NWC Slammin’ TV 9/24/1995

Written by: Heelsinc

1995-09-24 Slammin’ (matches taped 1995-08-25 at Silver Nugget Pavilion in Las Vegas, Nv)

Champion: Sabu

Virgil vs. The Thug ref David Hogg
Virgil high fives kicks in the crowd and totally walks up behind some lady and grabs her ass. Thug walks out in full KKK outfit with another guy with him in just the hood. Thug attacks and then takes off the outfit and it’s Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and not Thug. The other guy comes in and helps beat down Virgil. What the fuck is going on why is this a think that is happening on a wrestling TV show. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea!?!?! They choke Virgil with the robe. They hang him over the top rope. Nooooo seriously what the fuck?!!

Bill Anderson brings in Anvil to talk about his match with Warrior coming up.

NWC Update on Johnny “Psycho” Paine. Bruce Allen a local radio personality challenged Paine on air saying he would find someone to wrestle Paine on the October 7th show.

Power Twins vs. Dreaded Paine ref Jesse Hernandez Semifinal Match
The fight starts before the bell ring. Judge Dread and Paine with the early advantage during the brawl. Paine fights one of the Twins on the floor while Dread is in the ring with the other. Paine enters the ring and they double team. Paine misses a charge and hits Dread by accident. Dread and Paine argue a bit and the Twins make a switch behind the refs back. Umm what’s the point both of them have been getting their asses kicked. Dread gets small packaged and pinned in 4.05. Again this made ZERO sense as they were both getting beat the whole time. Dread attacks Paine after the match. Paine runs around the ring like a maniac and then nails the ref.

Powers of Pain promo they talk about how they are going to destroy Ariel Assault. NWC Total Chaos VHS goes on sale on the 7th! Bill Anderson brings in Paine. Paine talks about how there is a conspiracy after him. Paine talks about how he send Anderson to the hospital. Anderson keeps telling Paine how disgusting his is so Paine DDTs him. Thank you.

Powers of Pain vs. Ariel Assualt ref David Hogg Semifinals Match
Strength against speed! Power against acrobatics!! What will happen!!! Barbarian and Rob Van Dam start off. Barbarian wrenches the arm of Van Dam. Clothesline ducked and Van Dam goes for a cross body but Barbarian catches him and powerslams him. Elbow drop missed by Barbarian. RVD with a kick but Barbarian charges at Van Dam. Van Dam does a split and Barbarian falls through the ropes. Van Dam flies out of the ring onto Barbarian. Warlord and Bobby Bradley tag in. Warlord wants a test of strength but Bradley is smart enough to know that’s a bad idea. Warlord though boots him and whips him into the corner. Back the other way and Bradley jumps to the top rope and over Warlord landing on his feet. Warlord though charges and nails a hard clothesline that turns Bradley inside out. Barbarian tags in and Bradley goes for a crucifix but gets samoan dropped instead. Two powerful back breakers by Barbarian. Warlord back in and he stomps on Bradley. Warlord distracts the ref and Barbarian picks up Bradley and runs his back into the ring post. Back breaker by Warlord but Van Dam breaks up the pin. Warlord tags and Barbarian comes in with a big boot. Barbarian holds up Bradley for 15 seconds then suplexes him down. Boston crab locked on. Van Dam breaks it up. Warlord in and he locks on a bear hug. Bradley claps the ears of Warlord to get out and tries to crawl through the legs to make the tag but Warlord stops him. Barbarian tags in but he misses a headbutt from the top and Bradley tags! Van Dam with a bunch of jumping spin kicks and a cross body from the top. Van Dam hits the rope and Warlord knees him in the back and Warlord boots him HARD in the face. Bradley and Warlord both hit the ring and Warlord pushes the ref getting his team DQed in 13.29. Barbarian with a power bomb on Bradley and they toss Van Dam from the ring. After the announcement Barbarian gets pissed and power bombs Bradley again.

Another Warrior promo to hype the Neidhart match. So great.

My thoughts on the show
I enjoyed both tag matches. Opening match was done in HORRIBLE taste and was really disgusting.

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