WWF Smackdown 11/18/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

DX mauls Brisco and Patterson and leave them bloody and broken as a message to Vince.

Vince shows up in a limo and Slaughter informs him of what happened and Vince and Test are running towards the scene. They are still laid out. They are able to tell Vince that he is taking this to personal. Vince wants HHH right back here.

Match 1: Edge and Christian v. Too Cool

Scotty is trying to do some rap and talks about being white and cool. Brian is now the Grandmaster Sexay and giggles.

Scotty and Christian work the arm. Christian dropkicks him and armdrags him down, and holds onto the arms. Edge is tagged in and and Scotty exchange blows. Here comes Brian and he rib punches Edge and hammers him. Edge reverses a whip but Brian slides under and both Cool are in but they celebrate instead of following up and get plowed. Brian is pulled down by his hair and Edge gets two after a missile dropkick. But Brian comes back and tosses him to the floor where Edge is doubleteamed. He is thrust crotch first into the pose and Edge is rolled back into the ring. Christian is in and he is doubleteamed but counters with a double DDT and he gets two. Now it is just Scotty and Christian. Kill Switch! Sexay is up top and guillotine legdrops Christian and they get the win.

**1/2 Solid opener. So why after an epic ladder match are Edge and Christian jobbers?

After the match the heels are beaten up.

Slaughter has talked to someone. Not sure….I think it is HHH and Vince will be right here.

After the break Vince enters their locker room. Vince is in the face of HHH. Vince calls them “brave” for beating up Patterson and Brisco. Vince is warned to not make this personal and he responds by saying it already is.

Match 2: Kurt Angle v. Gangrel

A person in the crowd has a WWF is Immoral sign. Kurt is being fed midcarders. Not a bad call. Kurt works him over. He is bitter that he is booed. He yells at the crowd for wanting to cheer for a vampire and then points at Luna and does not know what that is….He is upset that they will not cheer for a real hero. He gets back in the ring and is greeted with stomps, a slam and elbow drop. Gangrel gets two but Kurt counters with a belly to belly and powerslam. Gangrel fights back but the Angle Slam ends that!

** Kurt!

Test is playing WWF on N64 as Steph looks on and opens presents! Yeah! Love that game. WCW v. nWo is better though. He does not care about the bowl but smiles.

DX are plotting something….

Still opening presents and still playing vidoe games. Test is given a frog. There is a card about being a limo and they need to hop to it. She is ready to leave but he is wary and goes to check on it. She mocks him for leaving his game. I wouldn’t leave it! Test enters the parking lot and is ambushed. DX mugs him. AKA beats his ass. He is put in a trunk and Gunn drives off!

Match 3: Godfather v. British Bulldog

No Ho’s for Bulldog who will be spanking his monkey tonight. The fight is on. Bulldog runs him over and here comes the Posse. The Ho’s are dancing for them. Godfather takes out Bulldog and checks on the Ho’s. He grabs the Immoral sign and the Posse swarm. He is beaten and rolled back into the ring. Powerslam and it is over.

*1/2 Bulldog gets a win! I forgot he is the Euro champ.

More yelling between HHH and Vince. Steph storms in screaming about Test and wants to know where he is. HHH threatens to beat her ass too.

Viscera talks about how pretty Tori is and how he would never hurt her like Pac did. Kane charges in and the fight is on.

Match 4: Hardcore Holly v. Big Show (c)

Show is massacring him. But he is doubleteamed and driven down but he shoves both down. Show backs into both men in the corner. Chokeslam and match….

*1/2 Bulldog gets less love. I guess it was a doubleteam.

Crash is hanging on his back and so he too is chokeslammed!

Bossman runs down and beats him with the nightstick.

Test is back and he is being helped out of the trunk. His nose is broken again.

Match 5: Viscera v. Kane

Kane hammers him but is taken out and Tori comes out and Viscera wants her to be his Ho. Kane is back up and he thrusts Viscera into the post. He rolls him into the ring and hits the top rope lariat. Viscera is goozled and chokeslammed. Match.

*1/2 Kane gets a win!

HHH knocks on Vince’s door and he agrees that everything has gone too far. He gives them a wedding gift. A catchers mask! Vince slams the door.

JR is on the phone. More on the investigation. JR calls Lawler an ass and spells it for him. Lawler is bitter.

Police are guarding Vince’s door now.

Match 6: Jackie v. Ivory (c) for WWF Women’s Title

Wait it is Luna. Who is the champ. I am lost. It is a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Okay it is a Triple Threat match. They are brawling all over the back of the arena. Now at the concession stand and they are throwing popcorn and straws all over the place. Ivory is getting pummeled by both and shoved into the restroom. A men’s room and some dude is taking a leak and Ivory is befuddled and just stares. She runs out and knocks over a cameraman. Now they fight into the back of the concession stand and Ivory pins Jackie.

**1/2 Not bad.

Mankind and Al are in Vegas and Al is filming it. They chase some fan who acts like the Rock and Mankind makes him squeal! The same fan mocks them again and the chase is on. The casino is empty….

Vince’s guarded door. Who cares.

Match 7: Mark Henry v. Chris Jericho

Henry does not apprciate what Jericho did to Chyna. Fans mock it anyway!

Jericho comes out and blames Chyna for what happened as she just had to say that he was the better man. Henry is told that Jericho is the better man.

Jericho ducks a wild swing and hammers Henry. Henry clobbers him and down goes Jericho but he misses in the corner and is bulldogged. Jericho nails him and wins.

*1/2 That was quick.

Dudleys are on the phone. Devon is yelling. Bubba is stuttering and then yells drive! Classic.

Lillian is with the Rock who has come back to Cincy (I am sorry!). Bossman needed help to beat the Rock because he could not on his own. Rock gives him a golf clap. Rock wants a bit of revenge. The Rock will always be the People’s Champ and will layeth the SD on him.

Match 8: Hardy Boyz v. New Age Outlaws (c) for WWF Tag Titles

Hardys attack and the Outlaws and they retreat to the floor. Road Dogg shake, rattles and rolls on Jeff. He drops the knee and gets two. Ass is in but the doubleteam fails and Jeff takes them both down. He leaps and makes the hot tag and Matt takes out the heels. He backdrops Ass and then leaps off of Jeff and crashes into Road Dogg but Ass pulls the ref in front on and he is down and out. On the floor Matt holds Ass and Jeff runs the barrier and crashes into Ass. Back in the ring Road Dogg is suplexed. Senton Bomb. Jeff and Matt go up together: Splash and headbutt! Ref is still out. Pac runs down and little the interference begin. Matt is able to cover Dogg and he gets two. Pac still intervenes: X Factor and match.

**1/2 Good Match but a cluster of an ending.

They talk to Gabriel Byrne….End of Days.

Test, Shane and Steph smell something burning. Vince agrees. They all make it out but cannot find Steph.

Match 9: Big Bossman v. Rock

Rock starts strong but Bossman mounts a comeback, but belatedly lowers his head and is faceplanted. After a suplex Rock gets two. Bossman counters and goes for a piledriver but is backdropped. Rock rushes at him and is nailed with a spinebuster and gets two. Rock is knocked to the floor and PA hammers him. Rock is back in the ring and he hammers away. He goes for the Bottom but is elbowed in the face. PA is involved and is knocked off the apron and Bossman misses with the nightstick and it is Rock Bottom time. Match.

** What a weak number one contender.

They attack Rock and here comes Show who tosses Bossman and chokeslams PA. Hollys randomly run down and Rock destroys them.

HHH has come down and bitches some more. Jesus, he is repetitive and goes on for a month about getting personal. He is still talking about personal and demands Vince get out here. HHH talks about suing him and then threatens to beat his weathered old ass. Christ, I really dread the coming years where HHH dominates the show and beats everyone over and over…..I mean he has mentioned personal a dozen times. Basically it has taken seven minutes to say he wants to face Vince with no repercussions. On the PPV and he cannot spit that out either. DX has Steph and that is incentive to sign the contract. Vince runs.

*** Holy shit, HHH needs to read the Cliff Notes version. Still not a bad show. It did the job and advanced the angles. Pretty much setting up the PPV.

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