WWF Smackdown 11/22/2001

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SmackDown! opens with clips from the Main Event of Survivor Series, as well as Raw: Heyman fired, Shane admitting defeat, Regal kissing ass, Lawler coming back, and security taking Steph away. Then longer clips of Vince about to bestow the WWF Title on Kurt, when The Man, Ric Flair, comes out to announce that he bought Shane and Steph’s shares of WWF before this whole mess began. Then, of course, Austin comes down and takes out Angle and Austin, before toasting Flair. The video rolls, the pyros explode, and we are LIVE from Fayetteville, North Carolina!

Lawler and Michael Cole announce tonight’s Gravy Bowl Match between Trish and Stacy Keibler, as well as The Dudleys defending against Rock and RVD.

Ric Flair Interview
-Dun…dun…dun……dun dun! The Co-Owner of the WWF, Ric Flair makes his way down to what is his ring, or at least half of it. Happy Thanksgiving, says Mr. Flair. Each and every one of us has something to be thankful for. Thanksgiving brought with it Survivor Series, one of the greatest PPVs of all time. Thank goodness he bet on the winning team. Who would have guessed that Shane and Steph would have sold their shares of the WWF to the Nature Boy Consortium? Now, Flair owns 50% of the WWF, the greatest business in the world. As big as Survivor Series was, Flair has some just-as-big things for this, his first night on the job. December 9 in the Vengeance PPV, and we all know that there are two great champions around these parts: the WWF Champion Steve Austin, and World Champion The Rock. At Vengeance, LIVE from San Diego, these two Champions will fight until there is one. Afterall, if we have one great company, there should be one great Champion. WHOO! “No Chances” hits, and Flair’s equal, Vince McMahon comes down doing the Vince swagger to try and match Flair’s strut. Since this is Thanksgiving, Vince extends the opportunity for everyone to thank the man responsable for us all being here: Kurt Angle. Fans boo, of course. How about that, Vince is a 50/50 partner with Ric Flair. Vince thinks that Flair’s idea is brilliant: we should only have one champion. He loves that idea, but Vince has another offer. If Vince is the Rock and the World Champion, as much as he hates Austin, he’d love to get his hands on Y2J. If Vince was Stone Cold, as much as he hates Rock, he’d love to beat up on Angle. So, what if Stone Cold defends the WWF Title against Kurt Angle, and The Rock defends the World Title against Y2J. And then the two winners would fight later on in that same night to unify the titles. Flair loves the idea. Vince says that it’s great that they agree, but he has a couple bones to pick with Flair. He doesn’t like the way Flair let it known that he owned half of the WWF, how he waited until after Survivor Series, and how he did it in Vince’s face. But that’s not the problem. Vince thinks Flair knew that Stone Cold had arrived before he came out. Austin came down and pounced on Angle, and Vince looked at Flair to see if he would stop Austin. Flair did nothing. Vince had to do it, and Austin beat the hell out of him in return. And what did Flair do then? He watched it and toasted Stone Cold. If they’re 50/50 partners, Vince will always have Flair’s back, but in the future, when Vince jumps in, Flair better damn well jump in also. What kind of partner is Flair going to be? Flair says that he told Vince what kind of partner he would be. WHOO! Flair struts around Vince and says that he’s going to the wheelin-dealin-limo-riding-jet-flying-kissed-all-the-girls-and-made-em-cry partner! WHOO! WHOO! WHOO!

In the back, Trish is examening her title, when Coach asks her why she would accept the Gravy Bowl match. After all, that stuff looks pretty nasty. Well, Trish likes to get nasty. But she’s the WWF Women’s Champion, and she’ll take on any comers in any matches. So when Stacy invited her to dinner and a match, she accepted. She’s dressed to kill, and if her dress gets a little wet, a little clingy, rest assured, Trish will make the…bigger impression. Fade Out.

Test vs. Scotty Too Hotty
-Test comes out, followed by Scotty. If you’ll remember, Test was only able to get in the Immunity Battle Royal because he beat up Scotty and took his place. Clubs to the back by Test. Scotty shoves Test into the ringpost and throws some punches, but Test tosses him over the top. Scotty flips back into the ring, but Test clotheslines him down. Mounted punches by Test, then a clothesline in the corner 1-2-shoulder up. Knee by Test, followed with a stalled vertical suplex 1-2-kickout. Scotty throws a shoulder and flips over Test, but gets kicked in the stomach. Scotty floats over a suplex and elbows him. Missile dropkick by Scotty 1-2-shoulder up. Superkick by Scotty, who goes for the set-up bulldog, but Test ducks him. Scotty hits a dropkick and then nails the bulldog. W-O-R-M, but Test kicks Scotty away before the chop can come down. Scotty ducks the Big Boot and cradles Test 1-2-kickout. Scotty kicks Test in the stomach and goes off the ropes but runs right into the Big Boot 1-2-3!

The WWF’s newest broadcaster, Sharmell Sullivan asks Tazz why he’s back in the WWF. Tazz says that it’s simple. Vince was impressed with what Tazz did to Heyman last week, as well as his commentating abilities. Funaki comes over and laughs at Tazz for losing to “kiss-ass man”. Tazz locks in the Tazzmission, when Show comes in and pulls him off. Show tells Tazz to pick on someone his own size, but Tazz says that he’d like to try Show on for size. Fade Out.

In the back, Kurt wishes Vince a Happy Thanksgiving, but he’s upset that so many people are ungrateful for him. They should be thankful that he’s an Olympic Gold Medalist, who entered the WWF, won every Title there is, became a role-model for children all over the world, and for single-handedly saving the WWF. But Angle is thankful for what Vince did out there, giving him the chance to be Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. But he’s upset because he should already be the WWF Champion. But just because of Flair and Austin, he’s not. Austin is an ingrate, and that will make it that much sweeter when he takes him out at Vengeance.

Christian comes in with some room service. He has a whole Thanksgiving dinner. He starts to talking about being thankful for having a job, but Taker comes in and Christian runs away. Taker says that he doesn’t want Angle around for this. Vince says that Taker isn’t scheduled to be here tonight, just like Taker was supposed to be at the celebration on Monday. Taker says that he had his own celebration because he didn’t fit in with Vince’s. 11 years in the WWF, and yet he wasn’t trusted enough to know about Kurt’s plan? Angle is a snake in the grass. Vince says that he’ll show Taker his gratitude tonight, by putting him in the Main Event: Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle. Taker asks if Vicne really wants that for “his boy”. Vince says that if Angle was his boy, why would he put him in such a match? Taker doesn’t know just yet. Fade Out.

Tazz vs. Big Show
-Tazz goes out to meet Show on the ramp, but Show Big Boots him down. Back in the ring, Show mauls Tazz down. Tazz goes for a T-Bone suplex, but he can’t pick Show up. Clothesline by Show, then a couple butt bounces. Tazz jumps on Show’s back and locks in the Tazzmission. Show tries to back Tazz into the corners, but Tazz won’t let go of the hold. Show drops to one knee, but then he regains himself and falls backwards, squashing Tazz underneath him. Show lays on Tazz, trying to regain his breath and inadvertantly pinning him 1-2-3!

In the back, Christian is helping Vince with his Thanksgiving dinner, when Kurt comes back in, ready for his match against Taker. He’s going to beat Taker’s thanks out of him. Angle storms off and Regal comes in. Vince tells Christian to wait outside. Vince needs a favor from Regal. He whispers in Regal’s ear, and Regal is taken aback. He says that he can do it, and he’ll do it bloody well. Fade Out.

Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle
-Taker pushes Angle into the corner and elbows away on him. Angle elbows back and starts throwing punches. Clothesline by Taker, then a leg drop, but he makes sure not to pin. Taker with shoulders to Angle’s shoulder. Fireman’s carry by Angle, then an armdrag, but Taker boots him down 1-2-kickout. Angle escapes outside, but Tkaer chases after him. Angle kicks Taker and smashes his head into the announce table. Back elbow by Taker, but Angle pushes him into the ringpost. Angle breaks the ten count, only to bring Taker back into the ring. Inside, Angle clubs away on Taker’s back. Stomps by Angle, then a choke with the boot. Punches by Taker, but Angle ducks a clothesline and hits a German suplex, then another, then another 1-2-shoulder up! Angle goes to the sleeper to try and slow Taker down. Taker uses the fans to sit up and punch away on Kurt. Uppercut to Angle to knock him away. Lariat by Taker 1-2-kickout. Clothesline by Taker, then another. Taker drops Angle on the turnbuckle and goes for the big boot, but Angle ducks him. Angle looks for the Olympic Slam, but Taker gets out and chokes Angle. Angle rolls down and grabs Taker for the AngleLock! Angle pulls Taker away from the ropes, so Taker rolls forward, taking Angle with him. Chokeslam to Angle! But Taker’s ankle is hurt so bad that he falls backwards after the move. Angle tries to crawl out of the ring, but Taker grabs him and pulls him back in, applying the Anklelock! Angle crawls to the ropes, but Taker refuses to break the hold! Vince runs down with a chair, but Taker sees him and turns around. Taker walks right up to Vince, stares him down, and takes the chair. Taker tosses the chair away, but keeps that stare locked in. He mouths the words “All I want is a little respect.” Satisfied with the point he got across, Taker leaves the ring and rides away. Vince looks around relieved, but a bit confused. Fade Out.

William Regal Interview
-William Regal marches down to the ring. He says that he is thankful for many things: that he is British and not American, and that he had the honor to get on his knees and kiss Mr. McMahon’s backside. He is thankfully employed in the WWF. Don’t look down on him, because each and every one of us would have done the same thing. But he needs to have a few words with someone in the back: Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin marches out and Regal starts demanding to talk to him about what he did at Survivor Series, but Austin takes the mic from him. Austin makes a comment about Regal’s ass-breath and then goes on a what-spree. Austin brought Regal a gift, but first he gives Regal a bunch of mints. Regal knocks the mints out of Austin’s hands. Austin asks if it felt good to kiss Vince’s ass. If you think Regal is the ass-kissinest bastard you ever saw, give him a ‘hell yeah’. Austin asks if Regal washed his face and brushed his teeth. He asks if Regal got turned on by kissing Vince’s ass. Did he get a little excited? Regal rips the mic from Austin and says that if it weren’t for Austin pissing off Angle and losing the match, he never would have had to kiss Vince’s ass! Regal attacks Austin, but Austin Stunners him! The Dudleys run down, as well as Christian and Test, to beat up on their former leader. They gang up on Austin, beating him every which way, before allowing Regal to go crazy on Austin. Austin trips Regal, but the four Alliance members just take him down again. 3D to Austin. Regal Stretch to Austin. The 5-on-1 continues. Fade Out.

In the back, Vince congratulates Regal, the Dudleys, Christian and Test for a job well done. To show their appreciation, Christian can face Edge for the IC Title. Vince asks where RVD is. BuhBuh tells him that when RVD heard what Vince wanted them to do, he said he wouldn’t do it. Vince looks at the Dudleys, and they instinctively understand what he wants.

Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus [Gravy Bowl Match]
-In the arena, Ms. Legs, Stacy Keibler walks down the ramp and then back to the area below the stage where the Gravy Pool is set up. Trish comes down, hat on her head and belt around her waist. To win, you must get a pinfall or submission inside the gravy pool. Stacy sits at the Thanksgiving Table set up, and she invites Trish to sit. Trish does, and almost immediately a food fight is underway. Trish dumps some cider on Stacy, who tosses the mashed potatos at Trish. Trish smashes Stacy with a pie and then smashes her face into the cranberry sauce! Stacy regains control by sliding Trish across the table and onto the floor. Trish gets up and catapults Stacy into the gravy bowl. Trish gets in the the match is underway! They just choke each other, and Stacy’s dress is showing a nice amount of ass. Stacy tries to drown Trsih in the gravy, but Trish slaps her away. Spinebuster by Trsih, who then gets on Stacy’s back and applies a reverse chin lock. Stacy taps out! Trish retains the Title. Afterwards, Stacy pushes Jimmy Korderas into the gravy. Fade Out.

In the back, Matt watches the tape of Survivor Series when Jeff had a chance to leave the cage and win, but instead jumped off and cost them the match. Lita turns the tape off and tells him to stop watching what happened. Jeff comes in, holding his neck. They ask when he’ll be back, but he doesn’t know yet. Jeff appologizes over and over, but Matt says that Jeff had to go and put himself in front of the team, trying to make the highlight reel again, and now they have no Titles. Jeff didn’t make a mistake, he made a choice; the wrong choice. Lita says that Matt has made a lot of wrong choices lately as well. There are more important things than those Titles, like family, like each other, like love. Fade Out.

Jericho is seen walking out of Vince’s room, with a big smile on his face.

Christian vs. Edge
-Christian comes out for his “reward match” against his brother. The smoke fills the arena, and Edge comes out. Edge punches away on Chrstian, hitting a hiptoss and a front facebuster 1-2-kickout. Christian chokes Edge on the rope and tosses him shoulder-first into the ringpost 1-2-on the ropes. Christian pounds away on Edge’s shoulder and scoop slams him 1-2-kickout. Christian wrenches Edge’s arm around the ropes and then goes for the 10 Punch, but only gets three before Edge pushes him away. Spinning heel kick by Edge Back body drop by Edge, then a clothesline. Chrsitian looks for the Unprettier, but Edge turns it into a reverse DDT 1-2-kickout. Edge looks for the Unprettier of his own, but Christian pushes him out and looks for trhe Edgcecutioner, but Edge fights out and actually does hit the move 1-2-kickout. Christian shoves Edge into the ringpost and low blows Edge 1-2-kickout 1-2-kickout. Christian goes out and gets the steel chair. He misses, and Edge kicks the chair back into Christian. Test runs in and starts beating on Edge. The DQ Bell rings as Edge ducks a Big Boot and Spears Christian! Test sets the chair up and holds Edge, allowing Christian to hit the Unprettier onto the chair! Fade Out.

In the back, Rock is pacing around when his partner RVD walks in. RVD says that Rock is going to be his tag partner, but Rock says that RVD is Rock’s tag partner, not the other way around. A week ago, Rock says, RVD was part of the Alliance. But now, for better or worse, RVD is in the WWF. For better or worse, they have a chance to capture the Tag Titles on the Rock’s show. RVD spaces out, so Rock wakes him up. He says that he’ll talk in Van Dam-ese. “Duuude… what’s up? Tonight, you’re teaming with the great one… bitching… they’re gonna walk down the aisle… right on… and we’re gonna lay the smack down on all their candy asses!” RVD asks about Rock’s Thanksgiving. Rock havd a great Thanksgiving. RVD says that everyday is a holiday when you’re Rob Van Dam. Fade Out.

Rock & Rob Van Dam vs. Dudley Boyz & Chris Jericho
-Once all the participants get in the ring, Vince comes out and says that he doesn’t think Rock and RVD will be that upset if the Dudleys gain a partner and we make this a Handicap Match. The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00 and out comes the Ayatollah! Rock leaps out of the ring and attacks Jericho on the ramp, spinebustering him down. In the ring, RVD works on D-Von, while BuhBuh goes out and gets Rock back into the ring. D-Von and Rock start off, with Rock scoring a clothesline. Tag to RVD. RVD with a hurricanrana, but D-Von scores with a forearm. Tag to BuhBuh. BuhBuh hits a double underhook suplex. RVD flips over an attempted hiptoss and goes up top for a flying crossbody 1-2-kickout. Tag to Rock Jericho attacks Rock from the apron, but Rock knocks him off. BuhBuh DDTs Rock and tags in Jericho. Clothesline by Jericho, who follows it up with mounted punches. Chops by Jericho, then kicks in the corner. Rock fires back, but Jericho hits an elbow and then an elbow drop 1-shoulder up. Tag to D-Von. D-Von chokes Rock on the ropes, then a forearm. Overhead throw by Rock to slow D-Von down. Tag to RVD. Standing dropkick by RVD, then a spinning heel kick. He trips BuhBuh and knocks Jericho off the apron. Rolling Thunder to BuhBuh and a scoop slam to D-Von. RVD goes up top, but Jericho tosses him off. BuhBuh slams RVD and lets D-Von hit the Wassup Headbutt. D-Von pins 1-2-kickout. Tag to Jericho. Jericho chops away on RVD, hitting a German suplex 1-2-kickout. Tag to BuhBuh. BuhBuh measures and punches RVD in the face. Back body drop by BuhBuh, followed with a couple elbow drops 1-2-kickout. Tag to D-Von. Double, um, bending flapjack by the Dudleys 1-2-kickout. Scoop slam by D-Von, who goes up top and misses the flying headbutt. RVD reaches for Rock, but D-Von grabs him. Enziguri by RVD. Tag to Rock and BuhBuh. Rock lays the smack down on BuhBuh with a forearm and a DDT to BuhBuh. Back bodydrop to BuhBuh. Rock pulls Jericho into the ring and knocks him right back out. He tosses D-Von out of the ring and spinebusters BuhBuh. People’s Elbow to BuhBuh 1-2-broken by Jericho! Jericho tags in, only to get spinebustered down. Rock locks in the SharpShooter, but D-Von breaks the hold. RVD hits a spinning heel kick to D-Von and then leaps over the ropes to take out BuhBuh. Rock Bottom to D-Von, but Jericho low blows him and Rock Bottoms the Rock 1-2-3! Jericho stands over Rock and does the smelling thing, and then climbs the turnbuckle and continues to mock Rocky. End Show.

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