WWF RAW 11/22/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Shane and the Stooges are panicking about Vince and how they need to find him. The acting is atrocious….

Match 1: Mankind and Al Snow v. Hardcore and Crash Holly

More about the doll and Wal-Mart pulling it because somehow it equates with severing the heads of women. Jesus, even in 1999 there were over reactive douchebags with nothing better to do. Hardcore makes fun of him but is upset because it has impacted the sales of his doll and so the fight is on….

First minute or two they have been tearing into each other. Back and forth….Hollys win. Snow is pinned.

** Not a bad brawl. Angle advancement for poor Snow about to snap.

Search for Vince commences.

DX are in the back of the limo giggling like school girls. They are talking about Vince and other things….

Vince is found in a car with a bat and he screams that he wants to be left alone.

Match 2: Kurt Angle v. Mark Henry

Kurt shakes hands with JR and Lawler. Kurt has the mic and talks about participation in the Olympic Games, meaning Mark Henry, who did not win gold but Kurt did! Classic! Some did not pull through and he will not furnish any names. He asks for cheers for bringing home the gold medal. Not the man who stayed out at a topless bar the night before he competed! Henry placed last and had he followed the Three I’s he would have finished first. Henry does not appreciate that and attacks Kurt.

He slams him and then leaps up and slides over him. Both are on the floor. Back in the ring, Angle drops him and goes for the ankle but Henry picks him up and powerbombs him and now he goes for another one but Kurt escapes and bridges him getting the win.

** Short but another win for Kurt and the promo was classic.

DX arrives in their limo and Vince rams it with his car over and over! He gets out with a bat and bashes up the car with a bat.

After the break he is trying to break into the locker room.

WWF=Porn sign out there (a plant). Godfather has come out and he is doing his thing on the mic.

Match 3: Godfather v. Chris Jericho

Godfather starts strong but Jericho finishes him off with a Lionsault.

** Extra half for Jericho finally getting a minor push after over a month of limbo.

Vince is still wailing on the door.

Cops come and arrest Vince. HHH comes out and beats up Vince who is hauled off. HHH is not though. for assaulting him?

During the break Vince was led away as DX taunted him.

Match 4: Edge and Christian v. Dudley Boyz

The Dudleys run down the ramp and the brawl is on! Devon is clotheslined to the floor and Edge knocks down Bubba with a heel kick. Edge is grabbed and nailed with a Samoan Drop. Bubba drops the elbow and chokes him out. He oges over and taunts Christian who is yelling at the ref. Devon goes up top and drops the head onto the crotch and he gets two. Bubba is back in and he hammers Edge but is taken over with a sunset flip and nearly pinned. Bubba decks him and twists the head. Devon is in and he runs over Edge and gets two. Devon chokes him out. Edge escapes and here comes Christian who is briefly pounded by he takes out Devon and Bubba is speared by Edge. Devon spikes Edge and goes up top but he is crotched and Edge and Christian connect with the super duper suplex and get the win.

**1/2 Good match. Both need a push. The right man did not get the pin but whatever….The legal man that is.

Everyone wants to know who the Rock’s partner will be. He sees Mankind and the argument ensues about Mankind leaving him. Rock declares he did not throw the book away and even quoted it. Al says something and Rock wonders who the hell he is and if he works here. Also Head can be stuck up his ass! Mankind is giddy that Rock read the book.

Vince arrives at the police station.

Next week is the Steph and Test wedding and we get a promo for it. Her bridal shower!

Steph is wearing a short skirt and some naughty boots. Moolah gives her a riding crop and Linda takes out. Mae gives her advice on her wedding night!

Match 5:Hardy Boyz v. X Pac and

Terri just randomly opens her jacket and shows off her bra….Not sure why. But whatever works I guess.

Well they introduced both, and it is a single’s match with Pac and Jeff Hardy. Jeff is looking pretty good. He has the win but of course DX intervenes and it is over.

** Not bad. Not a fan of DX though and it just gets old.

Vince is getting fingerprinted.

Show is pacing and he has offered an open challenge.

Linda has chartered a plane for Vegas! I want to go! Mae has fallen into the cake andthen rubs it on Moolah and falls into Steph.

Photo for Vince now.

Match 6: Big Show (c) v. Kane for WWF Title

They are beating each other and Show stops the back and forth with a powerslam and he gets two. Kane goes for a boot but is caught. Kane nails him with a enzuguri but Show barely moves. Kane is pushed to the floor but lands on his feet and then bounces Show’s neck off the top rope and gets two. They goozle each other and Viscera is stalking Tori. Kane rakes the eyes of Show and goes after Viscera and hammers him. Viscera is rolled into the ring and Show slams him!

** Countout but not bad for a short brawl. Show is being booked as a paper champ though. Just having a match a night and that is about it.

Shane is on the phone with Vince. Lawyers and plan for DX…etc.

HHH comes down and I will add some brevity: He is accusing Vince of hitting Austin and the police are arresting him for that too. He wants to know if they will fight at the PPV (I thought he was arrested) and out comes Shane. Vince told him that HHH will face both Acolytes tonight. Shane is beaten up by DX. Acolytes make the save and Ass injures his ankle.

Match 7: Val Venis and Bulldog v. Too Cool

PTC! Yes, the Parents Television Council. One of those right wing wacko organizations that if your kid watches TV or plays a video game he will shoot up a school. They targeted the WWF and claimed that the show caused violence etc. due to the profanity and sex and violence on the show. Basically the WWF was not good for kids and it targeted kids etc. A study showed that the PTC exaggerated its claims and they were sued by the WWF and had to backpedal! JR is talking about this and how the WWF is targeted and how they are losing advertisers and fans need to help….

Okay, Val will leave the Bulldog solo and he gets beaten up. Posse runs down and here comes Rikishi who annihilates the Posse.

* Angle advancement.

Too Cool wants Rikishi to dance. He does. Pretty good too.

Shane has everything under control and Test is worried.

Vince is led to his cell. He loses his coat and belt because they do not want him to hang himself.

Match 8: Road Dogg v. Test

Shane is the ref. Road Dogg is getting dismantled. He is powerbombed and hammered some more. Shane lends a quick hand and Test dry humps Road Dogg and hits Dogg’s finisher for the win!

*1/2 No personality but Test is not too bad.

Bossman is screaming about being the number one contender for the WWF title. Cue the Rock. Rock does his thing and he takes on both Bossman and PA.

Match 9: Bossman and PA v. Rock

Rock takes out both but he is overwhelmed and tossed into the announce table. Back in the ring he is hammered. Mankind and Al are watching in the back. Rock is crushed with a piledriver. Foley comes down but Rock fights back and DDT’s PA. Rock makes the tag and takes out both heels. They are whipped into each other. Socko on PA! Now Bossman. PA eats a Rock Bottom. Elbow and match!

** Rock and Sock on more time and the fans erupt. Mankind got the pin.

Stooges are making fun of HHH for getting his ass kicked later by the Acolytes.

Vince’s bail has been posted. He leaves.

Match 10: HHH v. Acolytes

DX is not allowed to interfere. HHH is just getting pasted. Out on the floor around the announce table, against the barrier and now over it. HHH gets in only a little bit of offense. Back to the ass kicking for another couple of minutes. HHH gets a chair and wipes them out. He leaves and is blasted by Vince who has a chair and then tossed off the stage.

NR. Just a long mauling.

*** Fast paced and to the point. Nothing uneccessary. Loving Angle, starting to dig Jericho again. Just plain angle advancement and that is not a bad thing. Wrestling was not great but did the job. By the numbers and entertaining. Like I said earlier, Show has not been booked to do much of anything. Shame too.

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