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WWF Superstars 10/27/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Springfield, IL

1.)Demolition defeated George Anderson, Jim Evans & Jim Brunzell
2.)Davey Boy Smith defeated the Brooklyn Brawler
3.)The Rockers defeated Kent Carlson & Buddy Rose
4.)The Warlord defeated Brad Kramer
5.)Big Bossman defeated Tony Burton

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. I haven’t noticed this before, or maybe this is actually new, but Demolition is now wrestling with black masks.

2. Brother Love introduces his guest this week, Jake Roberts after he and Rick Martel taunt Roberts since he can’t see anymore. Martel wants to apologize for the accident that happened. Martel calls Roberts a fool for walking right into the fragrance. Martel taunts Roberts by pulling out a cane and pretends that he can’t see. Roberts finally comes out and is helped to the ring by an official. Roberts has his back turned to the cameras but the fans help him turn around. Love wants Jake to take his glasses off. Roberts tells Love that he can’t take the glasses off because the light will burn his eyes. Roberts swings the cane at Love but misses him. Roberts promises Martel that if he shows him the way Roberts will get his revenge. Rick Martel comes out and begins to taunt Roberts. Martel slaps the blinded Roberts! Roberts gets his hands on Love and plants him with a DDT. The camera zooms in on Jake’s face and his eyes are discolored greatly.

3. This is the return of Davey Boy Smith after a near two year absence from the WWF.

4. Jack Tunney is on the program to share some news. Tunney reveals that he has suspended Rick Rude from wrestling for an indefinite period of time. Tunney says that Bobby Heenan must compete in matches against Bossman to fulfill the obligation. We hear from Bobby Heenan who says it was a joke and says he would be proud to have Bossman’s mother as his own mom. Heenan is begging Bossman and Tunney to not have him wrestle! Gene reveals the cameras were rolling after the promo and Heenan clearly didn’t care and may have chuckled afterward.

5. Next week, Ted DiBiase and Dustin Rhodes compete in a ten minute match. Dusty Rhodes says this has become personal and Dusty says that Dustin can last the ten minutes. Dustin tells DiBiase that he can and will last ten minutes with DiBiase.

Final Thoughts:
A good show this week that saw plenty of entertaining segments. The Brother Love segment was excellent and the segment announcing the suspension of Rude explains his departure from the company. It’s also good to see Davey Boy back in the WWF. He will add some depth to the under card moving forward.

Thanks for reading.


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