WWF Superstars 9/27/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Baltimore, MD

1.) King Harley Race defeated Mike Kelly
2.) Superstar Billy Graham defeated Bob Bradley
3.) Kamala defeated Tony Parks
4.) Butch Reed defeated William Tabb
5.) Tito Santana defeated Jimmy Jack Funk

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.) Mike Kelly is actually Shane Douglas. He had used his real name, Troy Martin, in a previous episode.

2.) WWF Update hosted by Mean Gene is next focusing on Ricky Steamboat. A video of Steamboat training with and defeating ninjas is aired. It was kind of silly, honestly.

3.) Jesse Ventura recently interviewed Billy Graham who rambled about Ventura liking his earrings. Graham made his in-ring return on this show competing for the first time in three years.

4.) Piper’s Pit with Roddy Piper is up next. Next to the pit, the Flower Shop is set up. Adonis brings out Bob Orton Jr. as his special guest, who is also his bodyguard. Orton says that Adonis has the best show going today. Orton takes credit for protecting Piper to allow him to say anything he wanted. Piper calls Adonis ugly and says that Orton couldn’t hold his jockstrap. Orton is mad that Piper stole all the glory. Piper takes off Orton’s hat and puts a girly hat on him but Orton quickly removes it. Piper doesn’t like what Adonis has been doing to professional wrestling. Piper thinks that Adonis looks like an idiot. Piper introduces Don Muraco as his guest. Piper thanks Muraco for pretending to be him. Muraco never considered himself to be like Piper. Piper is mocking Muraco during this skit. Adonis comes over and is sent back to his area. Adonis believes that the Flower Shop is the future and tells Piper and Muraco that. Piper has women’s underwear for Adonis putting it over his head. Muraco thought this was about him but Piper made it into a cartoon. Piper says he doesn’t want his kids to watch Adonis. Muraco defends Adonis for having class. Muraco believes that Piper is jealous of him. Piper gets triple teamed after call them fat and Adonis breaks a flower pot over Piper’s head. Muraco holds Piper down and Adonis uses a chair on Piper’s leg. They break down the Piper’s Pit set. They are destroying Piper with a steel chair as nobody comes out to help Piper.

5.) Slick has a big surprise and promises to deliver the big surprise. The surprise is “The Natural” Butch Reed making his debut on this program. Reed won the match following a gut buster.

Final Thoughts:
The main focus of the show was the Adonis/Piper segment and I thought it was a great segment.

Thanks for reading.

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