ECW Hardcore TV 2/28/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Cactus Jack defeated DC Drake

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Paul Lauria and Jason cut a promo backstage. Lauria thinks he is a giant and isn’t happy with 911 for choke slamming him. Jason talks about people being jealous of him, which he is use to throughout his career. Lauria says he will never be choke slammed again because he is a giant.

2.) Raven and Stevie Richards cut a promo until Tony Stetson and Johnny Hotbody come out to tell Raven they are here to serve Raven and beat the hell out of Tommy Dreamer for him. They believe that Raven is what Generation X is all about. Tommy Dreamer comes out and that leads to a brawl between Raven and Dreamer with Raven’s cronies also getting involved.

3.) ECW World Champion Shane Douglas and the ECW World Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko cut a promo. Malenko is also the ECW Television Champion. Douglas says that they have so much gold that the brothers in the hood would be jealous of them. Douglas believes they have buried the four fingers and the three fingers for the Triple Threat is the new signal of excellence. Benoit chimes in and says that Tazmaniac and Sabu thought they were great and had respect when they were the champions but that wasn’t reality. Benoit says the wrestler gives the belt creditability and not the other way around. Benoit says the world has witnessed real champions and athletes in the Triple Threat. Malenko doesn’t say a word.

4.) Jack gets his hands on Woman after his match and is attacked by Sandman from behind with a kendo stick. Sandman whacks Jack several times with the kendo stick but Jack comes back hitting Drake with a DDT after kicking Sandman. Jack and Sandman go flying over the top to the floor following a clothesline. Jack tosses Sandman into a random box at ringside and they go back into the ring with Sandman covered with a sheet. Jack pulls off the sheet and it is TERRY FUNK. The crowd goes apeshit for that reveal, which was nicely done. Funk and Jack begin to trade right hands with Funk pummeling Jack in the corner briefly. Sandman comes back in and whacks Jack with the kendo stick while Funk continues to beat on Jack against the ropes. Jack gets the kendo stick and hits Funk several times, but Funk isn’t hurt at all. Jack is beaten down with kendo stick several times by both men. Tommy Dreamer comes in and makes the save and whacks Sandman several times with the kendo stick. Funk confronts Dreamer and slaps him. Dreamer can’t strike Funk despite being slapped several times. Sandman whacks Dreamer from behind with a kendo stick. ECW World Champion Shane Douglas enters the ring and watches Jack continue to get destroyed with a steel chair and kendo stick. Woman wants Douglas to join them to become a foursome. Douglas has the championship and ends up decking Sandman and Funk to seemingly turn babyface! Douglas stands tall as the fans celebrate.

Final Thoughts:
An enjoyable episode this week as it was strong with angle advancement. I’m not sure if this means Douglas is a face now as the Triple Threat group has been booked a heel stable. Anyway, the return of Terry Funk was done very well and there is new found interest in the main event scene.

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