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Rebooking The WWF: WrestleMania X

It’s the biggest event of 1994 for this rebooking project. Find out what happens!

World Wrestling Federation presents WrestleMania X
Date: 3/20/1994
From: New York, NY
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Bobby Heenan
Attendance: 22,292 (sellout)

Dark Match: The Smoking Gunna defeated The Quebecers in 8:46 when Billy pinned Jacques.

A video package promoting the DiBiase/Hart, Piper/Lawler, Hogan/Flair and Luger/Taker matches is aired. It is time for WRESTLEMANIA X!

Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan are standing at ringside and they welcome us to the biggest event the WWF has to offer each year. They discuss some of the bigger matches such as Piper/Lawler, DiBiase/Hart, Hogan/Flair and Taker/Luger. Heenan also discusess the Jarrett/Perfect match and believes that we will see Jarrett make his name here tonight when he pins Perfect right in the ring. Also, Heenan thinks the end of an era will take place when Randy Savage is forced to retire. McMahon notes that tonight we are going to start with a championship match! Let’s send it down to the ring!

Opening Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers vs. Shawn Michaels & Diesel: Scott and Michaels opened the match with Scott controlling Michaels with mat wrestling until Michaels bailed to the floor and talked to Diesel to regain his composure. Michaels gained the advantage with a simple poke to the eye and a back suplex. Michaels let out his frustration with a stiff stomp to Scott’s face and tagged in Diesel. Diesel worked on Scott in the corner with knee lifts and elbows. Diesel drives Scott down to the canvas with a side slam for a near fall. Diesel clubs Scott over the back and looks for a big boot but Scott ducks and Diesel crotches himself on the top rope for a moment. Scott comes off the ropes and clotheslines Diesel to the floor! Diesel lands on his feet and flips out on the floor while the Steiner Brothers play to the crowd in the ring. Diesel returns to the ring and wants a test of strength, which Scott goes for. Diesel takes the advantage with a knee lift to the midsection and keeps Scott down to his knees. Scott gets to his feet with the fans supporting him and manages to break free and hip toss Diesel down. Scott follows up with a series of clotheslines and looks to tag in Rick, which he does. Rick enters and delivers clotheslines of his own and power slams a charging Michaels. Rick barks to the crowd and is met with a big boot from Diesel to put an end to that. Diesel works over Rick in the corner before tagging in Michaels who jabs and stomps Rick several times. Michaels works over Rick by hitting a side suplex and a middle rope knee drop for a near fall. Michaels looks for a pile driver, and hits it, but Rick pops right up and hits himself in the head several times to show that had no impact on him! Rick delivers a flurry of offense and hits another power slam and hit a belly to belly suplex! Rick tags out to Scott who hits a double under hook powerbomb and nearly wins the bout, but Diesel got involved. Late in the match, all four men are brawling when Diesel big boots Scott to the floor and crotches Rick on the top as he was going for a bulldog. Rick flips into the ring and staggers to his feet only to be met with a super kick by Michaels. Michaels covers Rick while Diesel hold Scott on the floor to win the titles! (Diesel & Michaels over Steiner Brothers to win titles, 13:18, ***)

Backstage, Jim Ross conducted an interview with Chris Benoit. Ross talked about how Benoit had turned his back on the family that had given him the chance to wrestle for a living. Benoit smirks and tells Ross that he couldn’t stand to be associated with weak minded people. The day he turned on Owen Hart was the day he felt the ruthlessness that he had been lacking. Tonight, on the biggest stage of them all, he is going to make Owen Hart tap out.

Backstage, Mean Gene is standing with Owen Hart. Gene asks Owen about his match with Benoit, which is coming up next. Owen tells us that his father taught him things that Benoit doesn’t even know about and tonight he will use those moves to beat Benoit and teach him a lesson in respect!

Second Contest: Owen Hart vs. Chris Benoit: Benoit slaps Owen in the face and is tackled by Owen in the early moments. They focus on mat wrestling early on but neither man surrenders or anything. Benoit chops Owen viciously in the corner and hit a northern lights suplex as things began to go to another level between these two. Owen dumps Benoit over the top with a backdrop and hit a top rope cross body to the floor! Owen tries to send Benoit into the ring post but Benoit counters and rams Owen shoulder first into the post. Benoit also slams Owen’s arm against the ring steps to add some extra punishment. Benoit works over Owen’s arm with several knee drops back in the ring and locks in a cross arm breaker until Owen reaches the bottom rope with his feet. Benoit misses a short arm clothesline and Owen nearly wins with a German suplex for a near fall. Owen quickly goes up top to hit a missile dropkick but only gets a near fall on the cover. Owen looks to go for the Sharpshooter but Benoit kicks Owen away and he hits the corner chest first hard. Owen stumbles out of the corner and Benoit connects with a full nelson suplex! Benoit signals for the end. Benoit leaps off the top and hits a diving headbutt for the win! (Chris Benoit over Owen Hart, 10:08, ***1/2)

Backstage, Jim Ross is standing with Jeff Jarrett and Scott Norton. Ross hypes up Jarrett’s match with Mr. Perfect coming up next as the match that could make or break Jarrett’s career. Jeff says that tonight the big lights are on him and Mr. Perfect but after the match is said and done, the spotlight will be on his career while Mr. Perfect’s run in the WWF will be shut down for good!

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. Mr. Perfect: Prior to the match, the referee ejects Scott Norton from ringside, which didn’t sit well with Jarrett at all. Perfect tosses his towel at Jarrett and hammers away on Jarrett before tossing him out of the corner by his hair. Jarrett is met with a running knee lift which sends him to the floor. Perfect follows Jarrett but is rammed head first into ring post. Jarrett taunts the fans while Perfect if laid out on the floor. They return to the ring where Jarrett stomps away on Perfect and hit a snap suplex for a near fall. Jarrett countered a backdrop attempt with a swinging neck breaker and got another two count on Perfect. Jarrett begins to focus on Perfect’s left knee and jumps down across the weakened leg several times. Perfect is able to avoid a middle rope cross body and hits a rolling neck snap despite a noticeable limp. Perfect follows up with a backbreaker across his injured leg but shakes it off to get a near fall. Perfect looks for the Perfect Plex, but Jarrett is able to punch Perfect’s injured leg and locks in a figure four, which prompts the fans to WOOO! Perfect fights the hold and turns over to put the pressure on Jarrett until he reaches the ropes! Late in the match, Jarrett heads to the middle rope looking for a double axe handle and taunts the fans. He leaps off but is kicked in the midsection and Perfect quickly hits the Perfect Plex to win the match! (Mr. Perfect over Jeff Jarrett, 8:44, **1/2)

A video promoting the New York City street fight is shown. Tonight, Bam-Bam Bigelow and Razor Ramon look to prove to each other that they are the toughest men in the WWF. Who will be lucky enough to walk out of Madison Square Garden the winner?

Fourth Contest: Razor Ramon vs. Bam-Bam Bigelow in a street fight: Ramon jumps off the apron with a trash can to hit Bigelow as he made his way down to the ring. Ramon mounts Bigelow on the aisle way to deliver several right hands. Ramon tosses Bigelow into the guard railing and ring steps shoulder first. Ramon charges but is dropped throat first across the railing by Bigelow to turn the match around into his favor. Bigelow grabs a chair and smashes Ramon over the back a few times before tossing him into the ring. Bigelow keeps the chair in hand and puts it over Ramon’s body. Bigelow leaps off the middle rope but misses a back splash and hits only the chair! Ramon struggles to his feet and clotheslines Bigelow a few times before sending him over the top to the floor! Ramon looks for a slingshot cross body but is caught by Bigelow and slammed on the floor! Bigelow rolls Ramon into the ring and exposes a turnbuckle. Bigelow puts Ramon in the corner and attempts a big splash but misses and hits the turnbuckle chest first! Ramon grabs Bigelow looking for a bulldog but Bigelow shoves him off and Ramon hits the turnbuckle chest first too and they are both down! Bigelow gets up first and clubs away on Ramon before hitting a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. Bigelow sends Ramon into the ropes and hit a miltary press slam! Bigelow signals for the end and heads to the top rope where he leaps off and hits a diving head butt but Ramon kicks out just before three! Bigelow argues with the referee while Ramon reaches into his boot to get powder and a chain. Bigelow turns around and is met with a fist full of powder, blinding him and Ramon knocks him out with the chain but can’t follow up for the pin. After several seconds, Ramon crawls over to put one arm over Bigelow but can’t get the win! Ramon gets up and signals for the Razors Ege! Ramon grabs Bigelow and tries to lift him up but he can’t. Bigelow backdrops Ramon and plants him with a jumping DDT! Bigelow picks up the chair and heads to the top rope. Bigelow comes off and slams the chair into Ramon. Bigelow covers and is able to get the three count. (Bam-Bam Bigelow over Razor Ramon, 11:17, ***1/4)

A video highlighting the feud between Bret Hart and Ted DiBiase is shown. DiBiase has gone so far to have bought the Hart House and has Bret Hart’s family as his personal servants to allow them to live in the home.

Backstage, Mean Gene is standing with Ted DiBiase. Gene asks DiBiase about why it had to come to this between himself and Bret Hart. DiBiase laughs and tells Gene that he wanted his name back in the bright lights and he took advantage of a situation to make that happen. For the last several months he has had the Hart Family literally kissing his feet because without him, they would be nothing. Tonight, Bret Hart can try all he wants to get his family back, but it won’t happen. DiBiase assures Gene and the fans that tonight the Million Dollar Man will get the last laugh!

Backstage, Jim Ross is standing with Bret Hart and his younger brother Owen Hart. Ross realizes that Bret is focused and he isn’t going to ask him a stupid question. Bret cuts Ross off and says he has been waiting for this night for over five months. He says that Ted DiBiase has been thorn in his families side for far too long and tonight he is going to make him feel all the pain that he has felt and threatens DiBiase to cherish that few moments that he will be able to walk.

Fifth Contest: Ted DiBiase vs. Bret Hart: DiBiase bails to the floor early on but Bret chases him around the ring before DiBiase slides back in and puts the puts to Hart to get a quick advantage. DiBiase sends Hart across the ring but misses a clothesline and Hart mounts DiBiase to deliver a series of right hands as the fans go crazy for Bret! DiBiase rolls to the floor again and tells the referee that those were closed fists. DiBiase gets on the apron and is slingshot back into the ring by Hart. Hart backs DiBiase into a corner and delivers more right hands to the face and midsection. The referee tries to pull Hart out of the corner but that allows DiBiase to poke him in the eye and hits a side Russian leg sweep. DiBiase drops a knee and several falling fist drops to maintain control of the bout. DiBiase pulls Hart up and drives his knee into his midsection before hitting a gut wrench suplex and gets a near fall. DiBiase works over Hart with a sleeper hold but Hart is able to break the hold with a jaw breaker. Hart gets up and hits a running dropkick to send DiBiase into a corner. Hart charges the corner but misses and hits the corner dangerously hard chest first. DiBiase grabs Hart and plants him with a pile driver. DiBiase taunts the fans and then motions for something backstage. IRS makes his way out with Diane Hart dressed up in a maid outfit and Bret’s parents. DiBiase has Diane wipe sweat off his forehead on the floor and gives her a kiss on the check while she looks disgusted! DiBiase returns to the ring and casually works over Hart. Hart ducks a series of clotheslines and comes off the ropes to drive DiBiase down with a bulldog! Hart goes to the middle rope and hits a clothesline! DiBiase staggers to his feet and is met with a back breaker! Hart continues by coming off the middle rope for a forearm drop but only gets a two count on the cover. IRS gets on the apron to distract Hart and DiBiase begins to recover. DiBiase tries to hit Hart from behind but Hart moves and DiBiase hits IRS! Hart connects with a side Russian leg sweep and drags DiBiase to the center of the ring to lock in the Sharpshooter! Hart has it locked in as DiBiase is screaming in agony! DiBiase tries to reach the ropes but Hart drags him back and sits back rather far to add extra torque and DiBiase is forced to tap out. After the match, Bret Hart doesn’t want to let go of the hold but his mother enters the ring in tears and Bret lets go to embrace her. The Hart Family has their freedom back! (Bret Hart over Ted DiBiase, 15:52, ****)

A video promoting the WWF Intercontinental Championship match is aired. It focuses on the romantic parternship between champion Rick Martel and Tamara as they look to overcome the strength of challenger Ron Simmons.

Backstage, Jim Ross is standing with Ron Simmons. He asks Simmons about the match coming up next. Simmons tells Ross that he is going to rearrange Martel’s face and take what is rightfully his and that’s the WWF Intercontinental Championship!

Sixth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel vs. Ron Simmons: Martel tries to attack Simmons before the bell but Simmons simply sends him into the ropes and hits a snap powerslam for a quick near fall. Martel staggers into a corner and kicks Simmons in the midsection to try and slow down the big man. Martel leaps off the middle rope but Simmons catches him and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Martel is noticeably worried as he charges at Simmons but is driven down to the mat with a spinebuster. The champ quickly rolls to the floor where Tamara gets close to her man. Martel grabs the championship from Tamara and yells at the referee to look at him. Simmons sticks his head out the middle rope and Martel whacks him in the face with the championship. That causes the referee to ring the bell. After the match, Martel rolls back into the ring and beats down Simmons with the WWF Intercontinental Championship! Martel locks in the Boston Crab while Simmons is knocked out cold. Martel soon lets go of the hold and walks out of the ring with Tamara by his side, both of them smiling. (Ron Simmons over Rick Martel by disqualification, 4:03, **)

Backstage, Mean Gene is with Hulk Hogan. Gene hypes up the upcoming match saying it’s been years in the making to see Hogan square off with Ric Flair. Hogan starts off by telling Gene that it’s the dream matches of all dream matches. The Hulkster against the Nature Boy, two of the biggest names in the wrestling world on the biggest stage in professional wrestling. Hogan makes it clear that he hasn’t been ducking Flair and that instead Flair has been just all talk and no action, until tonight. Hogan promises his fans that he will show them why they have stood by him all these years and that tonight Hogan will defeat Flair to make it known that Hogan is the greatest wrestler to ever live once and for all!

Backstage, Jim Ross is standing with Ric Flair. Ross talks to Flair about the show and the match with Hogan before noting that Flair has never won on the biggest stage of them all. Flair gets annoyed by the statement and says that all the other matches in his career have meant nothing. All the wins and loses he may have mean nothing to him. For far too long he has been wanting the almighty Hulk Hogan in the ring and tonight he gets his chance to shut Hogan and his fans mouths. Flair says he has had dreams of having Hogan trapped in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go, begging for mercy. Flair promises Ross that mercy will not be shown. Tonight, the Nature Boy is going to live up his motto… to be the man, you gotta beat the man. “Hogan, you will never, ever, be the man.”

Seventh Contest: Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair: The fans are going nuts for this match before the bell even sounds of contact is made. They lock up and Hogan tosses Flair down to the mat much to the delight of the fans. They locked up again and Flair is shoved back down to the canvas. Flair fakes Hogan out on a third lockup attempt and rakes his eyes before starting to chop Hogan several times in the corner. Flair sends Hogan into the ropes and delivers a chop, thinking he knocked Hogan down, but he was wrong. Flair turns around and Hogan lifts him up to hit a miltary press slam. Flair backs off but Hogan backs him into a corner. Flair pulls Hogan face first into the middle turnbuckle and quickly stomps away on Hogan to keep control of the bout. Flair brings Hogan out of the corner to hit a back suplex for a one count as Hogan powers out. Flair drives his knee into Hogan’s shoulder blades and keeps him down with a hammerlock. Hogan gets to his feet and punches Flair several times to break the hold. Hogan sends Flair into the ropes and delivers a backdrop. Flair gets up but is clotheslined over the top by Hogan. Flair grabs a chair on the floor and tries to bring it into the ring but the referee stops him from being able to do so. Hogan pulls Flair back into the ring and hits a scoop slam. Hogan tries for a big boot but Flair ducks under and chop blocks Hogan’s left knee. Flair focuses on the leg by slamming Hogan’s knee into the canvas several times and delivers a shin breaker. Flair puts Hogan’s leg over the bottom rope and drops down across the leg a few times. Flair looks to go for the figure four but Hogan counters with an inside cradle but only gets a two count. Hogan tries to get to his feet but Flair nails him with a forearm shot. Hogan begins to get a second wind as Flair clubs away on him. Hogan grabs Flair and sends him flipping into a corner. Flair runs the apron and tries to leap off the top rope but Hogan tosses Flair off. Hogan waits in the corner and when Flair gets up he delivers a big boot! However, as Hogan begins to play to the crowd and signal for leg drop, Flair grabs the referee’s foot to distract him as a masked man comes out and gets on the apron to whack Hogan over the back of his head with a crowbar! Hogan crumbles to the mat and the masked man runs backstage! Flair lets go of the referee and crawls over to Hogan. Flair puts his arm over Hogan and the referee counts the three! (Ric Flair over Hulk Hogan, 13:39, **3/4) After the match, Flair taunts the fans and leaves the ring while Hogan slowly gets up and is heard asking the referee what happened.

Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan talk about the match we just witnessed with McMahon upset that Hulk Hogan was just robbed by a masked man and believes we will never hear the end of it from Flair. Bobby Heenan is gloating, as usual, that Flair is the man and he just proved it by pinning Hogan. They turn their attention to the six man tag match which will see either Randy Savage or Jim Cornette fired from the WWF. Heenan notes that Cornette is far too valuable to the WWF to be lost and he couldn’t care less about Savage being let go.

Eighth Contest: Randy Savage, Tatanka & Marty Jannetty vs. Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga & Crush: All six men enter the ring and start going at it with the heels getting the better of the exchange. Borga tosses Tatanka to the floor and Jannetty is gorilla press slammed over the top onto him by Crush. Savage is left in the ring with all three men early on with Yokozuna hitting a belly to belly suplex. Yoko and Savage legally start off the bout with Yoko chopping Savage several times in the corner. Savage avoids a running back splash and hammers away on the big man. Savage lunges to his corner and tags in Tatanka who comes off the top with an overhand strike to wobble Yoko. Jannetty is tagged in and he comes off the top with a missile dropkick to nearly knock Yoko off his feet. Savage comes off the top with a double axe handle to knock Yoko down! Yoko tags out to Crush while Tatanka tags back into the bout. Tatanka and Crush trade right hands with Tatanka getting the better of the exchange. Crush catches Tatanka coming off the ropes and hits a side walk slam. Crush controls Tatanka with a bearhug for a few moments. Tatanka breaks the grip and is able to powerslam Crush. Jannetty gets tagged in as does Borga. Janentty uses his size to knock Borga down with a spinning heel kick. Jannetty attempts a top rope cross body but is caught by Borga who hits a gut buster for a near fall. Borga follows up with a side slam and a big splash for a near fall. Jannetty struggles to his feet but avoids a charging Borga and Borga flies over the top to the floor. Jannetty lunges to his corner to tag in Savage, but now everyone is in the ring. Tatanka clubs away on Yokozuna while Crush works over Jannetty. Savage leaps off the top rope to hit Borga with a double axe handle on the floor and that sent Borga face first into the guard railing! Savage blocks a tennis racket shot from Jim Cornette and punches him out! Savage rolls Borga into the ring and dumps Crush over the top to help Jannetty. Jannetty takes Crush out with a slingshot cross body. Savage goes up top as Tatanka sends Yokozuna face first into the ring post. Savage leaps off and hits the elbow drop on Borga to get the victory! (Randy Savage, Tatanka & Marty Jannetty over Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga & Crush, 8:49, **1/2) After the match, security grabs Jim Cornette and escort him out of the arena as Savage and company celebrate the win!

Howard Finkel is standing in the ring to introduce the arm wrestling contest between Scott Norton and the British Bulldog. Finkel goes over the rules as Jeff Jarrett is getting Norton prepared for the encounter. Before the start of the contest, Jim Neidhart comes out to be by Bulldog’s side! Jarrett doesn’t like that Neidhart came out here but tough luck for him. They begin the contest with Norton getting the early advantage but Bulldog digs deep and begins to make his move. Jarrett gets nervous and appears to try and hit Bulldog, but Neidhart tackles him as Bulldog slams Norton’s fist down to the table to win. Norton tips the table over Bulldog and grabs Neidhart. Norton looks to hit Neidhart but Bulldog gets up and spins Norton around to hit a running power slam! Norton and Jarrett bail to the floor while Bulldog and Neidhart play to the crowd.

A video promoting the loud mouth Jerry Lawler who only cares about his talk show. The video continues with promotion for the man who came to the WWF to shut Lawler up and take over the talk show duties for RAW, Roddy Piper. Tonight, they meet with the winner getting their talk show on RAW.

Ninth Contest: Roddy Piper vs. Jerry Lawler: Roddy Piper made his entrance first and was met with a warm reception. However, while Piper played to the crowd, Lawler came out from behind and attacked Piper. Lawler hit Piper with a flurry of right hands and kicks before planting Piper with a sickening pile driver on the concrete floor. Lawler got to his feet and had an evil grin on his face as he rolled Piper into the ring. The fans are beyond pissed at the actions of Lawler. Lawler demands the referee call for the bell and when he does, Lawler leaps off the middle rope to hit a fist drop. Lawler proceeds to cover Piper and wins the match quickly. (Jerry Lawler over Roddy Piper, 0:20, NR) After the match, Lawler grabs a microphone and rips into Piper telling him that he will do whatever it takes to keep his talk show on RAW because it is what the people want. They don’t care about Piper’s Pit. Lawler hits Piper with the microphone and laughs into the microphone before leaving with his arm raised high.

A video promoting WWF World Champion Lex Luger’s title reign since SummerSlam ’93. He ran through all the competition put in his way, but at the Royal Rumble he got a new challenger in the deadman, the Undertaker. Can Lex Luger keep ahold of his championship or will the Undertaker tear his fingers off and take the championship for himself?

Backstage, Mean Gene is standing with the WWF World Champion Lex Luger. Gene notes that Luger is clearly afraid of the Undertaker, but Luger scouffs at that accusation. Luger has no fears and says that the Undertaker and Paul Bearer should be fearful of looking like fools when they are unable to beat him for the championship. Luger says the gold is going to stay around his waist until he dies before walking away.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Lex Luger vs. The Undertaker: Despite saying he is not afraid of the Undertaker, Luger hid behind the referee in the corner during Taker’s entrance. Taker stalks towards Luger, who tries to reason with the challenger. Taker has none of it and grabs the champion by his throat and tosses him across the ring. Taker hammers away on Luger in the corner before sending Luger into the ropes and hits a leaping clothesline. Taker scoop slams the champ but misses an elbow drop. Luger quickly gets up and knee lifts Taker in the midsection and clubs him over the back. Luger sets Taker up and hits a vertical suplex for a one count in the opening minutes of the match. Luger works over Taker with more right hands and rams Taker back first into the corner. Luger lifts Taker up and flapjacks him down to the canvas. Luger rolls to the floor and stalks towards Paul Bearer wanting to get the urn from him. However, the Undertaker sits up and yanks Luger into the ring by his head. Taker throat thrusts Luger a couple of times and sends Luger into the ropes where he hits a big boot. Taker signals for a choke slam but when he lifts Luger into the air, Luger is able to poke Taker in the eyes and comes off the ropes to hit a running forearm smash but only gets a two count on the cover! Luger flips out and argues with the referee. Taker sits up and grabs Luger by the throat to hit the choke slam on a second attempt. The fans seem to know what is coming next and Taker signals for the end. Taker grabs Luger and puts him in position for the tombstone, which he hits! Taker covers Luger and he was won the WWF World Championship! (The Undertaker defeated Lex Luger to win the title, 10:11, **1/4). After the match, the Undertaker poses with the WWF World Championship while Paul Bearer hold the urn in the middle of the ring to close the show.

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