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Inside The Magazine Volume #10: WWF Magazine November ’91


Inside the WWF Magazine November ’91 edition featured a feature story on the mild mannered Sid Justice, the real World Champion Ric Flair and the wedding between Randy Savage and Elizabeth. Big Bossman is interviewed about IRS. Plus, Sgt. Slaughter career is in limbo and his former allies are turning their back on him while the US isn’t so keen on the idea of welcoming him back.

AROUND THE RING: written by: Ed Ricciuti

The article mainly focuses on Bobby Heenan whether or not he is a “broadcast journalist.” According to Ed, he’d put Fink as more of a broadcast journalist. Plus, Sid Justice has been making waves in the WWF and is going to plot his own course. Jake Roberts has done some unthinkable things and Ed wonders if Jake will pay for his crime. Also, Sgt. Slaughter is a man without a country and we will find out what happens with the patriot turned traitor. Why did Slaughter sell out and what’s his future?


In the September issue of the WWF Magazine it was asked what fans thought about the relationship between Randy Savage and Elizabeth. This article features fans responses to that topic. One fan said that Elizabeth always brought out the sensitive side and that it showed Savage had a caring side and he treated her right (ignoring the ’89 – ’90 version of Savage). Most of the response is positive until Bert from South Carolina brings up the point just mentioned about how Elizabeth was almost harmed in a post-match interview after WrestleMania V. Jesus from New York thinks that Savage was better off with Sensational Sherri, too. He thinks that Savage lacks the killer instinct that he had with Sherri.


BRAINSTORMS: written by: Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Bobby Heenan notes at the beginning that he is advising the real world champion, Ric Flair. He calls out Hulk Hogan to accept a singles match with Flair, who has been challenging Hogan for many years. Heenan also notes that if someone did to him what Jake Roberts did to Randy Savage and Elizabeth he wouldn’t get mad, but rather he’d cut a deal with the guy! Heenan thinks Big Bossman looks stupid despite fans praising his ability. Heenan wanted to rename the article for the September issue of WWF magazine regarding Randy’s marriage to Elizabeth to “Last Words From A Condemned Man.”



The Genius has returned to the WWF after ten months. Genius has apparently spent time learning different theories and fraternal relationships at such universities as Cambridge, Sorbonne and Yale. After his studies, Genius scouted talent who would likely need his assistance and he chose the Beverly Brothers, Beau and Blake. He is confident that with him by their sides, the Beverly Brothers will rise to the top of the team ranks in record time. At the end of the article, the Bushwhackers shared some thoughts saying they went to the school of hard knocks and passed with flying colors. So, that’s an angle they’ll play with on television for a little while.



The focus this month is on Big Bully Busick and Harvey Wippleman. Apparently, the backstory for these two is that as they were growing up, Harvey would be the loudmouth little kid and Busick would be the muscle to protect Harvey. Basically, this is carrying over into the WWF and that the WWF better watch out!



In the previous months edition of WWF Magazine, Irwin R. Schyster claimed that he had a source that knows that Big Bossman has been lying on his tax returns. Apparently, IRS was told that Bossman was getting kickbacks and payoffs. Bossman, of course, denies the claim and says that IRS knows where to find him to settle their issues. Bossman considers this defamation and that’s punishable by serving hard time. IRS has apparently decided to look into the tax returns of Bossman’s mother, which Bossman does not appreciate. If IRS decides to mess with Bossman’s mother, there is going to be some serious issues that IRS may not be able to survive.


Jake Roberts turned a wonderful moment between Randy Savage and Elizabeth into an awful moment that may have scarred Elizabeth for the rest of her life. The act has unleashed a vengeful fury that may send Roberts right into the abyss. After the first dance and opening of gifts, the Undertaker and Jake Roberts arrived to ruin the moment thanks to Elizabeth being frightened by a snake as a gift. They knocked Savage out with an urn and Roberts stalked Elizabeth with the snake saying the nightmare was about to begin. Sid Justice made the save, but the damage had been done. Savage has tried to get reinstated by Jack Tunney, but that hasn’t been allowed. Regardless, Savage vows to get his revenge on Roberts and the Undertaker.



Following the loss at SummerSlam, Slaughter is a shell of his self with his arrogance gone and he doesn’t know where his future is going. Slaughter is now a man without a country. He scorned the flag and spat in the faces of soldiers, marines and sailors who fought in the Desert War. He sold his integrity simply for greed. He turned on his country simply to be the WWF World Champion. Slaughter didn’t obtain any kind of respect and has rather been treated with nothing but insults from the likes of Bobby Heenan, Col. Mustafa and Gen. Adnan. According to the magazine, they reached Sgt. Slaughter at a dingy hotel where Slaughter didn’t want to talk to them because he had to talk to other people.


The focus of the article is looking at Sid as being a hardworking man from Arkansas who worked on a farm and never took anything for granted. Sid never talks about himself and is rather private. Which, is kind of humorous considering he’d portray himself as the ruler of the world and reference himself in the third person, but he’s a good guy still at this point, anyway.


I’M THE REAL WORLD’S CHAMPION: written by: Lou Gianfriddo

It is interesting that the WCW World Championship is included in the picture with Ric Flair holding it considering there was a brief legal battle regarding the usage of the image. Flair has Bobby Heenan by his side and knows what he has to do in order to defeat Hulk Hogan and prove that he is the real world champion. Jack Tunney refuses to acknowledge the championship Flair has and insists that Flair must win the WWF World Championship. Flair is confident that he will make a fool out of Hogan inside the ring when they eventually meet.

VIEWPOINT: written by: The Dragon

Ricky ‘The Dragon” Steamboat is focused on Skinner who has a trophy case filled of reptile skins, which doesn’t sit well with Dragon. Dragon warns Skinner that if he wants his skin that he should expect some fire-breathing response. Steamboat will make sure to do to Skinner what Skinner has done to all the innocent reptiles that he as skinned.

Some interesting things going on in the magazine this time around. Sid is a mild mannered human being, which is just flat out wrong! The usage of the WCW World Championship really caught me off guard, but was neat to see, anyway. I do find it a little redundant that Big Bossman’s mother continues to get brought up in various angles to generate heat.

What are your memories of the WWF Magazine, or the angles going on at this time?

Thanks for reading.

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