Rebooking The WWF: Week 35, 1993

With RAW being pre-empted the WWF focuses on the weekend shows. Former WWF World Champion Randy Savage squares off against Yokozuna on Superstars. On Wrestling Challenge, the Kamikaze Kid looks to upset IRS! All this plus more!

WWF RAW 8/31/1993 
RAW was pre-empted due to SummerSlam occurring on a Monday.

WWF Superstars 9/4/1993 
1. Jerry Lawler defeated Mark Starr in 3:26 following a pile driver. After the match, Lawler got on the microphone and ripped on Ramon for turning on Martel and his partners at SummerSlam. Lawler thought Ramon was smarter than that! Lawler invites Ramon to be on Kings Court on next weeks Superstars.
2. SummerSlam 1993 Report: Todd Pettengill talks about the very first event he was a part of. He talks about the Undertaker defeating Bigelow, Mr. Perfect beating Ric Flair inside the steel cage and Lex Luger fulfilling his goal to win the WWF World Championship.
3. WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers defeated Mike Bucci/Terry Austin in 3:57 when Scott pinned Bucci following the Frankensteiner. During the bout, pre-tape comments by the Quebecers were aired saying that they are coming for the tag team championships and they always get there way!
4. Doink the Clown defeated Virgil in 3:12 following the Whoopee Cushion.
5. Steiner Brothers Hype Video: A video promoting the Steiner Brothers is shown. The Steiner’s winning the titles at King of the Ring and retaining them at SummerSlam are shown. Can the Steiner’s continue their title reign or will one of the rising tag teams in the WWF dethrone them sooner rather than later?
6. Randy Savage defeated Yokozuna by disqualification in 6:45 after Mr. Fuji hit Savage with the Japanese flag as he climbed the top rope. After the match, Ron Simmons tried to run down for the save but a mystery man cut him off on aisle way. The mystery man rammed Simmons back first into the guard railing several times while Yokozuna hit a belly to belly suplex on Savage. Yoko stood tall waving the Japanese flag while the mystery man stood on the aisle way with a grin of approval.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 9/5/1993 
1. Tatanka defeated Beau Beverly in 5:06 following a Samoan Drop.
2. Mr. Perfect Hype Video: A video promoting Mr. Perfect is aired. It goes in-depth about Perfect being able to get redemption over Ric Flair at SummerSlam after months of being unable to beat him. We see a promo by Perfect at SummerSlam where he said that he beat Flair and there is one more man to beat… the new WWF World Champion Lex Luger!
3. The Quebecers defeated Koko B. Ware/PJ Walker in 3:25 when Pierre pinned Ware following a senton splash.
4. Marty Jannetty defeated Chris Kanyon in 3:53 following the Rocker Dropper.
5. Lex Luger Hype Video: A video promoting Lex Luger’s title win at SummerSlam is shown. Luger cuts a promo at the end of the video saying that he is the best there is and that unlike Mr. Perfect, he is the World Champion and will never lose his championship.
6. IRS defeated the Kamikaze Kid in 4:26 following a running lariat.

NOTE FROM BOB: Next week’s RAW is pre-empted as well. RAW returns on 9/13/93. There weren’t any house shows during this week either. They return next week.

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