WWF Superstars 7/29/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Evansville, IN

1.) Fatu defeated Rad Radford
2.) King Mabel defeated Gary Scott
3.) Razor Ramon, Savio Vega & the 1-2-3 Kid defeated Uncle Zeb, Jacob & Eli Blu
4.) Waylon Mercy defeated Major Yates

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) All six men start brawling with the good guys getting the better of the exchange causing the heels to bail to the floor. Ramon and Eli legally start the match with Ramon working over the left shoulder with shoulder blocks. Vega gets tagged in quickly and continues to work over the shoulder. Kid comes off the top to deliver a double axe handle and a series of strikes in the corner. Ramon returns but is met with a short arm clothesline by Eli. Eli rams his shoulder into Ramon in the corner several times. Eli runs into a big boot in the corner and Ramon hits a middle rope bulldog. Jacob enters but is taken down to the canvas by Razor. Vega enters and continues to work over Jacob managing to hit a hip toss and dropkick. Savio avoids a big boot and nearly pins Jacob after a spinning heel kick. Kid tags in and continues to kick Jacob several times into a corner. Kid gets distracted by Zeb and is attacked from behind. Kid is scoop slammed by Jacob as the show goes to commercial.

Jacob misses an elbow drop and Ramon gets the tag entering to hammer away on Jacob. Ramon knocks the heels off the apron as well with right hands. Eli cheap shots Razor from the apron and Jacob hits a big boot. Zeb tags in and knocks Ramon down with strikes. Zeb distracts the referee to allow a double team in the corner. Jacob drops Razor down to the canvas following a choke. Jacob snap scoop slams Ramon for a near fall. Zeb tags back in but Ramon has an inside cradle but the referee was distracted. Eli enters but Ramon takes him down for a near fall on a rollup. Razor is stopped by a shoulder ram by Eli. Eli controls Ramon with an abdominal stretch. Zeb tags in but is met with a knee lift by Ramon. Jacob accidentally hits Zeb with a big boot and Kid gets the tag. Kid nails Zeb with several kicks getting a near fall. Kid hits a spinning heel kick and pins Zeb to win the match. (**. Similar to the match last week as they mostly kept a good pace but you could also tell that the fans were far more interested in this one with the involvement of Ramon. Zeb taking the pin protects the Blu Brothers, too.)

2.) The Report Card segment with Dean Douglas is next. Douglas gives us a lesson on the word knowledge. Dean will be grading various wrestlers, apparently.

3.) Skip and Sunny are interviewed to end the program. Skip will wrestle Shawn Michaels next week. Sunny says that Skip is going to prove himself next week and that his loss to Barry Horowitz was just a fluke.

Final Thoughts:
Felt like last weeks episode as the focus was seemingly on the same group of people.

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