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WWF RAW 10/11/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

I watched the show first…..But one thing for sure, Russo leaving has left the WWF scrambling short term at least. The wedding angle was changed and some booking decisions are worse if you can believe. Jericho was jobbed and yes it annoys me. Austin has become even more powerful as you will see and the faces far too dominant. Show has nothing and I mean nothing to do, so they come up with his dad dying. Look, Russo is annoying and has serious issues but at the same time he provided consistency in the sense that things were slowly coming together, and at least made a modicum of sense. Now they are scrambling and it shows. They have downgraded Jericho and others and the last two weeks have been a mess….The ratings rose to a near 6.1 while a far superior Nitro fell to a 2.6. Seriously these last two weeks at least, people have no fucking taste and can fuck off. One case and point, and this is more Russo but sums up the WWF: Chazz. They promote incest and then talk about beating of women. Guess what? The woman is lying and making up stories. Chazz gets beat up, and the angle disappears….So the WWF glorifies domestic violence and women lying about it. Yes, I am going that far. The angle ended on Heat I guess because the WWF rightfully shelved it, but the idea is fucking horrific. But at the same time, while Chazz gets beats up for beating a woman (even if he did not), Jeff Jarrett is kicking their ass in the ring and trying to maim them, but that is okay! Then again JJ will ultimately lose….

They are in the Georgia Dome: Cannot beat WCW’s record though as 35000 fans are there. Vince comes down and he is happy to be in Georgia and calls out Austin. Austin comes out to quite the pop, and he has been out due to some asshole but he is back now. He is not happy with HHH beating on JR. HHH killing the snake does not scare him and after the PPV the title is coming back to him. However, he does not want to wait and calls him out. HHH comes out amidst chants of asshole from the fans. He declares that Austin is busy running his mouth and Austin tells him that he has 40000 calling him an asshole. HHH responds that he does not care if they live or die. HHH could walk down to the that ring and not one of these retards in the crowd thinks that he cannot rip Austin’s ass up and down Atlanta. HHH continues that he is in the driver’s seat and the PPV will be here soon. He has looked into Austin’s eyes and knows that he is scared and without a shadow of a doubt Austin cannot beat him. Fans keep calling him an asshole and so HHH snaps and heads to the ring. Well, snaps is a strong word as he heads to the ring slowly and circles it and goes by the announce table and looks at JR and wacks him upside the head and pushes him. JR takes the mini-fan and wallops him and this allows Austin to come out and attack. They fight on and around the announce table. HHH eats the steps and keeps hammering the shit out of him. He stomps a hole in him in the corner. JR is in the ring and Austin holds him for JR who slugs him in the gut and then Austin clotheslines him. Here comes Chyna and she decleats JR but gets wasted by Austin…..She and HHH leave and HHH yells on the mic but it cuts out but he challenges JR and Austin to a tag match tonight. Austin asks the crowd and they respond enthusiastically.

There is a bunch of cages with dogs in them.

Mankind is walking in the back and they replay the issues he had with the Rock on SD.

Outlaws come out and Road Dogg shouts out to Droz and then asks where is dogs are at. He is not happy with the Holly’s.

Match 1: Mr. Ass v. Crash Holly

Crash runs into the ring and gets his ass stomped. Jesus, that was quick. Crash is already finished….

DUD. I guess Ass needs something to do despite looking dumb and seeing as his push is done but man, what a useless feud.

Outlaws get dismantled after the match.

Cole brags about G v. E on USA and Mankind’s performance. Mankind thanks him but then stops talking about it and discusses the Rock and the issues they have been having. He goes on about how there is no “I” in team or in Socko and then wonders if he meant to hit the Rock or not. He ends by warning the Rock…..wondering where he stands.

Here comes Ivory. She is going to beat the Metamucil out of that hag Mae Young. She will not hold back in beating them. She screeches about the anxiety they have been causing her. She tells Mae to strap on her Depends….

Match 2: Ivory (c) v. Mae Young

Sweet Jesus. Mae is decked out in red and wearing a crown. One shot and Mae is out. Moolah runs down and attacks Ivory. Ivory flees.

NR. Angle advancement.

JR is trying to get the Rock on the phone. Mankind is pacing in the back and now the phone is ringing. Rock answers: Great One. The phone is still ringing though! They shut it off. JR asks about Mankind and Rock does not care about him and demands to know how long until he gets there and it is not far and he is going to turn the Dome upside down.

Terry Taylor is with Bulldog and he has no idea as to why the other bulldogs are here. He does not find it amusing. He does not care about the Rock and Sock and will take out the Rock at the PPV.

Stephanie looking quite manly in a man’s shirt and she does not remember anything and has to write everything down. She does not remember Andrew and thinks he is sweet and starts to cry. Shane calms her down….How come she remembers him?

Mankind is still pacing and gets blindsided by Val. Bulldog runs in and helps him destroy Mankind and finally the refs pull them back.

A limo has arrived and out comes Mark Henry with a nice looking lady.

Match 3: Edge and Christian v. Hardy Boyz

Terri is observing from a monitor in the back…..Hardy’s sprint down and the fight is on. Christian springs off of Edge and slams into Jeff but misses Matt. Now the Hardy’s take charge and Christian gets his posterior stomped by Matt. Matt lays waste to Christian and gets a couple of near falls. He hangs him out to dry and chokes him out on the ropes. Jeff legdrops the back of his head and Matt slams Christian. Matt goes up to the middle rope and misses the guillotine legdrop. Jeff misses from the top rope. Edge runs in and rips into both but runs into a boot from Matt and is nearly pinned as Matt used the ropes. Edge spears both after the whip and his ducking of a blow. All four are in the ring and Edge spins free and faceplants Matt, but Jeff hits the swanton bomb and gets two as Christian makes the save. Christian hits Kill Switch on Jeff but Matt decks him and knocks Edge to the floor. Matt goes up top and nails Edge with a moonsault. Christian leaps into him and then Jeff into both. Now Edge somersaults out! They are brawling on the floor and we have a count out.

**1/2 Not as good as the SD match but the best RAW match…..clearly finishing at the PPV.

Pac is fucking annoying. He is whining at Kane to let him be and fight his own battle tonight.

Another limo pulls up and the Rock has arrived. Rock calls Bulldog a no name and a waste of space. He has a surprise and seeing as Georgia is the home of the Bulldogs, he brought some of his own. He brags about the most electrifying moves and line in wrestling. He says Flair’s line and stops himself and then Savage’s and Hogan’s and finally we get: Can you smell what the Rock is cooking. Mankind comes in and is pissed and Rock tells him to not wag his finger in his face. Rock is about to tell him to stick a bunch of shit up his ass. Vince interrupts and tells them that he does not care if they break up or not but not until after they face Bulldog and Venis.

Match 4: X Pac v. Farooq

Pac starts strong with a slew of kicks but Farooq runs him down and powerslams him. He gets a two count and puts him in a bearhug. Pac gets free but is crushed with a spinebuster and nearly pinned. Pac fires back with a heel kick.

Oh, did you know X Pac has a big heart and will never give up? Sweet God, JR mentions that shit a dozen times a week and Cole on SD….Fuck off.

Pac takes him down and it is Buster time. Bradshaw distracts him and Farooq goes for the Dominator but Pac slides behind and kicks him into Bradshaw and finishes off Farooq with the X Factor.

** Not bad but isn’t the point of this angle that Pac cannot do it on his own, and should that not have been proven wrong at the PPV?

Pac is demolished and Kane just stands and watches as he has to follow orders. Kane has finally had enough and takes out Farooq and chokeslams Bradshaw. Pac is throwing a hissy fit. Fucking STUPID. This angle is horrible.

More terrible acting between Henry and his “therapist.” This is a different therapist and she is hot too. Henry is making this all a joke but he has to deal with his issues tonight.

Here comes Y2J! Still baffled by last week’s asinine booking decision. Russo has always said he would have put him over the Rock there. Not sure if that is all BS, but damn it was not smart as they could have built on that feud. It was a funny side feud, and could have gone on for a couple more months.

Match 5: Chris Jericho and Curtis Hughes v. Headbangers

So much for that shitty Chazz angle, which I will go over when I write my prologue later… I have not written it yet because I wanted to get rolling.

Jericho and Mosh start and Jericho is hammered and whipped into the corner where he lands upside down. Mosh crashes into him. Thrasher is in and gets nailed with a butterfly backbreaker. Here comes Hughes but Jericho is back in and Mosh pounds on him. Jericho is able to counter and hook him with the Walls. Thrasher makes the save and Hughes tries to help out but hits Jericho and is called an SOB. Hughes shoves him and Jericho responds by flattening him and just leaves. Hughes is finished.

*1/2 Angle advancement. Second guy Jericho has gone through, not sure if it is intentional or the WWF is unsure of what to do with Jericho as Fink was classic.

Show is crying and D’Lo comforts him as Show’s dad has cancer…..Show is face again?

Rock is teaching Mankind how to scoop poop….Rock says candy ass again and honestly he needs some new lines as it is getting a bit old as he says them twenty times a show.

Godfather brings out his Ho’s and Mark Henry has to face him. His therapist thinks that it is good for him because he may be tempted but if he can get passed this…..Um, like taking an alcoholic to a bar or a gambling addict to Vegas!

Match 6: Godfather v. Mark Henry

Mark shoves him to the floor and then goes out and hits on some Ho’s. He gets back in the ring and runs him over again. Godfather knocks him to the floor…This is Ho Jack match, in lieu of a Lumberjack match. They fondle Mark and back in the ring Mark is whipped into the corner front first and rolled up. It is over.

DUD. Jesus Christ.

The Ho’s surround him and he dances with them and rolls around with them.

Kevin Kelly is with HHH and Chyna. Kevin talks about the fun in the ring right now and how it will not be later. He then rambles about JR not being experience. Fuck, he needs to stop interviewing now. HHH rambles about JR getting his ass in his business and now he is in his business. What the fuck just happened?

Match 7: Big Bossman v. Big Show

Bossman heads out after him and is met with a boot to the face. Bossman, had said some not nice things before the match about Show’s dad. Show beats on him but Bossman uses the nightstick and the match is tossed out. Snow runs down and backdrops Bossman and headbutts the shit out of him before nailing him with a dropkick. Bossman uses the nightstick on Snow now….


Mankind is scooping up a lot of dog poop. Fucking lame.

Austin is conferring with JR.

Match 8: HHH and Chyna v. JR and Austin

One has to wonder why would send the weaker guy down first as he gets his ass kicked. This happens a lot in the WWF. So, JR gets pasted and now Austin’s music hits and out he slogs…..I guess for drama reasons, but for logical reasons, it sucks. Anyway Austin runs down and unloads on HHH and beats him around the aisle and then flings him into the steps. In the ring he clotheslines him over the top rope and kicks his ass some more out on the floor, and knocks him over the barrier where he pounds him even more. Meanwhile, they briefly pan to JR who is getting destroyed by Chyna…..Back to HHH and Austin, and the former got in two blows and is getting wasted some more. They head to the back with HHH reeling. Back to the ring where JR and Chyna are, and Chyna is annihilating him. Jarrett runs down and knocks her out and wheels her out in a laundry bin. HHH and Austin come out of the back with HHH actually in command. Nope, it does not last and HHH is run into a popcorn stand. Nachos too. Austin tosses him into the soda and beer cooler and yells he has a friend for him and leaves. HHH is helped out and apparently the match is over….

*1/2 Look, I do not mind Austin dominating but if I bitch about Hogan I need to be fair. Austin is not Goldberg and not as big and never had the build. Besides, Austin just shows up and kicks ass. Yes, that is his character but I just get irked….and this probably means he will lose at the PPV as he has dominated this week. I believe in revenge but build it to the PPV….

JJ runs the cart over a ledge….After the break, a bloodied Chyna is helped out. Is she heel or face? I do not mind Tweeners but Chyna is portrayed as a fucking bitch one segment and then sympathetic the next, so I cannot root for her…..

Match 9: British Bulldog and Val Venis v. Mankind and Rock

Mankind brings down the tray of shit…..They are all brawling out on the floor. Mankind takes it to Venis but once in the ring Val hammers him and tags in the Bulldog…..Okay, Rock is in his corner now. Bulldog is punching away and tags in Val who continues the punishment. Mankind counters with a bulldog and gets two. Rock gets the tag and unloads on Val. Rock gets two, and Mankind comes in and mauls Val and then tags the Rock back in. Rock gets pummeled and doubleteamed. Val gets two after a Plex. Val keeps after him but Rock counters and now both are down. Mankind waves his jacket at him as a sign for a tag. Both make a tag and Mankind shoves Bulldog into the corner and pounds him. Val runs in and is back kicked in the nuts and eats a DDT. Rock runs in and rips into Davey as Val grabs for Rocko out of Val’s pants but is nailed and now all are on the floor. Mankind is down and Rock is double stomped. Mankind has Socko prepared and chases Val off as Rock flings Bulldog into the steps and rolls him back into the ring. Rock grabs the tray of shit and wants Bulldog to get up and has him set for the Rock Bottom and does it right into the shit. Elbow time. Bulldog rolled out and onto his back and so the Rock refused to soil himself and just leaves…

** Okay brawl…Why have the blow off match? Rock just destroyed him.

Austin is strolling in the back and blindsided by HHH and it does not last as Austin gets the upperhand again and is tossed down right by a rattlesnake….

* This was horrible. The reason why I am rating it so low is because the expectations are high and it just failed on so many levels. Russo leaving, for all his negatives, his leaving has caused a mess and it shows. The faces utterly dominated right before the PPV. That makes no sense. None at all. Great, Austin is back but he beat up HHH three times. Three times in one show. Bulldog gets pasted by the Rock….So, the heels will win at the PPV via cheating? I mean the faces, especially the Rock has dominated, so there is no point and you know Bulldog is not winning. Other than the tag match the show was fucking horrible.

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