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WWF RAW 10/25/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

I said on my SD epilogue that the WWF is finally getting its footing back. The PPV was good, and last week was okay. SD was really good too. Now that WCW has rebooted again I expect the WWF to rise to the occassion and the ratings are no longer in the 6’s but they rose to a 5.55 while Nitro rose to a 3.5.

Outlaws demand their title shot from Vince. Here comes HHH in a huff. He wonders why he is facing Mankind tonight. He and the Outlaws do some jawing back and forth about being scared and telling each other to shut up. HHH figures out a match for them and it is them versus Rock and Austin. He thinks Outlaws are scared but they agree and it is booked but HHH is still facing Mankind.

Godfather is looking for the Ho’s and Henry and he kicks down an door and 12 are all up in his business….Godfather whines that this is not a pastry shop and they need to get to work.

Match 1: Godfather v. Viscera

Viscera wants the Ho’s if he wins. Godfather is for this but Viscera tells Mark Henry that he can have all of them if he wins.

Viscera hit a spinning heel kick! Godfather fires back and strikes with a standing dropkick. Ho Train time but Mark yanked him down and Viscera squashed him and finishes him off with a splash!

*1/2. Didn’t Henry get all the Ho’s anyway?

Now Mark Henry splashes the Godfather. They take the Ho’s. Two remain behind and Viscera splashes one! He clearly let up….the other one leaps on his back and gets picked up and powerslammed!

Rock is talking about the PPV match. He is warning Austin who will be surrounded by the millions of his fans.

A Ho is carted off in an ambulance and the Dudley’s are giggling and then make fun of Kane who will get the same treatment.

Match 2: Hardcore and Crash Holly (c) v. Edge and Christian for WWF Tag Titles

Sorry, the first 90 seconds doing other shit, but Edge and Christian are doing their thing flying around. Brian Christopher and Scotty Hotty come in and the Hardyz are down and it chaos with Lawler’s son getting ousted along with his partner.

*1/2 Not bad while it lasted.

Mae and Moolah are talking in the back and seem to be friends again.

They are now in the ring, after the break. Cole is with them and Moolah has a major announcement. Mae thanks her first for being the oldest person that she has wrestled. Moolah, at her age, cannot defend the title like she should. She will give it back and officially retire. Cue Ivory. She makes fun of them and then wants her rematch. The bell rings and she wins and runs off!

Show is talking with Prince Albert and the latter wants to prove himself or something….

Match 3: Show v. Prince Albert

Show is making quick work of him. Here comes Bossman who stole some sort of watch of his. Jesus, this is a bit much. Show’s acting is quite good, I will give him that. Bossman threatens to break it….pocketwatch. Show is hit by PA and they break the watch.

Jericho is nonplussed by what just happened and will make an example of Chyna.

Match 4: Chyna and D’Lo Brown v. Chris Jericho and

Jericho has the mic and this is the moment all the Jerichoholics have been waiting for and one gets to team with him. One is fat and another slovenly and another has bad teeth. He calls out a man dressed as a girl and calls her almost as ugly as Chyna.

Jericho and Brown go at it with Jericho pounding him and then stomping a hole in him after a bulldog. D’Lo counters and tags in Chyna but she is tripped up and stomped. He pulls her up and beats on her in the corner. Jericho’s partner is tagged in and bounces off Chyna after a clothesline attempt and gets speared and beaten. Chyna strips him and it is Stevie Richards! He is destroyed and Pedigreed and Chyan wins.

*1/2 angle advancement but amusing.

Jericho double powrbombs Stevie after the match and puts him in the Walls.

Vince is reading Mick’s book and tries to hide it from him when Mankind arrives. Mankind talks about his fourth title and thanks him. Vince asks him about a quote in his book about his Adam’s apple bobbing in fear….Mankind chuckles.

Match 5: Mankind v. HHH (c) for WWF Title

They are all out brawling and the fight spills to the floor. Mankind controls most of the first couple of minutes and knocks him around the floor but HHH drives him into the barrier and grabs the steels steps and drills Mankind with them. HHH is working the arm, back in the ring he flings him around by it and gets two after an armbar take down and now has it turned and is twisting it. He drives his knee into the arm and then runs it into the corner after Mankind fought back but it was brief and the shoulder hit the post. Mankind is whipped into the ropes but HHH lowers the head and is DDT’d. Both are down. Mankind is hung up in the ropes and the fight heads to the floor again and they pound each other around the announce table. HHH has a chair but it is kicked back into his head and Mankind has the belt and decks HHH with it and damn near gets the win. HHH is up but stumbles into the Claw. HHH is trying to fend him off but cannot and collapses. Val comes in and stomps a hole in Mankind and the match is tossed and here comes Al Snow and he and Mankind take out Val.

***1/2 Man, I am overrating the shit out of this but whatever, it was damn fun. Nearly ten minutes f brawling.

Austin pacing….After the break he respects the Rock and will be his partner but they are not friends. Rock just has to tag him and if he does not then he will smack the eyebrow off his head.

Steph is getting her memory back and looks at Test and is remembering a lot of positive things and hopes that he beats an apology out of the Bulldog.

Kane talks about being made fun of and Pac helps him speak and Kane wants him to stay out of the this match. Holy shit I am cynical, but bromances on wrestling do nothing. I want ass kicking, and this angle sucks ass too. The Dudley’s attack them and put an end to this atrocity.

Match 6: Bubba Ray v. Kane

I think Bubba has Kane’s voice box. Bubba charges right into the boot and is pummeled. Bubba has just been annihilated and is chokeslammed. Devon gets in the ring and he is taken out and Bubba is tossed off the top rope. Kane goes after Devon and posts him. Kane is mauling them and finally they fight back but the match is tossed and now Kane is destroyed…..Tori tells Pac to do something or she will.

* Could they do something useful with the Dudleys and end this debacle of an angle too.

Pac finally runs down and the heels flee. Kane is not happy.

Bulldog still does not care about Steph….Test will pay.

Match 7: British Bulldog v. Test

Okay. Distracted but Test pounded him from the get go. But Bulldog fights back and vertically suplexes him and stomps away. He slams him and tries to climb out but is pulled back down and Test climbs up and leaps from the top of the cage and kills Davey with the elbow. The Posse have bolt cutters and get in the ring and assault Test. Shane climbs into the cage and hits them with a crossbody from the top! Fuck me that was impressive. Shane though gets demolished. He and Test fight back and Steph comes down….

** Not a bad feud. A longer match would be nice though.

Acolytes are in the bar and some locals wearing some terrible duds want to buy them a beer. They decline and now the locals are pissed and shove them. Farooq threatens to kick their ass. The guy is a local tough and wants an arm wrestling contest and loses. Oh shit, they have brought in racism and call Farooq Darkie and keep calling him that and mocking him. Farooq though smashes his bottle into his face and the Acolytes beat up everyone and destroy the bar in the process! Someone is tossed into the jukebox. Fucking awesome.

Match 8: New Age Outlaws v. Austin and Rock

Ass shoves him into the corner and the tussle but Austin drops him and unloads on him. Here comes the Rock and he continues to punish Ass. Ass escapes and here comes Dogg. Rock briefly hammers him but Road Dogg returns the favor and tags in Ass who after two or three blows is nailed with a swinging neckbreaker but he counters with a sideslam. Road Dogg is in and taken down and it is Elbow time but Ass pulls him to safety so Austin runs over and clotheslines both and now the Rock is there and all four are going at it. Back in the ring Austin is lured over to the wrong corner and doubleteamed. Ass elbows him and then Dogg goes over the braced knee. Mr. Ass is in and hammers away but he is hotshotted off the top rope but he fights back and shoves Austin into the corner and gets help from Road Dogg. Dogg pounds him but Austin fights back and both are down. Rock gets the hot tag and here comes Mr. Ass and Rock rips into both Outlaws and Ass is DDT’d. The ref is too slow to make the count and Ass gets his shoulder up. HHH runs down and Austin cuts him and punches him up the ramp towards the back. The Rock fends for himself but spikes Road Dogg with a Samoan Drop and tosses him to the floor. Mr. Ass is still stumbling around and is Rock Bottomed and Pac runs down and heel kicks the Rock and that does in the Rock and Ass wins. Austin runs back down and stomps on Pac but HHH runs down too an it looks like DX is back together as they dismantle Rock and Austin. Everyone has DX shirts….again….”Great.”

**1/2 Okay bout. DX being brought back together does nothing for me because it happens all the damn time.

*** Despite the WWF still not sure in what direction to go in, the show is slowly but surely improving. There was some decent wrestling and overall the pacing was good and I really dig what they are doing with the Acolytes. Awesome. I am not keen on racism but it is out there and Farooq whooped some ass. Other stuff though that I am not keen on. Kane and X Pac, which should be ending soon as they reformed DX for the 100th time. Bossman and Show, though it does make Bossman a dick, however Show has officially been so misused in the WWF that it will be hard to redeem him in my opinion. I am trying not to be sexist but damn, Jericho deserves better but we will see where it goes….

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