ECW Hardcore TV 3/21/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Ron Simmons defeated Hack Myers
2.) 2 Cold Scorpio defeated ECW Television Champion Dean Malenko to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Ron Simmons comes out for an interview and is met with some serious heat from the crowd. Simmons must not have realized he was supposed to be interviewed on the floor so Styles comes into the ring. Simmons puts over his ability and his accomplishments such as being a former World Champion. Simmons thinks that ECW World Champion Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko are afraid to step in the ring with him. After his match, Simmons brawls with 911, which leads to 911 hitting a choke slam as the fans went nuts for the segment.

2.) Terry Funk shares some pre-tape comments and is laughing at the thought of wrestling Cactus Jack in a singles match. Funk meets Jack on April 15th and says he is going to kill Cactus in the ring. Funk might torture Jack and then kill him. Funk is going to strap Jack to his bumper and drive down the street. Funk is looking forward to his match with Cactus. He has had enough of hearing Shane Douglas talk about people he loves and respects. Funk has proved to Jack that he is the man and he will always be the man.

3.) Cactus Jack cuts a promo on Terry Funk saying that Funk is questioning his accomplishments in wrestling. Jack calls himself Cactus Jack for one reason and that is because he earned it. He might be a scumbag but he always is a scumbag. Cactus wants Funk to realize that he will be on a permanent hiatus. Cactus says that Funk’s ass is going to be burned on April 15th. Jack is going to put Funk in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. When Funk kisses his wife or puts his kids to sleep he will see Jack’s face.

4.) A silly promo by Public Enemy closes the show as they talk about belonging in ECW. They say they are getting revenge and their titles back at the three way dance match.

Final Thoughts:
A subpar episode this week aside from the Cactus Jack promo that was nicely done to promote his feud with Terry Funk.

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