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ECW Hardcore TV 3/7/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
: 3/7/1995
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) The Pitbulls defeated Chad Austin & Joel Goodhart
2.) ECW World Champion Shane Douglas defeated Tully Blanchard to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Sandman, Terry Funk and Woman share pre-tape comments about what happened last week. Sandman told Cactus Jack last month that if he wanted some then to bring it on. Woman talks about taking money wherever she can get it. Woman hates Cactus Jack’s guts and is turning to Terry Funk to get rid of Cactus Jack. Funk asks if people know Dewey, which is Cactus Jack’s son. Funk is offended that Jack would say he is going to be the next Terry Funk acting as if Funk isn’t around anymore. Funk claims that Jack doesn’t know a wrestling hold. He thinks that Jack thinks losing an ear is important. Funk calls Jack a fat pig and says that Shane Douglas has made a mistake by aligning himself with Cactus Jack. Funk says doesn’t Jack know to not act like a WCW or WWF wrestler. Funk believes that Cactus will always be a nobody and will not walk in his footsteps.

2.) Backstage, ECW World Champion Shane Douglas is telling Cactus Jack that he has commitments to the Triple Threat, but that has nothing to do with them. Their friendship goes back to 1989 in Philadelphia and Douglas goes over their history of trying to get a break in the business. Cactus says that people have told him that he can’t trust Douglas but there a lot of people who didn’t feed him or put a roof over his head nor did that believe in him. However, Douglas did all those things for him. Jack asks if that is the best that Sandman and Funk had and they couldn’t take him out. Cactus wants Funk to look at his face and remember the man who took him out of this sport forever. Cactus promises that he may not be the man that Funk but when he is done with Terry, he won’t be either!

3.) Tommy Dreamer cut a pre-tape promo about the issues going on between Sandman, Douglas, Jack and Funk. Dreamer recalls when Douglas turned on him last year while defending the ECW World Tag Team Championships. Dreamer says the greatest honor he ever had was when Terry Funk said he considered Dreamer to be like a son. Dreamer never thought he would come face to face with Terry Funk. However, Tommy isn’t losing his focus on Raven. He has known Raven for a long time and even discusses the past gimmicks that Raven had in WCW and WWF calling Raven a sellout. Dreamer credits ECW for his career achievements in going to Japan. He says that everyone knows if he got the call from one of the bigger companies Raven would leave and Dreamer would hangup the phone. Dreamer warns Raven to never get in his face.

4.) Public Enemy are somewhere in the hood and they are cutting a promo on Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. Grunge says they better themselves by getting out of the hood but somehow they find themselves back in the hood. Grunge said the worst thing that happened for Benoit happened when Grunge brought Rock to the emergency room because he shed a tear. Rock says they are the most feared tag team in professional wrestling today. Grunge assures us that if anybody meets them in the ring then blood is going to be spilled.

5.) Public Enemy make their way down to ringside with Grunge pushing Rock to ringside in a wheelchair. Rock is pissed about a referee not seeing him moonsault Sabu through a table despite 1,500 fans seeing it happen. The fans are chanting that they were robbed of the titles. Grunge says nobody robs them because they are usually the guys doing the robbing. Dean Malenko comes out with Chris Benoit. Grunge says that Public Enemy is coming for them. Malenko spits at Grunge and that leads to a brawl with Benoit hitting Grunge over the back with a chair. Malenko takes Rock in his wheelchair and pushes him into a clothesline from Benoit on the aisle way! Benoit pushes Rock hard into the guard railing. Benoit nails Grunge with a steel chair in the ring to end the segment.

Final Thoughts:
The angle advancement on this show was done extremely well. The matches are just matches from the ECW Arena shows, which have already been reviewed so unless they are outside of the Arena shows, they won’t be recapped on Hardcore TV. Heyman is doing a great job of creating angles and advancing them each week.

Thanks for reading.

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