WWF Superstars 6/3/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Danbury, CT

1.) Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith defeated Mike Bell & Gus Kantarakis
2.) Skip defeated Scott Taylor
3.) The Roadie defeated Doink the Clown in a 1995 King of the Ring Qualifier
4.) Bob Holly defeated Raymond Roy
5.) Rad Radford defeated Burt Centeno
6.) The Undertaker defeated Tony DeVito

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. A video of Jerry Lawler cutting a promo with his royal feet being the main point of the promo. He says it has been a little rough and hasn’t washed his feet in two weeks and doesn’t plan on washing them any time soon. Lawler accepts the rematch with Hart at KOTR and makes it a Kiss My Foot match.

2. We also hear from Bret Hart and how embarrassed he was on Mother’s Day. Bret doesn’t want to play with the stuff that Lawler plays with. Bret accepts the match and is going to wipe Lawler out once and for all.

3. This is Skip and Sunny’s debut in the WWF. Skip’s finishing move is a top rope hurricanrana and does pushups during the pin.

4. Todd Pettengill talks about WWF World Champion being injured and Shawn Michaels replacing him against Sid inside a steel cage at MSG on June 10th.

5. Doink controls Roadie with some mat wrestling early on. Roadie can’t figure out what to do and bails to the floor. Roadie blocks a backdrop attempt and begins to strike Doink. Doink fights back with a side suplex. Doink goes up top for the Whoopee Cushion but gets distracted by Jarrett and Dink. That allows Roadie to roll Doink up and gets the win. (*. Not much of a match. I’m surprised that Doink is actually still kind of over at this point.)

6. Bertha Faye and Harvey Wippleman come out for an interview with Dox Hendrix. Harvey says that Alundra beat her when it came to bowling. They are here to talk about the WWF Women’s Championship. He is confident that Bertha will be the next champion. He sees Bertha as being a gorgeous lady. Faye says that she has all the sex appeal and Alundra Blayze can’t compete with her. Faye is going to add polka dots to the championship when she wins it.

Final Thoughts:
A basic show to hype up some of the matches for King of the Ring. The feature interview was uninteresting as they have to spend some time to promote the Women’s division. We’ve reached a slow point in the year for the WWF it seems like.

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