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WWF Smackdown 10/21/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Here comes Mankind. Still sad. He whines about his book and then states that is the proudest thing he has done, more so than the title. He wrote it himself and no ghost writer. The Rock took a dump on that. Rock has something he wants and so he will sit his fat ass down in the ring until Vince comes out and gives him what he wants. Vince comes right out. He is miffed. Mankind shows him the Rock and Sock jacket and Vince wonders if he called him out for just that. Mankind knew that he looked like a horse’s ass in the jacket but he is still a three time champ and Hardcore. He may not have 500 dollar shirts or raise his eyebrow but he is not an SOB like the Rock. He wants his title shot and will face the Rock tonight for it and beat his candy ass. Vince does not think that is a good idea. Mankind disagrees as does the crowd and thinks Rock is essentially scared. Here comes the Rock. He mocks Mankind for whining about being the champ and his tooth and lack of ear. What peeves the Rock is the talk about his testicles and they are the Peoples Testes. Rock is all for a match tonight. He is going to whoop his fat ass. Mankind is fine with that and calls him an insecure little boy. After Mankind leaves Rock questions why he is the only number one contender fighting tonight. Val comes down and challenges Austin and the latter comes down, beats him up and accepts the challenge.

HHH is talking to Lillian Garcia and is bragging about being the champ. Al Snow wonders if he is wrestling tonight and is told to get lost and HHH is irate with him.

Match 1: Test v. British Bulldog

Posse come out with Davey and they attack Test. Here comes Edge and Christian to help make the save.

This is a tag match now. Six Man. It is about three minutes long or so and Edge and Christian hit that super superplex and pin the Posse.

** Not bad.

Show has arrived.

Show is angry and talking about the fire inside of him and he will unleash it on the Bossman.

Kevin Kelly is with Al Snow who gets his title shot and is excited and he will pull out all the stops. HHH blindsides.

Match 2: HHH (c) v. Al Snow for WWF Title

Al blindsides him and goes off on him. He hammers him and HHH fights back but is dropped via an enzuguri. Snow headbutts him over and over and then he made himself dizzy from the headbutts and falls onto HHH’s nuts. He bridges a suplex and gets another near fall. They battle and HHH is superplexed and nearly pinned. Al goes for the Snow Plow but is kicked and Pedigreed.

** Good match. Snow dominates and one kick essentially finishes him off? Okay….

Mankind is walking in the back….sweet!

Match 3: Rock v. Mankind

Rock gives a three minute monologue on the type of pie he likes…..Pumpkin and of course Poontang Pie with ice cream!

They go at it and Mankind tears into him in the corner and then rips the tape off his ribs. He keeps after him and then knocks him to the floor. Rock fights back and tosses Mankind over the barrier and back over where he posts him and then flings him into the steps….Val is on commentary reading from his book…..Mankind reverses a suplex onto the grating. Back towards the ring and Rock is slammed and then Mankind leaps off the apron drilling him with his elbow and then gets back in the ring. Rock finally makes his way back to the ring and Mankind unloads on him and stomps a hole in him. Mankind gives him time to breathe and walks into a kick and DDT. Rock gets two. But now the Rock is planted with a DDT and Mankind gets two. Socko time! Rock turns right into it but Rock punches free but it is hooked again and so Rock kicks him in the nuts. Both men tumble to the floor. Val hits Mankind with his book and the match is tossed and Val stomps the shit out of Val and so Rock goes after him and it is Rock Bottom time and he gives Mankind a clothesline for good measure. Here comes HHH and this thing has completely broken down. Pedigree on the Rock!

*** I really liked this. Shitty ending but it is angle advancement as both need to be strong too.

Match 3: Mae Young v. Fabolous Moolah (c) for WWF Women’s Title

Absolute trainwreck. Fucking classic. Mae gets her arm hooked in the ref and it is fucking chaos. Ivory and Torrie and Jackie and everyone runs down and it is on.

***** Kidding….But it was pretty damn funny. Moolah and Mae can barely fucking move. How is Mae still alive? I mean she is like a comic book character and herks and jerks like a puppet. I love it.

More Mark Henry and his therapy sessions and he is bitching about his previous sessions. He is talking to the Godfather. Godfather tells him that there is nothing wrong with him and he just needs to be himself and love himself some Ho’s! Henry is all for it….So am I.

Match 4: Hardy Boyz v. Holly’s (c) for WWF Tag Titles

Matt and Jeff are flying all over the place and the Holly’s are getting worked over. Now Matt is swung right into a clothesline from Holly. He fights out of a powerbomb but is dropped down onto the top rope. Crash goes up top and drives his fist into him. Matt escapes and Jeff gets the hot tag. He leaps from the top rope and slams into Hardcore and he takes out Crash. Matt suplexes Crash and Jeff hits the Swanton. Matt and Jeff have both tried to make pins….okay. Jeff leaps off of Matt and crashes into Crash but Hardcore dropkicks him when Jeff attempts it on him. It is over.

**1/2 After those ladder matches this is anti-climactic but still good.

Outlaws assault Crash and Hardcore who flee.

Show is pitching a fit in the back….

Bossman is in the ring and he is with the fake cop who told Show on RAW that his dad was dead. Bossman is giddy and they are replaying the incident. Show runs down and Bossman flees so the fake cop gets his ass chokeslammed.

Austin was talking to someone….missed it. But it was quick.

Match 5: Godfather v. Viscera

Mark Henry comes down and Mideon is there and so this will be a tag match down. Godfather takes down Mideon with a kick to the head and Henry gets the tag. He tries to jump on Mideon but misses. Godfather is in and he cleans house. Henry is back in and finishes Mideon with a splash.


Val is pacing in the back….

Now Rock is pacing….

HHH too….Jesus.

Match 6: Val Venis v. Steve Austin

Predictably Austin beats his ass and beats his ass in the corner and then kicks him in the head a couple of times as Val stumbles around the ring. Austin is working over the arm. Val gets in some offense! He kicks him in the corner….wait, it is over, Austin attacks but a whip is reversed and Val clotheslines him and another one sends Austin over the top rope. Austin is elbowed against the barrier and supelexed. Austin tries to battle back but is flung over the barrier, hit and then tossed back over. Val works him over against the steel steps and then rolls him back into the ring and gets two. Val slams him and gets another near fall. Austin fights back but is raked in the eyes. Austin reverses a whip and applies a sleeper but Val counters with one of his own. Austin backs him into the corner and escapes and it is Thesz Press time after the reversal and he drives his forearm right into the skull of Val and he covers him getting two. Val counters with running knees to the gut and he goes for a Russian sweep but Austin punches free. They battle and Val gets his throat bounced off the top rope and Austin gets two. Val is placed up top but he knocks Austin off and then strikes with a double axe getting two. Austin reverses a whip but runs into a boot, however he snags a running Val and tosses him over the top rope. He places Val on the announce table and unloads on him. Val is choked out and pounded but he has a chair and wallops Austin in the knee with it and works on it back in the ring but is hit in the head. They exchange hard rights and Val is reeling and it is Stunner time after an Austin duck and kick.

***1/2 Well, shut my mouth. Good shit.

HHH comes down and Pedigree’s Austin and the Rock runs in and it is Rock Bottom time on HHH.

***1/2 Is it another renaissance? Two months or so ago the WWF headed into the right direction and put on some damn good shows. Then it went down hill but a good PPV and okay RAW, now a great SD and perhaps it has begun again. About time too.


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