ECW Hardcore TV 4/19/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

There were no matches on the program.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show starts with new ECW World Champion Terry Funk speaking at his banquet.

2.) Rick Rude cuts a promo and says that April 13th has come and gone. You can’t always get what you want as he wanted Shane Douglas to lose the ECW Television Championship. He says that Francine has one foot on Brian Lee’s bed and another on a banana peel. Rude realized he needed to fuck with the Franchise and take the mask off his face and there is one more thing he needs to do. Let Douglas know there is more in store for him.

3.) Bill Alfonso cuts a promo while wearing a Sabu shirt. Alfonso put every penny he had on Sabu to beat Taz at the pay per view and now Alfonso has nothing. He did that because Taz wasn’t man enough and he realized that when Sabu put Taz through a table. Rob Van Dam and Sabu come over and RVD basically tells Alfonso to settle down. They are looking for bookings on Friday and Saturday Night and RVD is willing to talk about Mondays!

4.) Taz cuts a promo thanking Sabu for being the scumbag he always knew Sabu was. Taz did everything he said he was going to do at Barely Legal. He offered his hand and Sabu refused, but he liked that. Taz will send Sabu’s prissy friend Rob Van Dam running to Monday nights quicker than he anticipated. Taz never needed anyone, not Bill Alfonso, the fans, not anybody. All Taz needs is Sabu to keep going. Taz is going to make Alfonso watch as he destroys both Sabu and Van Dam right in front of him.

5.) To close the show, Paul Heyman thanks the fans for supporting them by watching their promotion on pay per view.

Final Thoughts:
Well, the main focus here shows that the summer months will probably consistent of Rick Rude making Shane Douglas’s life miserable, which I’m totally onboard with. Plus, the Sabu/Taz situation will most likely continue on for the rest of the year. Which, again, I’m onboard with as those are two angles that ECW has done very well promoting.

Thanks for reading.

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