UPDATE! SMW ’93, TNA ’03, WCW ’92

Posted: July 1, 2015 by Bob Colling in Uncategorized


This update is thirteen show reviews. SMW from 1993 covering five episodes, WCW Saturday Night from May 1992 and three episodes of TNA weekly pay per views!

WCW Saturday Night 5/2/1992
WCW Saturday Night 5/9/1992
WCW Saturday Night 5/16/1992

WCW Saturday Night 5/23/1992
WCW Saturday Night 5/30/1992

SMW TV 2/6/1993
SMW TV 2/13/1993
SMW TV 2/20/1993
SMW TV 2/27/1993
SMW TV 3/6/1993

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV # 49 6/18/2003
NWA-TNA Weekly PPV # 50 6/25/2003
NWA-TNA Weekly PPV # 51 7/2/2003

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