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WWF Superstars 10/6/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Toledo, OH

1.)Randy Savage defeated Reno Riggins
2.)Jimmy Snuka defeated the Black Demon
3.)Mr. Perfect defeated Jim Evans
4.)WWF World Tag Team Champions the Hart Foundation defeated Tony Burton & Bob Bradley
5.)Ted DiBiase defeated Red Tyler
6.)Dino Bravo defeated Kevin Kruger
7.)Big Bossman defeated Tom Stone

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. We see footage from Primetime Wrestling where Sgt. Slaughter and Gen. Adnan came down to the ring and confronted Nikolai Volkoff after a match. Adnan attacked Volkoff from behind and Slaughter whipped Volkoff several times. Several referees come down to the ring but aren’t able to provide much help. Slaughter shared comments saying that Volkoff got a little taste of what is to come.

2. Brother Love introduces his guest this week, Jake Roberts! Rick Martel is on the set as well spraying his arrogance. Roberts tells Love that the only smell is Love’s upper lip or backside. Love thinks Jake’s snake smells bad. Love begs Roberts to not release his snake from the bag. Martel is spraying the snake while Roberts was talking to Love! Roberts tells Love to not play any games with him. Martel goes back to spraying the snake. Roberts goes after Martel and is sprayed in the eyes! Roberts is rolling around in pain when Big Bossman comes out and protects Roberts. Martel looks to be playing it off as an accident. Officials dump water on Jake’s face to try and wash it out.

Final Thoughts:
A big angle taking place on this episode makes it memorable. Roberts hadn’t been doing anything of note aside from a feud with Earthquake, but that wasn’t all that special. This is a great way to start a feud and gives Martel a top name to feud with. A thumbs up for this episode.

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