WCW Saturday Night 8/29/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Sting & Nikita Koloff defeated Pat Rose & Rick Thames
2.) The Barbarian defeated Jimmy Garvin
3.) Ricky Steamboat defeated Tom Zenk
4.) Big Van Vader defeated Scott Allen
5.) WCW United States Champion Rick Rude defeated Chris Sullivan

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bill Watts announces that Jake Roberts and Cactus Jack have been fined thousands of dollars. From now on, if any wrestler leaves the commentary table they will be fined. That’s what Sting did, but he won’t be fined. That sounds like favoritism, but whatever.

2.) Cactus Jack and Jake Roberts cut a promo earlier in the day in an empty arena. Cactus mentions Sting and asks if Roberts would like to explain his involvement with Sting. Roberts says it isn’t anything personal with Sting. He had to do something that would grab people by the throat and he did just that. They also talk about WCW World Champion Ron Simmons. Roberts says that Ron Simmons deserves a lot for the athlete he is and the man he claims to be. Roberts says that someday Simmons will be selected to be tested. Cactus brings us Dustin Rhodes, the son of Dusty Rhodes. Jake Roberts wonders if Dustin is just like Dusty or if he is a fake. We see footage from the Omni where Roberts attacked Dustin on the aisle way. Cactus asks about Vader and his future in WCW. Jake knows there will be a time he’ll have to challenge Vader.

3.) WCW Television Champion Steve Austin and Paul E. Dangerously are interviewed. Austin defends the championship against Ricky Steamboat at the Clash. Dangerously will be locked in a small cage. Dangerously is distraught about being locked in a cage and is going to be treated like some kind of animal. Dangerously begs Austin not to allow that to happen. Austin says he and Dangerously have thought of a game plan to defeat Steamboat at the Clash.

4.) WCW Lightweight Champion Brad Armstrong is interviewed as well. Armstrong is scheduled to defend against Brian Pillman but Armstrong is hurt. Brad might have to vacant the championship since he has been injured. He blew his knee out and is going to try his hardest to be well enough to compete. Brian Pillman shows up from behind to confront Armstrong. Pillman apologizes for interrupting the segment and says he is confident that Armstrong will be ready for their match. Pillman knows that he will have a tough battle to regain the WCW Lightweight Championship whether Armstrong is 100% or not.

5.) WCW World Champion Ron Simmons comes out to be interviewed regarding his title defense against Cactus Jack. Simmons credits the fans for being behind him to keep the championship. Simmons tells Cactus he better be ready for him at the Clash. WCW US Champion Rick Rude comes out to confront Simmons. Rude tells Simmons to enjoy the reign while it lasts. Rude has signed a contract to challenge Simmons for the championship. Rude demands that Simmons pay attention to his match up next.

Final Thoughts:
I like that Ron Simmons has a handful of challengers for the WCW World Championship and it all makes sense. The show continues to be just hype for Clash of the Champions, which is thankfully in a few days and perhaps new things will progress in the next few episodes.

Thanks for reading.

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