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Would You Go To This Show? Volume Eighteen: USA Pro ’04


The previous seventeen editions of this series highlighted either a WWE, WCW or ECW house show. This time around, I’m taking a look at an independent show from May 2004 that took place in New York. The company was named USA Pro, which was ran by Frank Goodman.

A few of their shows have been reviewed on the site, with many more coming soon enough. As you’ll see by this article, the shows would often be 4+ hours long.

Lets go to May 14th, 2004 from New York for USA Pro Deadly Sins. Would you go to this show?

I’m going to break this into two sections, “Local Matches” and “Featured Matches”. The local matches will highlight just local guys and the featured matches will focus on top names either brought in or established independent names.

Local Matches:
Danny Yamz vs. Travis Blackchurch
Danny Demanto vs. Kevin Matthews
Jimmy Hustler, Latin Stallion & Matty Rose vs. Los Lunatics (Boogalu Eddie Guapo & Low Ryda)
Danny Yamz vs. Louie Ramos
The Masked Maniac vs. Lizard Sloang #3

The only thing about those matches that even catches my eye is Kevin Matthews and Danny Demanto since years later they’d go on and amount to something on the independents. Though, in 2004 I’d have zero idea who the hell they were, to be honest.

Featured Matches:
USA Pro US Champion Mike Tobin vs. Norman Smiley
USA Pro Tag Team Champions Matt Striker & Simon Diamond vs. The Christopher Street Connection vs. The Spanish Announce Team
USA Pro Women’s Championship: Alere Little Feather vs. Amanda Violet vs. April Hunter vs. Ariel vs. Poppalicious vs. Tara Charisma
Homicide vs. Sabu
Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe
No Disqualification Match: Balls Mahoney vs. New Jack
Tag Team Gauntlet Match: The match features All Money Is Legal, Bam-Bam Bigelow & Chris Candido, Kamala & Prince Nana, and the Solution among other teams
USA Pro Xtreme Championship: Dan Barry vs. Dixie vs. Grim Reefer vs. Jigsaw vs. Malta The Damager vs. Mike Kruel vs. Nick Berk vs. Quiet Storm vs. Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Vinny Stylin vs. Wayne
Dan Maff vs. Jay Lethal
Christopher Daniels vs. Sonjay Dutt
USA Pro Heavyweight Championship – Steel Cage: Shane Douglas defends against Raven

This has to be one of the strongest lineups for an independent show outside of ROH in 2004. The tag match involving the SAT, Christopher Street Connection and Diamond & Striker catches my immediate interest for an undercard match. The CSC were over big time in USA Pro and other companies in the early 2000s. Of course, the SAT were innovative with the Spanish Fly. Add in a solid heel team like Diamond and Striker and I’d be interested in seeing that action.

Homicide taking on Sabu is another match that would likely surprise people. 2004 Sabu was still capable of not botching all his spots and Homicide was finding his groove and becoming a big name on the independents. That would be fun to watch. I might be the most interested in watching the Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe match that goes on for nearly 30-minutes according to reports. They didn’t work very often with each other on the independents but when they did it was usually highly entertaining.

Mahoney and New Jack would be fine for the hardcore wrestling nonsense that most shows seemingly need to have. Plus, they are ECW names and that draws people in. I’ve always enjoyed Dan Maff and Jay Lethal has always been a solid in-ring competitor. They’ve met a few times in JAPW and would probably have a solid outing. Sonjay Dutt was insane during this timeframe and impressed me every time I’ve seen a match of his during this era. Christopher Daniels is a favorite my mine, so this has my interest as well.

Lastly, the main event steel cage between two guys that I’ve followed for years. Their feud in TNA at the time was really the only thing I enjoyed about TNA in 2003. Shane Douglas taking on Raven inside a steel cage. Sure, it would likely limit what they could accomplish, but considering their history, this seems like a suitable match to take place.

So, this is a no doubt show that I would have gone out of my way and gone to. There is no doubt about it. Sure, it would have been 4+ hours long, but the solid wrestling seemingly outweighs all the local non-interesting stuff. Also, I am actually actively seeking this show on DVD as it isn’t located anywhere but I’ve been assured that footage exists somewhere out there. If you have a lead on the show, send me an e-mail!

I’d go to this show, how about you? What would make you attend or what would make you avoid it? Leave your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I would’ve loved to have seen the Mike Tobin & Norman smiley match. Are there any videos of this show around?

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