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WCW Thunder 11/4/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Match 1: Evan Karagias v. Juventud Guerrera

Only a matter of time before this is interrupted! But the first minute or two has been pretty good. Back and forth so far. Juve spikes him and goes up top but is crotched and Evan climbs up after him. Evan tosses him off and gets two. Norman is coming down! He asks for time and talks about being the king of hardcore and every wrestler will be at the end of the Hardcore Wiggle and he is assaulted by both Juve and Evan but they are taken out and beaten up by Norman.

** For the match.

Revolution are talking in the back….playing with the infant so missed what they said.

Match 2: Booker T v. Kaz Hayashi

Is Booker a heel? Stevie Ray came down and beat up Kaz….Booker then lay waste to him.


Filthy Animals are talking to Doug Dillinger. Torrie is petting him and Konnan stole his wallet. No stereotyping here.

Gene is with Rick Steiner and he is not going to be on the same team with Sid tonight. He is bitter with the Powers that Be.

The Animals come down and Eddie has the mic and he is proud of being part of them and they take what they want, when they want.

Match 3: Eddie Guerrero v. Buzz Stern

Eddie is knocked to the floor. Now the FA gang up on Luther Biggs. Buzz goes out and is manhandled. Eddie destroys Buzz and climbs up top. He hits the Splash. It is over.

* Nothing here. But Eddie got a win!

Buzz and Luther are destroyed after the match.

Berlyn is a debacle. He is partnering with Curly Bill! Berlyn tells him to shut up and he will conquer the Animals as they are facing them tonight.

Benoit is getting water and Rick walks by and mocks him and Benoit looks….well, like he is really angry. No need to go with my initial thought.

Revolution is talking to Sid and they did not like being attacked last week…..He screams at them. I think they are partnering tonight.

La Parka is getting subtitles. He mentions Buff Bagwell and Grayskull!

Match 4: La Parka v. Buff Bagwell

Not bad so far. Parka is getting in some offense. Buff has done some flexing and now moves into full on Luger mode with forearms and clotheslines. Never mind….it is over. Blockbuster.

*1/2 Meh.

Match 5: Kidman and Konnan (c) v. Berlyn and Curly Bill for WCW Tag Titles

Kidman brags that they are going to keep them up all night….the fans. Konnan bellows his stuff.

Kidman and Berlyn start off and Berlyn hammers him. Now Kidman fires back but he is powerslammed as Berlyn charges out of the corner. Berlyn refuses to tag….Konnan is now in and he strikes with a rolling clothesline. Bill is now in and he wants to tag in Berlyn but he refuses and the Wall belts Bill and he is finished off.

** Had some wrestling.

Gene is with Leroux in the back. Gene claims that he is fast rising….He lost to Disco. He is not rising. He just called the Cruiserweight title the, Cajunweight Title. Oh shit. His voice goes up and down like he is in puberty. He is going to beat Disco.

Hammer claims he is going to be the next big name acquisition.

Match 5: Silver King v. Lash Leroux

Actually pretty solid match. Been a good five minutes. Lash wins.

**1/2 For over or nearly five minutes, so it gets an extra half star.

Benoit is sitll not happy with Malenko and getting beat up on Nitro and tells Gene that.

Match 6: Van Hammer v. Dean Malenko

Hammer wants to join the Revolution and he can raise some hell with them. They need a big man in the group! He will kick Dean’s vertically challenged ass to prove himself…The fight is on and Dean is getting destroyed. He is pounded and powerslammed. Dean runs to the middle rope and strikes with a lariat and Saturn helps him out by hammering the knee. Dean continues that. He works him over for a minute and finishes him off with the Cloverleaf and the Revolution then pummel him.

** Nice to see Dean win.

Match 7: 8 Man Jobber Battle Royal

Riggs, Flynn, Regal, Taylor, Chavo, Dandy and a couple more. The losers are out of WCW. Flynn, Dandy and Riggs are gone. Regal and Taylor are doubleteaming Chavo who fights back and ousts both.

** For Chavo winning!

He gets a golden opportunity on Nitro….that is all they say.

Sid and Rick are together. Sid thinks they can work together and Rick leads him along despite not being on the same team.

Match 8: Sid Vicious and Saturn v. Rick Steiner and Chris Benoit

Rick and Sid start off and they just circle….Now Benoit and Saturn go at it and Benoit gets two after a side slam. Benoit is chopping him up and Rick is in and strikes with a belly to belly after Saturn dropped Benoit. Rick is leaving. Benoit applies the Crossface but Saturn is against the ropes and he finally breaks it. He strikes with a running back elbow. Benoit keeps after him and then the Revolution come down and kick his ass and we fade….

*1/2 I know the whole PtB angle is to fuck with the wrestlers but putting together enemies as tag partners is cliche….

** Really not much happened here. Some angle advancement but no real wrestling and that is disappointing…..

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