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WWF RAW 8/5/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Seattle, WA

1.)Jerry Lawler defeated Aldo Montoya
2.)The Bodydonnas defeated the New Rockers by disqualification
3.)WWF Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson won an 11-man battle royal to earn a WWF World Championship on 8/19

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mark Henry has signed a ten year multi-million dollar deal with the WWF. That’s right, he is under contract now until 2006, at least.

2. We start RAW with a rematch between Lawler and Aldo from Superstars where Aldo pinned Lawler. Lawler suggests Jake Roberts write a book about his past drug issues and says no one would buy the book. Aldo gets some pyro and enters the ring to defend Roberts. Lawler has Jake’s tag team partner, Jim Bean with him! Lawler cheap shots Montoya after dropping the microphone and hammers away on Aldo hitting a vertical suplex. Aldo avoids a backdrop with a right hand and begins to hammer away on Lawler. Montoya dropkicks Lawler and the fans are getting behind the King. Aldo comes off the top with a right hand and goes for a DDT but Lawler cowards into the corner. Aldo backdrops Lawler but King quickly plants Montoya with a piledriver after coming off the ropes. Lawler doesn’t go for the cover and instead hits another piledriver. Lawler covers and gets the win. (*1/2. Lawler is a great heel and Montoya had the crowd behind him for a moment. This did a fine job of pushing Lawler as a heel.) After the match, Lawler gets the booze and puts it in Montoya’s mouth!

3. Hillbilly Jim is on commentary for the tag team match. The New Rockers attack the Bodydonnas on the apron as they hid on the side of the RAW sign. Zip is dropped gut first across the top rope by the New Rockers. Zip nearly pins Jannetty with a roll up but all four men begin to brawl in the ring. Zip is double teamed in the corner for a moment as Skip is escorted to the apron. Bodydonnas get the advantage on Jannetty and Skip hammers away on Marty in the corner. Jannetty nearly pins Skip with a roll up Skip hits a hurricanrana and clotheslines Cassidy after avoiding a clothesline. We hear from Faarooq who will wrestle Skip next week on RAW. Zip avoids a double team and tags in Skip allowing them to double team Jannetty. Marty plants Skip with a flipping ace crusher off the middle rope! Skip nails Jannetty with a clothesline and heads to the top where he hits a diving headbutt but Cassidy breaks the cover up! Skip is dropped throat first across the top rope as he attempted a hurricanrana. Cassidy runs over and hits Skip with a swinging neck breaker on the floor! Skip is worked over by Jannetty for several moments now. During the match, Monsoon reinstates Clarence Mason’s client! Cassidy works over Skip with several headbutts. Cassidy drives Skip to the mat with a spine buster as the show goes to commercial. Cassidy gets crotched on the top and Skip hits a top rope hurricanrana! Zip is shoved off the top by the Smoking Gunns and that causes a DQ! After the match, the Bodydonnas are beaten down by the heels. The Godwinns run out and clean house, too. (*1/2. Some decent spots throughout this match, mainly by Skip. The match was just lackluster and couldn’t hold my interest.)

4. Kevin Kelly sat down with WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels recently. Michaels acknowledges that he is facing adversity and considers himself to be at his strongest right now. Michaels knows he can be beaten any night. Shawn says Vader will have to wrestle him one on one at SummerSlam. He knows the odds are against him and admits there is the fear of losing the championship. The championship means the world to him. Shawn hopes that Bret Hart returns to the WWF. Michaels doesn’t think there is anyone else in the company that could defend the championship as much as he has. Michaels would like to think he has been the rising star of the WWF.

5. Taker and Mankind brawl in the ring to start the battle royal. They eliminate each other within fifteen seconds of the match. They proceed to brawl to the backstage area. Ahmed tosses Bulldog over the top to the floor. Sid backdrops Bradshaw over the top to the floor. Mero gets rid of Owen with a clothesline over the top to the floor. Goldust is able to dump Mero over the top to the floor. Vega hits Goldust with a spinning heel kick in the corner but his momentum sends him to the floor. The Undertaker and Mankind are brawling on the floor and have returned to brawling in the ring! They leave the ring and brawl back into the crowd. We are down to Austin, Sid, Ahmed and Goldust. Austin drives Sid to the canvas and hits a middle rope forearm drop. Ahmed nearly eliminates Goldust and plants him with a spine buster. Johnson went for the Pearl River Plunge but Goldust got out of the move. Sid goes for the power bomb and plants Goldust! Sid power bombs Austin as well! Goldust hits the Curtain Call on Johnson! Backstage we see footage of Taker and Mankind brawling some more. Owen and Bulldog come out to distract Sid. That allows Austin to clothesline Sid from behind to eliminate him! Ahmed is double teamed by the two heels now. Goldust turns on Austin quickly and hits a clothesline after several right hands. Austin low blows Goldust after avoiding being sent over the top. Austin is eliminated by both Goldust and Ahmed. Ahmed is bleeding from the nose, which was apparently broken at the last pay per view. Johnson slams Goldust and collapses to the mat. Goldust delivers a piledriver as the show goes to commercial. They nearly botch the finish as Ahmed collides with Goldust and nearly eliminates himself but hangs himself upside down on the ropes and Goldust falls to the floor! (NR. Well, it was a fine battle royal with the right guy going over despite being injured. I probably would’ve had Austin go over to challenge HBK on the RAW after the PPV, but that’s just me.)

6. Vince McMahon interviews Ahmed Johnson with his back to the hard camera. Johnson will be sad if he doesn’t get a shot against Michaels. Ahmed says he would give Vader a party if he were to win the match. Faarooq runs down and brawls with Ahmed again as several officials run down to break them up.

Final Thoughts:
I found the show to be boring this week. There wasn’t anything that stood out to me as being overly entertaining. The crowd has to be exhausted as this is the third of four shows they have had to sit through. I do like the advance booking, but that’s just about it.

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