WWF RAW 10/28/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Ft. Wayne, IN

1.) Jesse James defeated Salvatore Sincere
2.) Crush defeated Aldo Montoya
3.) Billy Gunn defeated Freddie Joe Floyd
4.) WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated WWF World Tag Team Champion The British Bulldog by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is the RAW debut of Jesse James as a babyface wrestler. Remember, he was previously known as the Roadie but hadn’t been n WWF television for a year or so prior to this.

2.) I believe this is Crush’s return to RAW for the first time in roughly two years. Crush has a new gimmick as he was recently released from prison and the WWF is playing up on the part of his life. Marc Mero called into the show and said that Mr. Perfect is going to pay for what he did to him on RAW and cost him the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

3.) Footage from WWF Superstars is aired where Austin brutally attacked Brian Pillman for putting over Bret Hart. Austin whacked Pillman on the leg with a cane and trapped his leg in a chair before coming off the middle rope to stomp his ankle. Austin prevented an ambulance from leaving with Pillman and tossed the keys away. Austin reveals that next week he will be at Brian Pillman’s house next week on RAW! Austin told us that Pillman is was tricked into thinking they were friends. Austin considers Gorilla Monsoon to be a puppet and suggests that Vince McMahon do something but calls Vince a greedy promoter. Bret Hart appears on a split screen with his kids on his lap. Bret goes to speak but they go back to the ring for Sunny’s entrance.

4.) Footage from WWF Superstars that signified the end of the Smoking Gunns as Billy walked out on Bart Gunn in a match against the New Rockers, which Bart still was able to win.

5.) Back to Steve Austin and Bret Hart for a split screen segment. Vince asks if Bret was slow to respond to coming back to the WWF because it was Steve Austin that issued a challenge to him. Bret puts over Austin as being a great wrestler and says he had nothing to do with Austin’s challenge for delaying his return to the wrestling ring. Bret doesn’t know if there will be ring rust but there could be since he hasn’t competed in six months. Vince asks if Austin beats him at Survivor Series if Bret would continue his comeback. Hart would get back on his horse and continue on. Austin tells Hart that win, lose or draw he will always be on Bret’s ass. Austin attacks a production assistant saying he isn’t done until he says he is.

6.) Bulldog starts the main event with a shoulder block and taunts the fans. Michaels takes Bulldog over with a hurricanrana and clotheslines Bulldog over the top to the floor. Shawn ducks a clothesline but kicks Bulldog to the canvas. Michaels maintains control with a side headlock on the mat. Bulldog press slams Michaels across the top rope and taunts the fans. Bulldog sends Michaels into the corner and the champ flips over the top to the floor. Bulldog stops Michaels with a knee lift to the midsection and gets a near fall. Bulldog drives Michaels to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex and follows up with a leg drop for a two count. Bulldog drops Michaels with a Samoan Drop but can’t get a three on another cover attempt. Bulldog runs over Michaels with a clothesline but Shawn still has something left. Bulldog runs into big boot in the corner and Shawn hits a leaping forearm strike to drop Bulldog. Michaels kips up and backdrops Bulldog. Michaels follows up with right hands in the corner but Bulldog goes for a running power slam only for Shawn to get out and scoop slams Bulldog. Michaels heads to the top rope and hits an elbow drop! Michaels goes to the corner and sets up for the Sweet Chin Music. Owen Hart leaves the commentary table and helps Bulldog attacks Michaels. However, Psycho Sid runs down and attacks Owen Hart! Sid accidentally drives his elbow into Michaels, though he clearly looked to make sure Michaels was in position. The heels are sent out of the ring and we get another confrontation with Sid and Michaels. Owen Hart issues a tag team title match to Michaels and Sid. It looks like Sid and Michaels accept the offer and we will see a title match soon enough. (*1/2. Well, it was a standard match you’d expect from Bulldog and Michaels, really. This didn’t have the same energy as their matches had back in the spring and summer. The aftermath is just an overplayed example of tension between babyfaces.)

7.) Steve Austin is being escorted out of the WWF Studios to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
A largely uneventful show as the featured match didn’t deliver nearly enough quality action to carry the whole program. The stuff involving Austin was entertaining, though. A lot of hype for his confrontation with Brian Pillman next week, too.

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