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WWF RAW 8/21/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Worcester, MA

1.)Men on a Mission defeated Roy Raymond & Joe Hanlock
2.)1-2-3 Kid defeated the Brooklyn Brawler
3.)The Undertaker defeated Tatanka
4.)Jean Pierre Lafitte defeated Scott Taylor
5.)WWF World Champion Diesel & Davey Boy Smith fought Men on a Mission to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Footage from Superstars is shown where Kama ripped up a wreath and ended up attacking a fan follower of the Undertaker. Tonight, the Undertaker takes on Tatanka!

2. After getting the win, Mabel got on the microphone and told the people to shut up. Mabel says he is the king and claims he and Mo are the greatest tag team of all time. Mabel calls out the Allied Powers to have a tune up match tonight! They don’t come out and Mabel isn’t surprised.

3. We go to a satellite classroom where Dean Douglas is giving a report card on Men on a Mission. Douglas gives a definition of dominate. He proceeds to give credit to Mabel for his ability to win matches. Douglas believes Mabel is prepared to wrestle Diesel at SummerSlam. Dean believes that Mabel will be the new WWF World Champion.

4. Taker wastes no time going after Tatanka with a series of right hands in the corner. Taker drives Tatanka face first into the canvas and sends Tatanka into a corner back first. Taker jumps off the top rope to drop down across Tatanka’s arm. Tatanka scoop slams Taker but his offense doesn’t have much impact. Tatanka is able to hit a sloppy looking Samoan Drop and is able to put Taker down for a few moments. Tatanka is pummeling Taker with a series of overhand chops. Tatanka gets a two count with a scoop slam. Taker gets out of a headlock with a back suplex. Taker runs over Tatanka with a clothesline as the show goes to break. Tatanka is back in control but Taker connects with a leaping clothesline off the ropes. Tatanka clotheslines Taker and both men are down. Taker grabs Tatanka by the throat after ducking a clothesline to hit a choke slam. Tatanka stumbles up and Taker drives Tatanka down to the canvas with a tombstone to win the match. (**. Not a bad TV match between these two. I was expecting Taker to dominate but they gave Tatanka some decent offense. A competitive match with the obvious outcome.)

5. A vignette promoting a new wrestler named Goldust is aired. Goldust has a gold face and is standing in front of the Hollywood name. He is certainly a unique character. His promo is directed towards Shawn Michaels by referencing the Heartbreak Hotel.

6. Vince McMahon calls out WWF World Champion Diesel for an interview. Diesel is ready for his match at SummerSlam against Mabel. He notes the crown has gone to Mabel’s head. Diesel does acknowledge that Mabel has picked it up a notch. Diesel is also thankful for Shawn Michaels having his back last week. The jackknife is brought up and Diesel says he might be able to at SummerSlam. We will find out at SummerSlam. Diesel is confident that the WWF will be running on diesel power! Here comes the British Bulldog to chat with Diesel. Bulldog wishes Diesel good luck for Sunday. Bulldog says Lex Luger is in Atlanta for something. Bulldog asks Diesel to be his partner for a match against Men on a Mission! Diesel accepts the offer for a match tonight in a final tune up match!

7. Diesel and Mo kick off the tag team match. Diesel wants a piece of Mabel but Mo insists on starting the match. Diesel works over Mo with a knee lift and a series of strikes. Diesel clotheslines Mo in the corner a couple of times as well. Diesel nails Mo with a series of elbow and knee strikes to continue his dominance. Diesel sends Mo into the ropes and delivers a big boot. Diesel signals for the power bomb but gets distracted by Mabel. British Bulldog enters the ring and clotheslines Diesel and Mabel hits a side slam! Mabel holds Diesel and Bulldog slaps Diesel! Bulldog has turned on Diesel! Diesel is furious and breaks free but Bulldog picks the champ up and hits a running power slam! Mabel comes off the ropes to leg drop Diesel too! Mabel gets the WWF World Championship and poses with the belt before dropping another leg on Diesel!

8. Backstage, Jerry Lawler catches up to the British Bulldog to talk to him about what he just did. Lawler asks why Bulldog did this but Bulldog declines to reveal why he did it. Cornette says the surprises will continue for Diesel. Mabel chimes in to say the gold will be his at SummerSlam!

9. RAW is off the air until September 11th. The main event for that RAW will be Psycho Sid taking on the WWF Intercontinental Champion whomever that may be!

Final Thoughts:
A decent go home show this week for RAW. The turn by Bulldog was nicely done and provides a new heel for Diesel to work with. Really, the main event heel side seems to be rather weak. So, if Diesel retains the title at the pay per view he’ll have a fresh match up to work with. Nothing too bad here, so I’ll give it a mild thumbs up.

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