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WWF Superstars 8/26/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Portland, ME

1.) 1-2-3 Kid defeated Skip by count-out
2.) Psycho Sid defeated Brian Walsh
3.) Henry Godwinn defeated The Brooklyn Brawler
4.) Bret Hart defeated Rad Radford

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Skip taunts the fans after taking Kid down to the canvas. Kid fights back with a dropkick to knock Skip to the floor. Kid head scissors Skip to the floor and Sunny is freaking out on the floor. Kid hits a springboard cross body to take Skip out on the floor. Skip counters a head scissors and slams Kid down chest first to the canvas. Skip hits a snap suplex but can’t keep Kid on the canvas on the cover. Skip scoop slams Kid and delivers a leg drop as the fans are chanting “Barry”. Kid drops Skip with a kick and a series of kicks in the corner. Kid goes to the top following a slam and hits a frog splash for a near fall. Kid nails Skip with a spinning heel kick and attempts a second one but misses and crashes to the floor. Barry Horowitz makes his way down to ringside to distract Skip on the floor. Skip is yelling at Horowitz while Kid rolls into the ring and Skip loses the match by count-out. (**. The finish is stupid, but the action that Skip and Kid had was entertaining for sure.)

2.) The Report Card with Dean Douglas is next and he focuses on 1-2-3 Kid and his match with Skip. He is suggesting that Kid can’t go to the same move several times in the same match, such as the spinning heel kick which Kid hit once and not the second attempt.

3.) The British Bulldog can’t wait to step foot in the Madison Square Garden and apologizes for his actions against Diesel. That’s what he said during the house show report.

4.) Doc Hendrix interviews Paul Bearer at ringside with his casket. Bearer isn’t buying into Hendrix being a fan of the Undertaker and a supporter of the creatures. He says the casket match is the speciality of the Undertaker. There will be a tombstone that will have Kama’s name on it. The Undertaker was in the casket and the casket opens to which Hendrix is scared to death after suggesting that Kama had his number. Taker says that Kama lacks heart and soul. Taker says that Kama’s soul will belong to the creature and the creatures of the night. Taker says that Kama will rest in peace.

5.) After his victory, Henry Godwinn slopped Brooklyn Brawler.

6.) Rad Radford attacks Hart on the floor before the bell but Hart slingshots Radford into the ring from the apron and hammers away on Rad. Hart takes Rad over with a backdrop and rakes his eyes over the top rope. Radford plants Hart with a spine buster to gain the advantage. Rad hits a rolling neck snap and chokes Hart. Radfrod sends Hart hard back first into the corner. Hart mounts Rad with strikes and an atomic drop. Hart hits a side Russian leg sweep but Rad kicks out at two. Bret hits a back breaker and goes to the middle rope to hit a forearm drop. Radford runs into a big boot and Hart hits a bulldog. Hart locks in the Sharpshooter and gets the win. (*1/2. Radford had some decent offense but there was never any doubt here.) After the match, Hart gets pyro as if the match was title victory.

Final Thoughts:
The final show before SummerSlam is in the books. There was some decent action but there wasn’t all that much hype for the pay per view, it seemed like.

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