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ECW Hardcore TV 3/14/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated ECW World Tag Team Champions Tazmaniac & Sabu to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Paul E. Dangerously is with Joey Styles to open the show for an interview. Dangerously says that Malenko has been messing with Tazmaniac’s life for six months and tonight we finally what happened between Malenko and Tazmaniac. Dangerously thinks Malenko took Tazmaniac out because he knows that Tazmanaic can take him out any day of the week. He says that Malenko and Benoit will sign for a rematch. Public Enemy come over but 911 steps in front of Dangerously. They give Heyman a piece of paper for a contract to have a match. Dangerously signs the contract and walks off with 911. It’s a paper for a three way tag team match and they just need the other team to sign.

2.) Ian Rotten cuts a promo about spilling blood in his matches with Axl Rotten in ECW. Ian says that Axl is the bastard child that his mother never wanted to have. Ian repeats the word blood often and says it now bad blood and wants the family business to come to an end.

3.) We hear from Axl Rotten who talks about the barbed wire bat match they will be having soon. Axl says that barbed wire shows what hardcore wrestling is all about.

4.) Public Enemy are with Jason, who manages Dean Malenko, but says he isn’t going to sign the contract for Public Enemy because they are ugly and simple minded. Naturally, Public Enemy begins to attack Jason until they are attacked by the Pitbulls.

5.) Jason and the Pitbulls cut a promo on Public Enemy. Jason asks who Public Enemy think they are messing with. Jason says that he is the sexiest man on Earth and controls Paul Lauria and the Pitbulls. Jason has the power of attorney for Benoit and Malenko. Pitbull #1 says that they just kicked Public Enemy’s ass out of the house they built. Jason will grant Public Enemy his signature if they can beat the Pitbulls at the ECW Arena. Uh oh, the Pitbulls tell Jason that they want a piece of Public Enemy after they take out Public Enemy. They are going to takeover ECW.

6.) ECW World Champion Shane Douglas and Cactus Jack cut a promo with Douglas talking about throwing down the NWA World Championship. Douglas buried what was left of the NWA when he tossed the belt down. Douglas says that he and Jack have risen to the top of the business. Douglas is mainly focusing his anger towards Terry Funk saying it is time that Funk retire. Cactus Jack chimes in and remembers winning the tag titles on August 27th, 1994 with Mikey Whipwreck when he replaced Funk. Jack isn’t going to rip up Funk’s poster or his autograph because he is going to end Terry Funk.

7.) Woman calls Shane Douglas a wannabe and holds up four fingers saying that Douglas wanted to be a Horsemen his entire life. Woman is going to bury the Triple Threat. Sandman and Terry Funk enter the scene and wonders if Cactus can trust Shane Douglas. Terry Funk says that Douglas and Jack feed the fans nothing but bullshit. Funk says he is going to whip Jack when they square off and he promises the fans that.

Final Thoughts:
A weaker episode this week with the main focus being on the Public Enemy and their attempts to get a triple threat tag match signed. The final interviews were the most entertaining part of the program as I’m sold on the Douglas & Jack vs. Sandman & Funk feud.

Thanks for reading.

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