WWF RAW 8/12/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Seattle, WA

1.)Faarooq Asad defeated Skip
2.)Crush defeated Savio Vega
3.)The Godwinns defeated TL Hopper & Who
4.)WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Owen Hart in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Vince McMahon announces that WWF Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson underwent emergency surgery on his injured kidneys. McMahon wishes Johnson a quick recovery from his injury.

2. Remember, Skip was managed by Sunny last year but that didn’t last too long. Faarooq hits a nice fall away slam in the opening minutes of the contest. Skip can’t get anything going in this match as Faarooq has dominated the match since the opening bell. Faarooq finishes Skip off with the Dominator.

3. Crush is the man that Clarence Mason had been trying to get back in the WWF. Crush hadn’t been seen for roughly 18-months. Crush has full control over Vega for several moments as he drives Savio shoulder first into the ring post on the floor. Crush misses a middle rope fist drop back in the ring. Vega slams Crush face first onto the canvas. Crush delivers a leg drop to regain control of Savio. Crush misses a splash in the corner and is nearly rolled up by Vega. Lawler is really jabbing McMahon about his indictment a couple of years ago. Vega runs into a big boot and is nearly pinned. Vega drops Crush with a standing spin kick. Vega attempted a spinning heel kick but Crush held onto the ropes. Crush sends Savio into the ring post again and locks in a full nelson. Vega is forced to give up. (*. Well, that was rather boring. Crush is back in the WWF and I don’t think I care about him.)

4. Sunny teases everyone and says she will show everyone that she is better looking than Sable and Marlena in bikinis.

5. Kevin Kelly sat down with WWF Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson at his house. Ahmed says it’s more of a mental pain than the physical pain. He says he called for help when his insides felt like they were ice cold. There is a chance he could lose his kidney. If the kidney doesn’t stop bleeding it will have to be removed. Johnson doesn’t know if he will ever be able to defend his championship ever again.

6. Gorilla Monsoon announces that the WWF Intercontinental Championship has been stripped from Ahmed Johnson and is now vacant! Gorilla isn’t going to reward Faarooq and is rather going to develop a tournament to crown a new champion starting next week!

7. Mr. Perfect talked to Bret Hart on a boat! Bret doesn’t know when he will be back in the World Wrestling Federation. Bret enjoys being home and says it’s tough to go back. He does miss his fans and he knows they want him back. Bret is going to take some more time before making his decision. He will think about it for two or three more months. If he comes back he will have a shovel with him.

8. Owen slaps Michaels in the face and delivers a right hand before pummeling Michaels down to the canvas. Michaels drops Owen with a leg sweep and dumps Owen over the top with a head scissors. Shawn hits a slingshot cross body on the floor as well! Owen misses a spinning heel kick and is nearly pinned. Shawn maintains control with an arm lock. Owen slams HBK but misses a forearm drop. Owen works over the champ with a few forearm shots but Michaels sends Hart chest first into the corner and hits a clothesline for a two count. Owen drops Shawn with an overhead belly to belly suplex! Owen follows up with a back breaker. Owen controls Shawn with a camel clutch. Michaels runs into a spinning heel kick and Owen nearly wins! Michaels nearly rolls Owen up for a three count but is met with a clothesline. Owen drives HBK down to the mat with a neck breaker and heads to the top rope. Hart hits a missile dropkick as we go to another commercial break. Owen is mocking Shawn by acting like he was going for the Sweet Chin Music. Michaels avoids it and nails Owen with a forearm shot. Michaels hits a snap power slam and goes to the top rope. Shawn heads to the top and hits an elbow drop! Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music but has to dropkick Vader off the apron. Michaels botches the super kick on Owen so he does it again and gets the victory. After the match, Vader grabs a chair but Michaels grabs Owen’s cast. Cornette has given Owen the tennis racket but Michaels fights him off only to be clotheslined by Vader! Vader works over Michaels with a series of strikes and a short arm clothesline. Vader slams Michaels and splashes Shawn from off the middle rope! Vader goes to the top rope as the show comes to a close. (**3/4. A good main event this week to close out the show. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s not their best work as it was a little sloppy, but still a quality bout regardless.)

Final Thoughts:
Just a basic go-home show leading into the pay per view. The under card was rather boring and uninteresting with the main event being the only strong point for the show. Basic booking having the heel dominate the babyface champion. Anyway, I have to give it a slight thumbs down for lack of overall entertainment.

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