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WWF Smackdown 11/1/2001


We start off with clips from last Monday night on RAW where Shane tells Vince that a member off the WWF will defect to the Alliance. Vince and Shane battle in a Street fight, when several members of both teams come out. Kurt Angle comes out and nails all the WWF guys with a chair! Kurt Angle has joined the Alliance! Why dammit why??

-We’re here in the Firstar Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, with Micheal Cole and Tazz, who’s wearing a Kurt Angle tee-shirt. We learn that Angle will take on Kane for the U.S. Title, and Stone Cold Steve Austin will face the Undertaker for the WWF Title.

Rock and Chris Jericho vs. Test and Booker T- WWF Tag Team Championship
-The Rock comes out, as we see clips from RAW where Jericho and the Rock battled each other during their tag team match. Jericho soon follows. Test follows after Jericho, then the Booker Man. We find out this is a match for the WWF Tag Team Titles. Jericho and Test start, as Test knees and punches Y2J. Spinning heel kick by Jericho, followed by chops and kicks in the corner. Jericho goes for the headscissors of the top rope, but Test catches him. Jericho falls back and then tosses Test into the opposite corner. Back suplex by Y2J. Clothesline by Test. Tag to Booker T. Hiptoss and hurricanrana by Jericho. Tag to Rock. Armwrench and gut kick by Bokker. Clothesline and suplex by the Rock. Tag to Test. Test beats on Rock in the corner. Clotesline by Rock. Test tosses Rock across the ring and Booker pulls down the ropes. Test and Booker double team Rock outside. Booker tosses Rock onto the announce table. Y2J stays on the apron, not helping. Booker tosses Rock back in the ring and hits a big knee to the face of Rock. Tag to Test, who beats on Rock. Sidewalk slam by Test. Cover, broken up by Jericho. Tag to Book. Armwrench, goes for the hook kick, but Rock counters and hits a clothesline. Sharpshooter, broken up by Test. Who will make the tag? Double tag to Jericho and Test. Flying forearm by Jericho to Test. Flapjack to Booker. Swinging neckbreaker to Test. Springboard dropkick to Booker. Bulldog to Test, and Jericho misses the Lionsault. Walls of Jericho to Test, but Booker breaks it up. Rock tags himself in. Belly to belly to Booker. DDT to Test. Rock knocks Booker over the top rope. Jericho goes for the missile dropkick to Test, but hits Rock! Big Boot by Test to Rock! Booker pulls Jericho outside, and Test gets the 1-2-3!
Here are your winners and the NEW WWF Tag Team Champions: Test and Booker T!
-After the match, Rock and Jericho “have words”. Rock and Jericho then go at it! Rock Bottom to Jericho! Rock leaves, but stops and goes back. Maybe he wants a hug…okay, judging by that second Rock Bottom, maybe not.

-Commercial Break

-Vince tells Rock to calm down. They lost Angle and the Tag Team Championships. He has to work with Jericho at Survivor Series. He may be unemployed after Survivor Series. Rock says he’s going to whoop some Alliance candy ass, no matter who is on his team. Vince suggests that Rock apologizes as Jericho barges in. Refs separate Y2J and Rocky.

-We see a clip from RAW where Lita faces Stacy Keibler. Matt accidently elbows Lita, but she still manages to hit the Twist of Fate for the win.

-Lita enters the Hardy locker room, where only Jeff stretches. She asks where Matt is, but Jeff sees the big bruise on her face. Lita asks Jeff if Matt said anything about Stacy Keibler. Matt enters, angry. Lita storms out, and Matt tells Jeff they have a match.

Commercial break.

Hardy Boyz and Lita vs. Dudley Boyz and Stacy Keibler
-Out come the Hardyz and Lita, with Matt walking faster than the rest of the group. The Dudleyz come out with Hottie Dudley, Stacy Keibler. Matt and D-Von start, as D-Von hits a flying elbow. Back DDT by Matt. Lita tags herself in and hits a moonsault onto D-Von. Bubba hits Lita from behind, and Stacy wants in. Tag to Stacy, as she takes it to Lita. Scoop slam by Stacy, 1-2-kickout. Clothesline by Lita, followed by a snapmare. Lita beats on Stacy, but the ref breaks it up. Tags to Jeff and Bubba. Armdrags and a clothesline by Jeff. Dropkick by Jeff. D-Von grabs a table, but Jeff dropkicks it into his face. Jeff slaps Stacy’s ass! Atomic drop by Bubba. tag to D-Von. D-Von beats on Jeff and tags Bubba. Whisper in the Wind by Jeff. Who will make the tag? Double tag to Matt and D-Von. Clothesline and Russian Leg Sweep to D-Von by Matt. DDT to Bubba. Leg Drop to D-Von, broken up by Stacy. Lita beats on Stacy. Poetry in Motion to D-Von. Missed Poetry in Motion to Bubba. Bubba clotheslines Matt. Litacanrana to Bubba. Matt goes for a Twist of Fate, but Bubba pushes him into Lita. D-Von accidently nails Bubba. Jeff checks on Lita, and the Dudleyz hit a 3D for the three count!
Here are your winners- The Dudley Boyz and Stacy Keibler

Commercial Break.

Kurt Angle interview
-Angle wants to answer some questions- Why? What was he thinking? How could he do this to his country? He’s stil a hero. He’s still the Olympic Hero. He’s a winner. Who else is a winner? Undertaker? No, Angle’s done more in two years that he’s done in a decade. Kane? He follows the man who burned him like he’s on a leash. Rock? Jericho? They’re egomaniacal jerks. He’s not going to put his job on the line with those four. There’s one role model for winners and his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Does Austin play fair? No. Does he get the job done? Oh Hell Yeah! That’s who he wants on his team. He’s the toughest S.O.B. Angle’s ever faced. Stone Cold knows how to win. Angle loves his country, but he loves his job. He won’t put his job on the line with WWF losers. He’s still got his Three I’s. Now that he’s on the Alliance side, he knows that his job is safe, and the fans will see him for a long, long time. Shane and Austin are there to show support.
-Kane is shown backstage, getting ready.

Commercial break.

-We see clips from Monday of Kurt joining the Alliance.

Kurt Angle vs. Kane- U.S. Championship
-Angle comes out first with the U.S. Title. Pyros flare, and out comes Kane. Angle backs Kane into the corner. Kane battles back. Armwrench and kicks to Angle. Kane misses an elbow drop. Angle knocks Kane into the corner and brings him down. German suplex by Angle, but Kane sits right up. Angle gets back on him and starts punching. Kane chokes him. Clothesline by Kane. Slam by Kane. Angle goes for the Anglelock, but Kane battles out. Kurt is knocked to the outside apron, and Kane knocks him off with a big boot. Angle goes face first into the steos. kane beats on Angle outside, into the crowd. Austin comes out and hits Kane with a chair. Chairshots to Kane’s ankle. Undertaker comes down the ramp and Austin runs off, with Undertaker in pursuit. Angle works on Kane’s ankle, tossing it into the steel steps. Angle tosses Kane into the ring ad works on the ankle again. Enziguiri by Kane. Back body drop by Kane. Three snap suplexes and a Vertical suplex by Kane. Kane goes up top and hits a Lariat on Angle. Kane calls for a chokeslam, but Angle counters into an Anglelock. Kane counters and hits a chokeslam. Kane locks in the Anglelock, but Angle wiggles out. Kane goes for the Tombstone, but Angle counters into the Anglelock! Kane refuses to tap, and stays there for a long time. Kane finally taps!
Here is your winner, and STILL WCW U.S. Champion- Kurt Angle!

-Regal sits in his office as Tajiri and Torrie Wilson enter. Regal misses spending time with Tajiri. He’s proud of Tajiri and wants him to join the Alliance. Tajiri refuses. Regal says he respects that and then beats the snot out of Tajiri. He’ll meet Tajiri in the ring, because he’s now his nemesis.

Commercial break.

-Austin is proud of Angle. Austin tells Angle he loves him. Austin gives Angle an Austin 3:16 hat. Austin then gives Angle his gold medals back! Angle starts to cry and gives Austin a big hug. Angle tells Austin he loves him too. (cue porn music)

-Rock wauts, as Coach comes in. Rock has a few words for Jericho- Just Bring It. This Monday night- Rock vs. Jericho for the WCW Title! If you smell what the Rock is cookin’! (I think it’s kielbasa!)

Commercial break.

-We see a clip from Monday where Edge defeats RVD.

-Austin and Angle talk, as RVD enters. Austin and Angle say that RVD needs to prove himself tonight. Austin: “What?” Angle: “What?” Austin: “What?” Angle: “What?” RVD: “Whatever.”

Edge vs. Rob Van Dam- Hardcore Championship
-Edge enters first, followed by RVD. Armwrenches and sweeps but both men. RVD grabs a chair. RVD tosses the chair into Edge’s face. Both men scramble for the chair. Edge goes for the DDT on the chair, but RVD counters, going for the hiptoss. Edge counters, slamming RVD onto the chair. RVD and Edge go over the top rope. Moonsault by RVD, 1-2-kickout. Back in the ring, RVD jumps off the set up chair and gets hit with a spear, 1-2-kickout. Back X-Factor by Edge. Test comes down the ramp as Edge goes up top. RVD knocks Edge down, looking displeased with Test. Edge counters the superplex, tossing RVD onto the ropes. Big boot by Test to Edge. Five Star Frog Splash on Edge, 1-2-3!
Here is your winner and STILL Hardcore Champion- Edge!

-Coach tells Jericho backstage that Rock is challanging him for the WCW title this Monday night! Jericho says he’ll answer Rock personally. Commercial break.

-Jericho enters Rock’s locker room and accepts the challange as he beats on Rock. The refs break it up, as Rock comes back after Jericho. The refs break it up…again.

Commercial break. (Didn’t we just have one of these?)

William Regal vs. Tajiri
-Regal comes out first with some new, non-Goodwill Ambassador (Badwill Ambassador? Displeasurewill Ambassador? Nowill Ambassador?) music. Tajiri follows, with Torrie Wilson in tow. Kicks by Tajiri. Regal knocks Tajiri outside. Regal throws Tajiri into the apron and post. Back in the ring, Tegal nails Tajiri with a big knee. 3 covers by Regal, 3 kickouts by Tajiri. Suplex by Regal, but Tajiri lands on his feet. Kick to Regal. Handspring elbow to Tajiri. Regal dodges to dropkick and hits the Regal Cutter on Tajiri for the 1-2-3.
Here is your winner- William Regal!
-After the match, Regal wails on Tajiri and hits a double armed powerbomb.

-Undertaker warms up as Vince walks in. Vince knows Taker will bring the title home. Taker says Vince can kiss his ass for doubting his loyalty, and he’s going to kick Austin’s ass.

Commercial break.

Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin- WWF Title
-Keep rollin’, cause here comes the Undertaker. Austin comes out and ambushes Taker. Austin takes it to Undertaker on the outside. Austin gets on his motorcycle, but can’t start it. Taker clotheslines him off of the bike. Taker takes it to Austin. Taker gets on the bike and tries to run Austin over, but Austin ducks into the crowd at the last second. Taker takes him into the crowd. Aust goes to hit Taker with the belt, but gets hit with a big boot to the face. Austin goes into the post, the announce table, AND the steel steps. Taker tosses Austin in the ring and the match finally starts. Armwrench by Taker, then the Tightrope walk. Another Armwrench and another Tightrope walk. 1-2-kickout. Austin battles back, goes for a Stunner, but Taker counters. Undertaker goes for the Last Ride, but Austin rolls out of the ring. Austin grabs the belt and walks away. Taker catches up to him on the ramp and takes him down. Big boot to the face of Austin. Stunner by Austin, and Taker falls out of the ring. Taker goes into the table several times. Austin wails on Taker and tosses him back in the ring. Lou Thesz Press to Taker. Double fist drop by Austin. 1-2-kickout. Clothesline to Austin. Austin is dropped onto the turnbuckle by Taker. Big Boot to Austin. Austin grabs a chair, but Taker kicks him. Austin is whipped into the ref. Clothesline to Taker. Chairshot to the back of Taker. Chairshots to Austin’s ankle. Austin wraps the chair around Taker’s ankle and goes up top. Taker gets up and hits him off the top with the chair. Chairshot to Austin. Chokeslam! Angle comes down and breaks up the three count! Austin and Angle doubleteam Taker. Stunner to Taker. Austin calls for Shane O’ Mac, and he comes down with a cooler. Brewskis go all around, and the three celebrate over Taker’s bleeding body.
Match of the Night: This was a tough choice, as there were some GREAT matches tonight. I went with Kane vs. Angle. Normally, I’m not a real fan of Kane’s matches, but he really impressed me tonight with pacing and technical skill. They told a great story. Great match.

Man of the Night: Who else, but Kurt Angle? The man is in the big leagues and is giving serious credibility to the Alliance.

Quotation of the Night: “I’m an S.O.B.! I’m an S.O.B.!” -Kurt Angle “I never thought I’d see the day when Austin and Angle would work together!”
-Micheal Cole, who clearly forgot about those few months when Austin and Angle worked together under Vince before Invasion.

That concludes another report by The Captain! Good Fight, Good Night! Oh wait, wrong catchphrase…uhh…Excelsior? No…Hell Yeah? Hmm…Oh yeah, The Captain Thinks So!

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