WWF Superstars 2/18/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: West Palm Beach, FL

1.) Hakushi defeated Buck Quartermaine
2.) WWF World Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns fought the New Headshrinkers to a double count-out
3.) Razor Ramon defeated Bill Payne
4.) Kwang defeated Rick Santana

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Bart and Sionne kick off the title match. Bart gets a near fall with a roll up in the opening moments of the contest before controlling the left arm of Sionne. Sionne drops Bart with a short arm clothesline and a scoop slam. Sionne goes to the top and misses a swanton bomb. Bart goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for a near win! Billy enters but is cut off by a scoop slam and Fatu tags in. Fatu blocks a monkey flip but Billy hits a couple of clotheslines for a two count. Billy delivers a right hand after jumping off the top, but Fatu isn’t hurt by it. Fatu clotheslines Billy, but Bart tagged in to clothesline Fatu. Sionne gets in on the clothesline fun by hitting Bart with one as well. Sionne drives Bart down with a side slam to maintain control of the contest. The Blu Brothers make their way down to ringside to watch the match as we head to commercial. Sionne hits an elbow drop from the middle rope while Bart was across Fatu’s knee for a near fall. Billy comes off the top to hit a clothesline on Sionne and punches Fatu on the apron. A double side Russian leg sweep on Sionne for a two count. Bart scoop slams Sionne and hits an elbow drop for another two count. Billy tags in and hits an elbow drop of his own for a near fall. Sionne continues to be worked over by the Gunns. A double vertical suplex drives Sionne down to the canvas. Billy heads to the top and hits a dangerous looking bulldog! Billy with the cover but Sionne kicks out at two! Sionne catches Billy coming off the ropes and hits one of the most dangerous tombstone piledrivers I’ve ever seen. Fatu enters and cleans house on the champs. Billy plants Fatu with a DDT, but Fatu no sells and hits a super kick for a near fall as Eli Blu pulls out Fatu. That leads to a brawl on the floor between the two teams and this ends in a double count-out. (**3/4. A really good TV match between these two teams. A few dangerous looking moves thrown in, but the action was nice and fast. Can’t go wrong with that. Everything seemed to just click well. The bogus finish protects both teams, though the Gunns should have just won anyway. The Headshrinkers seemed to play a little heel role here.)

2. The WWF Magazine publisher and a fan named Amy present the WWF Wrestler of the Year award to Bret Hart. Bret talks about the people thinking he has changed his style a little bit, but assures the fans to not worry about it. He believes he can do anything thanks to his fans being supportive. His dream is to be the WWF World Champion for a third time. Bret thanks the fans before playing to the crowd and leaving.

3. Next week, there will be battle royal.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the show this week as the tag match was refreshingly fast paced and competitive. Smoking Gunns should get credit for being a solid team during this era.

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