marc continues to fight by kicking out. Vader taunts Sable and that allows Mero to hit a cross body for a near win. Mero clotheslines Vader to the floor and hits a somersault dive to the floor! Mero hits a double axe handle from off the top! Vader misses a sit down splash after Mero attempted a sunset flip. Vader catches Mero in midair off the top and hits a slam for the win. (**1/4. A decent TV match with Mero hitting some good moves and Vader looking strong in the process, as well. A nicely done match to promote Vader.)

5. We see clips of Clarence Mason talking to Gorilla Monsoon trying to get his wrestler into the WWF. He is a criminal and Monsoon is having a hard time allowing him in the company.

6. Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Jose Lothario and Jim Cornette in the ring. Cornette doesn’t want any violence but rather just to talk. Cornette didn’t forget what Jose did to him at the pay per view. Cornette did some research and found that Lothario won a lot of titles. Cornette is talking about the rise of Michaels. Cornette calls Lothario a nobody and nobody cared about him. Cornette is going make Lothario a nobody once again. That will happen when Vader wins the WWF World Championship. Jose puts his hands on Cornette and Jim begins to beg off. Lothario punches Cornette as Jim ran towards Jose. Cornette bails to the floor and the fans cheer for Jose! Backstage, Mankind has the Mandible Claw on Shawn Michaels!

7. We see footage of Aldo Montoya beating Jerry Lawler on Superstars last weekend. Lawler issues a challenge for Aldo next week on RAW.

8. Godwinn runs over Bulldog with a shoulder block in the opening moments of the contest. Henry drives Bulldog face first into the canvas with a wheelbarrow slam for a near fall. Bulldog avoids Henry in the corner and begins to pummel Godwinn with knee drops and strikes. Henry big boots Bulldog in the corner and hammers away on Bulldog before being sent to the floor. Bulldog delivers a leg drop and can’t get a three count. Henry drives Bulldog down to the canvas with a suplex! Bulldog drops to the canvas after hitting the turnbuckle hard chest first. Henry goes for the Slop Drop but Owen Hart leaves the commentary table and tips over the slob bucket. The distraction allows Bulldog to hit the running power slam for the win. (*1/2. The finish was rather idiotic, but whatever. The match was boring and was basically just filling time.)

9. Mark Henry will be in the WWF soon!

10. Taker tosses Austin into the corner early on but Austin gets out quickly only for Taker to control Austin with a wrist lock. Taker hits a leaping clothesline on Austin as well. Austin wiggles the ropes and crotches Taker as he tried to walk the ropes. Austin stomps away on Taker for a brief period of time. Taker battles back with a series of punches and is low blowed by Austin. Taker ties Austin up in the ropes and hammers away on Austin several times. Taker delivers a running big boot and Austin is untied from the ropes. Austin avoids an elbow drop and chokes Taker over the top rope. Austin spikes Taker with a piledriver! Austin goes to the top rope but Taker crotches Austin after falling into the ropes. Taker choke slams Austin off the top rope to the canvas! Mankind comes down the aisle as Taker went for the power bomb. Taker leaves the ring and proceeds to have a brawl with Mankind. That causes Taker to be counted out. After the match, Taker returns to the ring and drives Austin down to the canvas with a tombstone! (*1/2. Well, they would certainly have much better matches two years from now, that’s for sure.)

11. Vince McMahon talks to the Undertaker in the ring about the Boiler Room Brawl. Taker says it’s time for the reaper to enter the servants home. Taker says Mankind will finally Rest In Peace at SummerSlam!

Final Thoughts:
An average show this week as well. Mero/Vader was the best match of the show this week. Sid got some crazy babyface heat and should be rising up the card very soon. This episode was just okay, nothing great. The main event isn’t as great as you may expect it to be either.

Thanks for reading.


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