ECW Hardcore TV 10/12/1993

Written by: Heelsinc

Heavyweight: “Fabulous” Shane Douglas
TV: Terry Funk
Tag: Tony “Hitman” Stetson & Johnny Hotbody

Back with more action from Bloodfest Day 1 on this episode of ECW TV.

TV Champion Terry Funk, JT Smith & Abdullah the Butcher vs. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, “Magnificent” Don Muraco & Kevin Sullivan, ref Jim Molineaux
Funk’s team hits the ring and a wild brawl breaks out with chairs being thrown into the ring. Butcher and Sullivan are on the floor brawling the other 4 are in the ring going at it. Smith is apparently the new protégée of Funk as Joey Styles and Paul E. Dangerously tell us about 50 times. Muraco clotheslines Smith on the floor and turns him inside out. All six men in the ring Muraco uses a chair on Smith. Muraco holds Funk and Snuka throws powder but Funk moves and it goes into the eyes of Muraco. Smith with a school boy on Muraco and he gets the pin at 4.36

Tommy Dreamer is backstage and next week he makes his debut next week against Tazmaniac. Dreamer says he’s gonna give 110%.

Back from commercial and we are shown highlights from last weeks Sabu match. Joey and Paul E. do a new voice over and really hype Sabu hard.

Tag Team Champions Tony “Hitman” Stetson and Johnny Hotbody are in the ring with their manager Hunter Q. Robbins III getting ready for a sparring session but instead with go to Jay Sulli in the back with a special report. Sulli is backstage with Commissioner Tod Gordon. Gordon says ECW has gotten so many postcards in the past week from men women and children telling them that they are having nightmares because of Sabu. Due to this Sabu will no longer be on TV until the NWA board can review the video of his match against Tazmaniac. Robbins and Paul E both go to the back to complain about what Gordon is doing. Paul E offers Robbins his lawyers to deal with the problem.

Malia Hosaka vs. Molly McShane, ref Jim Molineaux
Hosaka with some arm drags. Mcshane slides through the legs and gets a monkey flip and arm drag. Hosaka with a hip toss and victory roll and grabs onto an arm bar. Spin kick by Hosaka for 2. McShane with a suplex for 2. Gut wrench suplex for 2 followed by a slam for 2. McShane goes up top but misses a high cross body. Hosaka hits a top rope somersault senton to a standing McShane and gets the win in 3.48.

The Bad Breed are backstage. Axl Rotten says they are going to kick the door down in ECW and take over and the Badd Company is the first team in the way. Ian Rotten says they are the hottest team around. As Axl talks Ian mouths what Axl is saying making it rather obvious that they are reading from cue cards.

Badd Company vs. The Bad Breed, ref John Finnegan
Paul Diamond starts with Ian Rotten. After some basic wrestling Diamond slams both Ian and Axl Rotten and hits a spin kick on Axl. Bad Breed both bail to the floor. Paul E. makes it back to the announcers booth and Joey asks him what’s going on with Sabu. Pat Tanaka and Axl now come in. Paul E. says the NWA is also looking into Funk for hitting the camera man last week. Tanaka with a flying double chop for 2. Diamond comes in and hits a spin kick on Axl in the corner. Elbow drop for 2. Axl racks the eyes and tags in Ian. Ian with a corner whip and then charges but Diamond gets the feet up and then goes up top and comes off with a bulldog. Tanaka tagged back in and hits superkick. Axl comes back in and takes over on Tanaka. Bad Breed make a few illegal switches. Ian ends up back in the ring with Tanaka and begins to overpower him. Ian with a bonsai drop off the top rope. Body slam by Ian and he goes up top but misses a splash. Both men make tags. Diamond comes in and hits a gordbuster on Ian and DDT on Axl. Tanaka comes back in and they hit a double superkick on Ian. Diamond puts Ian’s neck on the top rope and picks up his legs. Tanaka leap frogs over Diamond and lands on Ian. Diamond with a belly to back suplex and then the cover for the pin in 9.53.

Public Enemey are in the “hood” and they talk trash about the Headhunters for not showing up for their cage match like a bunch of punks. Instead next week they will take on Badd Company.

Rockin’ Rebel is backstage with Joey Styles. Rebel is pretending to cry over what he did to Sal Bellomo.

Rockin Rebel (w/ Chris Michaels) vs. Don E. Allen, ref Jim Molineaux
Match is joined in progress. Clothesline by Rebel and he chokes Allen in the corner. Allen fights back and lands two dropkicks that take Rebel down. Rebel comes right back with a backbreaker. Spinebuster gets 3 in 1.42 shown. After the match Rebel and Michaels are in the ring on the mic. Paul E. and Styles are talking the whole time and you get hear a word Rebel is saying. Rebel says he hates all the kids that like Bellomo including Michaels’ kid. Rebel attacks Michaels from behind and they brawl towards the locker room.

Matty is in the house and says that Rebel and Michaels had a match after their brawl and it was supposed to be shown next week but he wants to see it now.

Rockin’ Rebel vs. Chris Michaels, ref Jim Molineaux
Rebel with a swinging neckbreaker. They trade chops and Michaels hits a clothesline. Michaels pounds on Rebel in the corner. The ref pulls him back which allows Rebel to go into his tights and pull out an object on his fist. He nails Michaels and pins him in 1.44.

Paul E. and Joey are back in the dressing room. Next week JT Smith teams with Sandman to go after Tag Team Champions Johnny Hotbody and Tony “Hitman” Stetson. Also Tommy Dreamer takes on Tazmaniac and Badd Company goes up against Public Enemy. Joey wants an update on Sabu from Paul E. Next week Paul E. promises the all new Dangerous Alliance with Shane Douglas.

My thoughts on the show…
Ehh, the Badd Company/Bad Breed match was decent enough. Really the only thing that continues to be worth seeing on ECW TV is Paul E. He had a nice little segment at the end promising the new Alliance. Thumbs slightly down on this show overall.

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