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Rebooking The WWF: Week 45, 1993

Ted DiBiase is an evil man, and Bret Hart is completely aware of it. Jack Tunney has announcements for Survivor Series. WWF World Champion Lex Luger has a confrontation with Mr. Perfect. Eight man tag team match highlights Superstars, plus much more!

WWF RAW 11/8/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Travis Baker in 2:42 following the Razors Edge. During the bout, Martel called in and says that he can’t wait to have the gold around his beautiful waist. Martel also calls Ramon a grease ball who isn’t talented enough to beat the Model.
2. Ted DiBiase Video: The video begins with DiBiase getting out of his limo. He tells Bret Hart to not worry about the house or his family because they are actually being taken care of. DiBiase notes that he has extra security at the house so that Bret, Owen or Jim do not break in and try to do anything they would regret. DiBiase enters the household where we see Helen Hart, cooking DiBiase a magnificent feast which he has grown accustomed to see. DiBiase tells Bret that he could have easily kicked his family out of the house but he does have some redeeming quality. He provides jobs for people. He knows that Stu’s wrestling business has fallen and Helen hasn’t worked in years so he is going to allow them to keep living in his house by doing daily work. DiBiase sits down at the table and finishes off the promo by saying “Isn’t nice to sit down and have dinner with your family, Bret?”
3. Crush defeated Michael Brantley in 1:54 with the Kona Vice.
4. Kings Court w/Jeff Jarrett: Jerry Lawler conducted an interview with Jeff Jarrett who made it clear that he is disgusted with the new rap group making their debut soon, Men On A Mission. Jarrett doesn’t believe that talking about crimes is considered music. Instead, what he sings about in country is the only real music. Lawler agrees that their music is disturbing and a ear sore just as it is with Tatanka always saying he is going to avenge Chief Jay Strongbow’s attack. Both Jarrett and Lawler laugh until Tatanka runs down to the ring. Tatanka backdrops a charging Jarrett over the top to the floor before staring at Lawler, who back peddles out of the ring and through the crowd while Tatanka remains in the ring to play to the crowd.
5. The Quebecers defeated Evan Wells/Tommy Tompkins in 2:50 when Pierre pinned Tompkins following a senton splash.
6. The Undertaker Segment: Paul Bearer and the Undertaker are at a gravesite where Bearer said that this is where Earthquake will end up being after Survivor Series. Undertaker briefly talks saying that everyone meets their maker and Earthquake will be a cured natural disaster.
7. IRS defeated Bret Hart by count-out in 7:12 after Ted DiBiase made an appearance at ringside holding a family photo which was now his property. DiBiase teased ripping the photo until Hart left the ring and chased after DiBiase which gave IRS the win. While IRS celebrated the cheap victory, Owen Hart ran down to the ring and they brawled. Outside the arena, Bret has chased DiBiase to the parking lot where DiBiase got into his limo and as the limo drove away he appeared out the roof top and laughed uncontrollably while Bret was left in the parking lot fuming!

WWF Superstars 11/13/1993
1. The Kamikaze Kid/Marty Jannetty defeated Glenn Ruth/Mike Jones in 3:46 when Kid pinned Ruth following a top rope moonsault.
2. Jack Tunney Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with WWF President Jack Tunney regarding the Survivor Series pay per view. Tunney announces that the Earthquake/Undertaker has officially been signed to be a casket match. He also announces that a Survivor Series elimination match between DiBiase and Hart has been made with DiBiase and Bret being captains for each team. Tunney hopes that a match involving both men will settle the personal issues that have been developing. McMahon does a hard sell to end the segment promoting the Survivor Series pay per view.
3. Tatanka defeated JT Smith in 2:05 following a Samoan Drop.
4. Mr. Perfect/Lex Luger Segment: Jim Ross was the host for this split screen interview segment where both men finished announcing their teams. Perfect has only one person to announce while Luger has managed to find three others to be his partners. Ross allows Luger to go first who tells Perfect that while he has a team full of champions, he doesn’t have THE champion nor the championship. Luger believes he has the best possible backup to go along with himself and Rick Martel. That being said, Luger reveals his three other partners as being the Quebecers and Jerry Lawler! Perfect has a smirk on his face as if he knew those were going to be Luger’s choice. Perfect tells Luger that his hold on the championship is only temporary because he has the full time that will allow Perfect to challenge for the WWF World Championship. Perfect reveals his last partner being… Tatanka! Perfect finishes the segment telling Luger to enjoy his reign while he can. Luger is seen gripping the championship rather tightly as the show goes to break.
5. Ludvig Borga defeated Paul Clarkson in 1:28 following a shoulder breaker.
6. Survivor Series 1993 Report: Todd Pettengill promotes the pay per view event. He heavily promotes the Perfect vs. Luger Survivor Series elimination match, Undertaker vs. Earthquake casket match and the recently announced DiBiase vs. Hart Survivor Series elimination match where he wonders who each man will recruit to take part in such a match. He also briefly discusses the Crush vs. Ron Simmons Survivor Series elimination match.
7. WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers/the Smoking Gunns defeated the Heavenly Bodies/the Quebecers by disqualification in 9:43 when Johnny Polo hit Scott Steiner with a hockey stick and Jim Cornette attacked Bart Gunn with his tennis racket. After the match, the Steiner’s and Gunns attacked Polo and Cornette until they were beaten down by the Quebecers and Heavenly Bodies. Both heel teams tried to pose with the tag team title belts but they ended up attacking each other thus allowing the Steiner Brothers to send both teams to the floor and pose with their titles.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 11/14/1993
1. Chris Benoit defeated Barry Horowitz in 2:33 with the Crossface.
2. Jim Cornette/Ron Simmons Segment: Vince McMahon conducts a split screen interview segment with Jim Cornette and Ron Simmons. Cornette tells McMahon that they have found the best possible man to fill out there team. “He is the beast from the east. The one man who has taken the Undertaker to his limit and then some. Bam-Bam Bigelow is our forth man!” McMahon sells that announcement as being a huge one and asks Simmons who his partners will be. Simmons tells McMahon that he has been going through a difficult time to find trustworthy people, but he is going off of peoples track records when he announces that the Kamikaze Kid, Marty Jannetty and Randy Savage will be his partners! Cornette didn’t seem to like the Savage announcement. Cornette tells Simmons that it doesn’t matter who he got, his camp is going to prevail. Simmons makes it clear that payback is coming to Cornette’s goon and November 24th will be the date of misery for them!
3. Shawn Michaels/Diesel defeated Mike Sharpe/Bill Butler in 2:08 when Diesel pinned Butler following a power bomb.
4. Jerry Lawler defeated Jake Rice in 2:45 following a pile driver. During the bout, Chief Jay Strongbow called in to say that Tatanka is someone he trusts and assures everyone that Lawler will not get away with putting him in the hospital.
5. Survivor Series 1993 Report: The same segment from WWF Superstars is aired. Survivor Series is only ten days away. November 24th, 1993 live on pay per view.
6. The Undertaker defeated the Beverly Brothers in 5:24 following a tombstone pile driver on Beau. During the bout, Earthquake shared some thoughts saying that he isn’t afraid of the dark and that he will not be put six feet under. Rather, he is going to end the career of the Undertaker and that the powerful urn will not be able to help the Undertaker rise up from this natural disaster!


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