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Girlfriend Watches: WWF SNME #21

In the last poll, there was a tie between ECW Barely Legal 1997 and WCW Bash at the Beach 1996 to be viewed on a future edition. It’s likely that she’ll watch Barely Legal first. There’s no timeframe on when this will happen, but be on the lookout for it!

The previous two editions of this series saw my girlfriend, Carly, watched WCW UnCensored 1995 and WWF King of the Ring 1996. Both of which, are three hour pay per views. This time around, I decided to go with a change of pace and length. Carly sat down and watched a WWF Saturday Night Main Event from 1989. The hour special usually had several high profile matches in a tighter time schedule.

Find out Carly’s reaction to guys like Rick Rude, Randy Savage, Big Bossman, and Demolition!

1.) King Duggan defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Rude by count out
2.) Randy Savage defeated Jim Neidhart
3.) WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Big Bossman inside a steel cage to retain the title
4.) The Brain Busters defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions Demolition by disqualification
5.) Jimmy Snuka defeated Boris Zhukov

Carly Thoughts:
– Upon seeing Hogan, she notes that he is always greasy. She doesn’t think she likes him.
– She appreciates Jesse Ventura’s handlebar facial hair.
– She says she doesn’t understand the words they are saying during promos and whatnot.
– “Oh my, look at Freddie Mercury over here.” Her reaction to Rick Rude standing with Bobby Heenan for an interview back stage.
– “Mean Gene got a bad spray tan. Look at his hands! They are so white!” She thought it was Bobby Heenan, but it was explained it was Gene.
– Rude is the guy who is not attractive but is still able to get a lot of women to sleep with him.
– Jim Duggan looks like a guy whose mother is also his sister.

Carly really doesn’t like Hacksaw.

– Just like she mentioned in her UnCensored ’95 commentary, Duggan represents white trash America.
– She does appreciate the nice body that Rude has in comparison to Duggan’s.
– Duggan looks like he is wearing maternity clothing, like the underwear that goes over your belly.
– “He’s a guy who would vote for Trump.” Carly’s opinion of Hacksaw.
– She thinks it is amazing that Rude has a picture of his face on his ass.
– Duggan didn’t hit a knee drop and Rude still sold for him, which bothered her.
– “I want my face painted on my ass, that would be amazing.”
– She popped for Rude moving his hips. When Rude sells an atomic drop, she notes that he looks like he just got hit in his vagina.
– Carly knows that since the referee isn’t looking as Haku came to the ring, that it is time for Rude to do something illegal.
– She enjoys seeing a dropkick. She just thinks they are cool.
– “Rick Rude does have an amazing body.”
– “I enjoy seeing Duggan get his ass beat.”
– Rude didn’t really hit a top rope fist drop, and Carly is again annoyed by it. Duggan sold for the move, again.
– She thinks Duggan looks like a big baby. He at least acts like it.
– She also enjoys a backdrop to go along with the dropkick.
– The referee counting out Rick Rude after Duggan hit a clothesline to the floor: “They are counting awfully fast. They did that on purpose because they needed it to end.”
– Duggan winning was stupid. Duggan would be good at being a clown at the rodeo.
Although Duggan won, she liked the action.

– During Jim Neidhart cutting a promo before his match with Randy Savage: “Is he gay?”
– Neidhart’s nipples look fake.
– She has no idea what Randy Savage is saying during his promo.
– “This guy is your favorite?” She’s questioning why I like Macho Man!
– She just tried a Macho Man voice: “That hurts my throat!”
– Finding out that Macho died is sad to hear.
– Neidhart having Savage in a bear hug confuses her as to how it would hurt.
– Anvil’s heart on his tights not being centered is bothering her.
– She likes Sensational Sherri and likes when she attacks Neidhart when the referee is distracted.
– “Her ass is going to fall out.” Sherri is wearing a short dress for the event, as per usual.
– Sherri looks like the type of woman to pour hot wax on her lover.
– She notices that Neidhart was delivering illegal punches when Savage was tied up in the ropes.
– “He missed him.” After Macho hit a top rope elbow drop. She doesn’t understand why his music is the graduation song.
– “Is she pregnant?!” Sherri apparently has a pregnant body.
– She enjoyed the match, too. She likes that the matches don’t feel like they are dragging along.

Big Bossman, another guy Carly isn’t impressed with.

– “Who is that? He is not a wrestler! He is so tubby. He looks like a guy who does karate in his garage.” Carly’s opinion on Big Bossman.
– After telling Carly that Bossman was Big Bubba Rogers from WCW UnCensored, she can’t believe he changed his name and says “See! I said that last time, too!”
– Bossman probably lives in his mothers basement and garlic bread is his favorite meal.
– The appearance of Zeus gets an “Oh my!”
– “Is he in the Green Mile?” Carly mistaking Zeus for Michael Clarke Duncan
– She wants to know what happened to Zeus. She wanted to see him fight after he attacked Hogan and then walked backstage.
– Carly finds Hogan’s hair to be “just awful.”
– She doesn’t find Hogan to be all that good. She’s curious about what kind of tights these guys wear since there aren’t any “ball slips or tip slips.”
– Bossman’s shirt coming undone got a “Yuck, nobody wants to see that.”
– “Be careful tubs” as Bossman is attempting to climb out of the cage.
– After a superplex off the top of the cage, Carly demands they get up and quit stalling.
– “He Undertaker’d”, Hogan sitting up during the count of ten spot after the suplex
– “Of course he does. He always wins.” Hogan escaping the cage to win the match.
– She thought it was a good match.

Tobias Funke from Arrested Development. This is who Carly thought of upon seeing Jesse Ventura.
Carly was kind of frightened by Demolition.

– “Arn Anderson!” As the Brainbusters and Bobby Heenan are ready for an interview backstage.
–  Jesse Ventura looks like Tobias from Arrested Development.
– “Ew!” upon seeing the WWF Tag Team Champions, Demolition and she repeatedly says no to them.
– Carly thinks that Smash is trying to be Gene Simmons but doesn’t have the tongue for it.
– “Oh no!” during Demolitions entrance and thinks they are guys you’d find in a German sex house.
– She wants to know why they are the called the Brainbusters, since that’s what kids did in school for hard questions.
– She also likes scoop slams after seeing Ax slam Arn Anderson.
– Despite finding Demolition to be appalling, the Nasty Boys are worse.
– Ax twisting Tully’s neck got a “Ohhhh, I don’t like neck stuff.”
– Smash lifting Tully up by his neck reminded her of the movie, Dirty Dancing.
– Impressed by Anderson performing the spine buster.
– She likes when tag teams quickly tag in and out. They have good momentum and it goes quick.
– Carly again notes that at the end of tag matches they usually go nuts.
– She also likes when wrestlers toss referees around or in general attack them.
– Not a fan of when somebody wins by disqualification.
– The action was even and she enjoyed it.

– “Oh, he’s so weird.” She also proceeds to laugh as soon as Savage cut a promo towards the end of the show. She notes how big of a neck Savage has. She thinks Macho looks like an alien trying to look like a human.
– “Who’s this commie?” Carly’s initial reaction to Boris Zhukov singing his anthem with Slick.
– Snuka looks like Troy Polamalu, former safety for the Steelers.
– She likes the big splash. Though, she was shocked that the match was quick. As a result, Boris sucks in her eyes.
– “They must not teach wrestling a lot in Russia.”
– She was just getting into the match and then it was over.

Carly thinks the big splash by Jimmy Snuka is pretty cool.

Final Thoughts:
She liked the show and how quick the program was. The action was quick and there wasn’t a lot of stalling. It didn’t drag on for three hours, like the other ones. The three hour ones seem to have more stalling and guys being dead in the ring.

Rating: 8/10

Viewing History:
WCW UnCensored 1995: 6/10
WWF King of the Ring 1996: 8/10
WWF SNME #21: 8/10

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