WWF Smackdown 10/28/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Why put DX back together. They are all over the place with the Outlaws. Mr. Ass gets a push and then it dies. X Pac is having a bromance with Kane in a poorly conceived angle. HHH finally breaks free from Chyna and is finally becoming a bad ass and now he is placed back in DX that is hardly heelish. Perhaps they will be “true” bad asses this time. HHH assures everyone needs to be on notice as DX is back and now stone will be unturned. He talks about Survivor Series and he will be the champ still. Pac is screaming about DX being the strongest force in the WWF. There may be a new member tonight. Mr. Ass has the mic and he wants a piece of Austin tonight. Road Dogg does his thing. HHH demands Vince gets out here in order to bow to the masters. Vince refuses and tells DX to Suck It. HHH knew he would have a little comeback for him…HHH responds that they are taking over.

Edge and Christian have arrived.

Match 1: Edge and Christian v. Too Cool

Okay like I said my DVD was all fucked up….The match was okay but cut off towards the end.

I am missing some parts….

Match 2: Bulldog v. D’Lo Brown

The match had already started and Bulldog is hammering him but is dropped to the floor. Posse blindside him. Bulldog get two after a powerslam and Davey puts him in a chinlock. They have been going back and forth and Bulldog is powerbombed and D’Lo goes up top but takes forever so Pete Gas can crotch him. Bulldog goes up after him and superplexes him off. It is over and Bulldog is new European champ….

**1/2 Davey has gone downhill…but the match was fun.

Pac is talking to Kane and how his head is not on right and DX is just on the side. They will get the Dudleys tonight.

Road Dogg says something to the valet and it is about the Rock who is not here yet….

Match 3: Kane and X Pac v. Dudley Boyz

Kane is destroying the Dudleys but after about two minutes they get in some offense. Pac takes out Kane. Predictable. Dudleys win. Kane goozles Pac but DX runs down and kicks his ass. Pac yells that he is tired of carrying Kane and he is a piece of crap….

** Okay.

Rock was kidnapped and driven off by Road Dogg and left for dead somewhere…..Got that on a recap.

Match 4: Hardy Boyz v. Mideon and Mark Henry

They are bringing in some ugly Ho’s. Nothing much here. Henry is distracted by Terri and Hardy’s win. Viscera kicks his ass after the match.


HHH is told by some lackey that Austin has arrived and DX licks their chops.

Match 5: Big Bossman v. Al Snow

They fight out on the floor. Bossman is shoved into the side of the ring. He rolls him back in and slingshots on top of him getting two. Bossman reverses a whip and leaps right into Bossman and is slammed. Now Bossman goes to work. He is pulling up on the arms of Snow but is booted. Bossman does not like that stomps on him. Bossman uses the Hardcore title and gets the win.

** Okay.

Snow is not happy about that. He is freaking out and after some serious rambling and he wants to kick their asses out in the parking lot….Prince Albert is the other guy.

Road Dogg is stuck in a bear trap. Seriously….I am not kidding. Austin taunts him and pours some beer on it.

After the break they manage to remove it and Road Dogg is squealing like a girl.

Bossman and PA are in the parking lot looking for Snow. They are going to wait for him in the car….okay. Show drives a forklift and blocks the car doors and Show is wreaking havoc on the car. Dumping a dumpster on top of the car trapping them.

Austin has Mr. Ass hung upside down in a trap….

Match 6: Mankind v. Val Venis

Val makes fun of Mankind and his book. The brawl is on. Mankind is getting hammered. He beats on him out on the floor and now some more back in the ring and works over the shoulder. The shoulder is pounded some more and Mankind finally reverses a whip but misses in the corner. Mankind though is able to mount a comeback but he cannot find Socko so he is dropped. Val goes up top but misses the Money Shot. Al runs down and gives Mankind Socko. He finishes off Val….

**1/2 Not bad.

DX are not happy and Pac is trying to keep them together. Austin calls and tells Pac to keep reaching for the stars and the roof falls on him! He is out.

DX comes out and states they have taken out the Rock. But calls Austin a coward and then goes on and on. He wants to face him one on one….Finally Austin comes out. Austin goes on and on about whooping their ass and HHH challenges him and here comes Austin. A net falls on top of DX and Austin goes off. They are free and right when they start to overwhelm Austin Kane books down and annihilates them. Here comes the Rock and he helps lay waste to DX and now some Stunners and Chokeslams too….

** Hard to gauge this one with all my issues that I had. Oh well….I will get recap on RAW. Not that I missed much. Austin dominated.

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