WWF Smackdown 11/8/2001

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-We see clips from Monday night, where Vince comes down to the ring to make a major announcement that will be the deathnail of the Alliance. An Alliance member will defect to the WWF during the main event of Survivor Series. It will be Stone Cold Steve Austin! Austin comes down to the ring and gives Vince a Stunner. The Alliance stares down Austin in the back. They don’t trust him.

-We cut to the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where Micheal Cole and Tazz are calling tonight’s edition of Smackdown! We find out that Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle will take on Undertaker and Kane tonight! Also, The Rock must defend the WCW title against Booker T!

Acolytes vs. Dudley Boyz- WCW Tag Team Titles
-The APA come down first with Jacqueline, and the Dudley Boyz follow with Stacy. Bradshaw and D-Von start off. Flying colthesline by D-Von. Bradshaw comes at D-Von with punches and chops and nails a DDT. Cover, 1-2-kickout. Neckbreaker by Bradshaw, who gets another two count. Swinging neckbreaker by D-Von. Tag to Bubba. Shoulder block by Bradshaw. Tag to Farooq. Double shoulderblock by the APA. Cover by Farooq, 1-2-kickout. Tag to D-Von. Tag to Bradshaw. D-Von leaps at Bradshaw, who catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Stacy on the apron, and Bradshaw smacks her on the ass. Inverted 3-D by the Dudleyz. Cover by Bubba, 1-2-kickout. Bubba goes up top, but he’s distracted by Jacqui. Bradshaw hits the superplex. Double tag to D-Von and Farooq. Back body drop by Farooq. Powerslam by Farooq. Cover, 1-2-kickout. Bradshaw big boots Bubba to the outside. Spinebuster to D-Von. Two count for Farooq, as Jacqui and Stacy start battling in the ring. They go to the outside as The Dudleyz hit a 3-D on Farooq. 1-2-3!
Here are your winners and STILL WCW Tag Team Champions- The Dudley Boyz
-Austin sees Debra drawing on Austin’s notes and yells at her. Austin is going to look for information tonight. Regal comes in. Austin says he wants the Alliance in the ring with the exception of Booker T, RVD and Kurt Angle. He’s got something to say to the Alliance.

Commercial Break.

-We see Lita, as Matt comes in. Matt tells her he has the chance to win the Intercontinental title from Test tonight! Lita says she thought that she and Matt were going to face Ivory and Lance Storm tonight. Matt said he’ll think about it, but his match is coming up next.

-Regal comes down to the ring with the Alliance behind him. Regal says that the leader of the Alliance has something to get off his chest. Austin comes down to the ring and plows through some Alliance members in the ring, staring them all down. Austin gets on the mic. He gave Vince a Stunner for saying that Austin was going to turn on the Alliance. He needs to know if the Alliance trusts him. He askes Chavo, and Chavo trusts him. He asks Hugh Morrus if he’s going to pick his boogers while Austin is giving an interview. Morrus trusts Austin. Stand back, there’s a Hurricane coming through. Does Hurricane trust Austin? He does. Stasiak trusts Austin, too. Austin sees Billy Kidman against the ropes, smiling. Does Kidman thinks he’s cool? More importantly, does he trust Austin? Kidman trusts Austin. Austin spots Tazz, and tells the “Beady-Eyed Wonder” to come into the ring. Tazz comes in and cuts Austin off. Austin then cuts off Tazz, but ends up letting him talk. Tazz says no one else has the guts to tell him this. Austin isn’t going to like this, either. “Tazz” chants start up. Speaking for the Alliance, Tazz says that they don’t like him. They’re sick of him treating them like trailer park trash. That’s right, folks, not just that regular trash, but trailer park trash. The extra dirty kind. Doesn’t he live by DTA? Well, Tazz thinks it stands for Don’t Trust Austin. Austin laughs. Stunner to Tazz! Austin beats the hell out of Tazz, as the Alliance leaves the ring. Austin tells them to wait, but the leave anyway.

Commercial Break.

-We see clips from Monday where Test wins the Intercontinental Title after using the ropes for leverage.

-Austin is pissed off and talks to Shane, Steph, and Heyman. No one helped him take out Tazz. None of those people are strong enough to jump ship to the WWF. He sends Shane to look for Booker, Paul for RVD, and Steph for Kurt Angle. What?

Test vs. Matt Hardy
-Test comes down to the ring with the Intercontinental title. JR joins Cole at ringside as Matt Hardy comes out next, alone. Test goes for a Monkey Toss, but Matt counters into a backslide. 1-2-kickout. Small package by Matt, who gets a two count. Clotheslines and a scoop slam by Matt. Matt goes for the Leg Drop, but Test tosses him off the second rope. Test goes for the Pump Handle Slam, but Matt counters and hits a reverse DDT. 2 count. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Test counters and hits a clothesline. Cover by Test, but the ref stops the count after seeing Test’s legs on the ropes. Test argues with the ref, as Matt goes for the schoolboy. Test kicks out after two. Test goes up top for the flying elbow, but Matt moves. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Test counters and goes for the Big Boot. Matt ducks and hits a neckbreaker. Legdrop by Matt. Cover by Matt, but Test gets his foot on the ropes. Matt doesn’t notice and thinks he won. The ref explains that Test had his foot on the ropes when Test hits a Big Boot for the pin.
Here is your winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion- Test
-After the match, Edge spears Test.

-Austin talkst o Booker. Booker says he’s been with the Alliance since day one. Austin shows footage when Booker T beat up Austin when Booker first came to the WWF. Booker said he did that for the Alliance. He said that RVD is the mole. He’s the one who was in the limo with Vince McMahon. Shane tells them to chill out so Booker can get ready for his match with the Rock. Booker leaves, and Shane tells Austin- It’s not Booker.

Commercial break.

-Rock tapes up his elbow as we see footage from Monday night where Rock and Jericho battled for the WCW Title. Rock pins Jericho. Jericho hits Rock with the Title belt, then with many-a-chairshot. Back in Rock’s lockerroom, Vince comes in to check on him. He hoped Rock and Jericho would put their differences aside after Monday night. He’s concerned about Rock’s elbow. He knows it’s not right that Rock has to defend his title. Rock says Vince’s concern is about as fake as Steph’s breasts. Vince asks if Rock can put his differences with Jericho aside for Survivor Series. Rock says Vince shouldn’t worry about it. He should worry about Jericho surviving. Period. Oooooh.

-RVD stretches, as the Booker Man comes in. Booker says he told Austin that RVD is the mole. Rob appreciates the honesty. He’ll return the favor one day when he has something bad to say about Booker. Booker implys that RVD is jealous of him. Rob wishes him good luck. Booker tells RVD to stay out of his way, sucka. But his name isn’t sucka, it’s Rob Van Dam. That’s good, cause I was really getting confused about what his name was.

Commercial break.

Booker T vs. the Rock- WCW Title
-Can you dig it…sucka? Booker T comes out, followed by the Rock. Book takes it to the Rock outside. Rock goes into the post, elbow first. Rock goes into the ring, and Booker works on his elbow. Belly to belly by the Rock. Armwrench submission by Booker, but Rock battles out. Flying forearm by Rock. Samoan drop by Rock, who gets a two count. Rock goes for a Rock Bottom, but Booker battles out. Scissors kick by the Booker Man, who hits the Spinaroonie! Booker goes for a kick, but misses Rock and hits the ref. Rock hits a spinebuster and goes for the People’s Elbow, but Jericho hits a bulldog and the Lionsault. Booker covers, but Rock kicks out at the last second! Rock hits a DDT and goes out to beat on Jericho. Booker takes advantage and throws Rock back into the ring. Book goes for a kick, but Rock counters into the Sharpshooter. RVD comes down and kicks Rock in the face. The DQ bell is called as RVD goes up top. Five Star Frog Splash on Booker T! Rock Bottom to RVD! Jericho with a chairshot to Rock!
Commercial break.

-Vince paces, as Taker barges in. Vince wonders what’s going on. Where’s Kane? Kane’s not here. But, where’s Kane? Kane’s not here. What’s Taker going to do? Taker’s going to do what he does best, kick Austin and Angle’s asses, that’s what he’s going to do. VInce says that that’s a little out there. Taker agrees and says that maybe Austin and Angle need a few more partners. Taker says Vince can be his partner. Taker says that’s money. Vince is honored, but he didn’t bring his gear. Vince lets Undertaker be in the Handicap match. Taker is pissed that Vince is giving Austin an opportunity to come back to the WWF. Vince says it’s business, and he’s doing it for “us”. Taker says he’s not blind. Vince is doing this for himself. Austin won’t be available come Survivor Series. Taker is going to take him out.

William Regal vs. Big Show
-Regal comes down. He’s pissed that Big Show put his mitts on Regal. Well, well it’s the Big Show. Alliance members come down, but Big Show takes them out. Clothesline to Regal in the ring. Chokeslam to Stasiak and Kidman. A bunch of other Alliance members come down. Big Show battles them all down. Chokeslam to Awesome, Justin Credible, and Chavo!
-Paul and RVD talk in Rob’s lockerroom. They’ve got to talk…with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Commercial break.

-Clips of the WWF stars on the Weakest Link.

-Lita talks to Matt and hopes he’s okay. She says she found a tag team partner- Jeff.

-Vince congratulates Big Show and says he was very impressive. Vince gives his slot to Big Show in the main event at Survivor Series.

-Austin sees the TV and is none too pleased. Pauls gives RVD to Austin. Austin tells Paul to leave and Rob to sit down. Austin sets up an interrogation light. It’s time for RVD to give some answers. RVD cost Booker T the WCW Title. Austin says RVD is the mole. RVD says if anyone knows about turning on people, it’s Stone Cold. Maybe Vince is right, Austin is the mole. Austin says RVD can leave.

Commercial break.

Jeff Hardy and Lita vs. Lance Storm and Ivory
-Lita and Jeff come out, followed by Lance and Ivory. We see clips from Monday when Ivory pins Lita. Jeff and Lance start. Knee to the face by Lance. 2 count. Backbreaker by Lance. Jawbreaker by Jeff, followed by a flying forearm. Jeff tosses Lance outside. Double tag to the ladies. Spear to Ivory. Headscissors by Lita. Double tag. Clotheslines to Storm. Jeff misses the headscissors off the top rope, but hits a dropkick to the back of the head. Russian leg sweep and a compactor by Jeff, but Lace kicks out. Jeff goes for the low blow, but Ivory comes in. Lita comes in and double low blow by Jeff and Ivory. Whisper in the Wind to Lance. Superkick by Lance, 1-2-kickout. Lance grabs Jeff’s foot, and Jeff hits an Enziguiri. Litarana to Lance. Ivory tags in. Back suplex by Lita. Jeff suicide dives onto Lance outside. Clothesline and scoop slam to Ivory. Lita hits the moonsault for the 1-2-3!
Here are your winners- Jeff Hardy and Lita!

-Coach interviews Christian. Christian is about to face Tajiri, but isn’t putting any titles on the line. What is the point of this match? Christian says that Regal asked him to take out Tajiri. Now, Christian is going to show New Jersey a championship jersey, as he puts on an Arizona Diamondbacks jersey. You can tell I’m not very sports oriented- I don’t even know what sport the Diamondbacks play (preparing for Diamondback fan hate mail).

Commercial break.

Christian vs. Tajiri
-Christian comes out. We see clips of Monday night, when Tajiri takes it to Regal. Tajiri comes out with Torrie. They trade armwrenches. Shoulderblock by Christian. Tajiri counters a monkey toss and kicks Christian. Odd submission and an odd cover by Tajiri, 1-2-kickout. Huricanrana over the top rope by Tajiri. Christian goes after Torrie, but Tajiri gets in the way. Back in the ring, Christian goes for a suplex, but Tajiri counters, goes for a kick and misses, but hits a second kick. Hurricanrana to Christian. Hand spring elbow to Christian. Tarantula! Tajiri misses the kick, and Christian goes for the reverse DDT. Tajiri counters, hits a kick to the gut, goes for the Kick of Death, but misses. Christian hits the Unprettier for the 1-2-3!
Here is your winner- Christian
-Austin walks when Steph and Angle stop him. Austin wonders where Angle was. Angle says he was warming up for his match. “Warming up with her?” Steph is offended by the accusation and leaves. Austin wonders if Angle is the mole. Angle tells him he can take his hat and shove it.

Commercial break.

-We see clips of Austin giving Undertaker a Stunner during his match with Angle.

Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle- Handicap Match
-Keep Rollin’. Taker comes out, followed by Kurt Angle, and finally by Stone Cold. Angle and Austin argue and strategize on the ramp. They rush the ring, but Austin stops as Angle goes in. Big Boot by Undertaker. Leg drop and a two count. Angle ducks out of the ring and gets in a shoving match with Austin. Taker takes it to both men. Angle goes into the steps. Austin goes into the barricade. Angle rushes Taker, but is back body dropped over the barricade into the crowd. Taker takes it to Austin in the ring. Armwrenches to Austin, followed by a Tightrope drop. Austin clotheslines Taker over the top rope. Taker tosses Austin onto the announce table. Angle jumps onto Taker, who catches him and slams him into a post. Double team on Taker on the outside. Austin tosses taker in the ring. Shoulder spears in the corner by Austin. Blind tag by Angle. Taker battles back against Angle. Two German Suplexes by Angle, but Taker battles out of the wastlock and hits a DDT. Tag ot Austin. Clothesline by Taker. Taker takes it to Austin and Angle. Clotheslines to both men in the corners. Taker tosses Austin, face first, into the turnbuckle. Big boot to Austin. Angle breaks up the count. Slam to Angle, but Austin breaks up the count. Taker goes for the chokeslam on Austin, Austin counters, goes for the Stunner, but Taker tosses him into Angle. Taker gets the schoolboy for the win!
Here is your winner- The Undertaker
-After the match, Austin and Angle beat on Taker. Stunner to Taker. Stunner to Angle! Austin goes up the ramp!

Match of the Night: The matches weren’t nearly as good as last week, but I guess I’ll go with the Tajiri vs. Christian match. It could have been a lot better, but it wasn’t bad.

Quotation of the Night: Nothing really stuck out. The interrogation scene with Austin and RVD was pretty funny, though.

Man of the Night: The Undertaker. Whoopin ass and takin names. He deserves some credit for pretty good performances recently.

Sign of the Night: Christian Reeks of Reekyness!

Well, that wraps up another report. A little sidenote: To all the people who want to e-mail me a flaming homosexual who should never write for Rajah ever again, please leave me an e-mail address that I can actually REPLY to so I can tell you personally how stupid you are. Thanks. Also, I had a little goof last week. Edge wasn’t the winner in the Hardcore match, RVD was. Sorry about the typo, but I try to get these reports in as quickly as possible, and sometimes I overlook a few things. Whoops! Until next time, my loyal fans…and the people who wish syphilltic, grisly death upon me, too…the Captain thinks so!

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