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WWF Heat 1/2/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Richmond, VA

1.) Edge & Christian fought WWF European Champion Val Venis & D’Lo Brown to a no contest
2.) Headbanger Mosh defeated Grandmaster Sexay
3.) The Godfather defeated Viscera
4.) WWF European Champion Val Venis defeated D’Lo Brown to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Edge and Venis kick off the tag match. Edge shoulder blocks Venis and delivers a kick tot eh chest to avoid a backdrop. Venis counters swinging neck breaker with a double under hook suplex. Venis tags out to Brown who is met with a drop toe hold from Edge. Christian enters and flapjacks D’Lo. Venis is taken down with a double hip toss. Brown attempts a slam on Christian but Christian avoids it. Brown drops Christian gut first to the canvas and delivers a right hand. Venis tags in and they take Christian down with a double vertical suplex. Venis gets a two count. Christian fights back with kicks to the midsection and chops. Christian runs into a big boot in corner and puts a sleeper on Venis. Venis plants Christian with a sit out spinning power bomb. Brown gets tagged in but Christian hits D’Lo in the midsection. Brown comes back with a neck breaker and goes to the top rope. Brown misses a springboard moonsault off the middle rope after taking too much time playing to the crowd. Christian dropkicks Brown to avoid being dropped to the canvas. Venis and Edge get the hot tags with Edge hammering away on Venis. Edge backdrops both Venis and Brown. Edge spin kicks Brown and plants Venis with a DDT for a two count as Brown makes the save. All four men are brawling in the ring. Christian hits the Poetry in Motion. Edge spears Venis but misses Brown and hits the ring post. Venis accidentally clotheslines Brown and Christian nearly wins. Brown nails Venis with a forearm smash on accident. Brown plants Christian with the Sky High, but Venis shoves Brown. Edge comes off the top with a clothesline to both men. Venis and Brown go to the floor and they begin to brawl ending the match. (***. That was honestly a really good match with constant action. They all were made out to look really good in there. They did a lot for a five minute match.)

2.) Backstage, D”Lo Brown runs into Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and he is furious about Val Venis. He wants Venis tonight for the WWF European Championship tonight. HHH says all you have to do is ask. HHH gives D’Lo the match for later tonight. HHH tells D’Lo that now that they have done him a favor, he owes them.

3.) Mosh attacks Sexay before the bell delivering several strikes. Mosh sends Sexay into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Sexay hip tosses and dropkicks Mosh to a corner. Sexay misses a splash in the corner. Mosh puts Sexay on the top turnbuckle. Sexay punches Mosh and hits a tornado DDT out of the corner for a two count. Sexay hits a running bulldog out of the corner. Sexay gets his goggles from Scotty 2 Hotty. Mosh avoids another bulldog by sending Sexay into the corner and connects with a splash. Thrasher decks Sexay out of the corner. Mosh chokes Sexay over the middle rope and jumps on Sexay. Mosh hits a springboard clothesline on the apron from the ring. Sexay fights back with a springboard cross body, but Mosh is wearing a metal bra hurting Sexay. Sexay avoids a top rope elbow drop and hammers away on Mosh followed by a backdrop. Sexay plants Mosh with a sunset flip power bomb to the floor! Thrasher gets in the ring and tries to attack Sexay, but Sexay power slams him. Hotty is distracting the referee. Sexay comes off the top and hits a leg drop and goes for a cover on the illegal man. Mosh hits a top rope dive and pins Sexay. (*1/2. There were a few surprising spots in there that made this more entertaining than I expected. This is probably a huge win for Mosh.)

4.) WWF Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws appear at the top of the ramp. They do their usual opening promo sequence. Gunn says that something has been bugging him lately. He is annoyed with the Acolytes going around thinking they are the number one contenders because they won a tag tournament. Gunn doesn’t think they are tough because they smoke cigars and have bar fights. At the Royal Rumble, they are going to prove why they are the greatest tag team. Dogg says he is scared to death of Bradshaw and Faarooq. He will use his fear to fuel him. Dogg suggests that Bradshaw and Faarooq may not even make it to the Royal Rumble.

5.) Backstage, Godfather is with his hoes. One of the hoes doesn’t want to go to the ring because of what Viscera has done to them in the past. Godfather continues on towards the ring. Gangrel was on the phone and when Godfather leaves he decides to enter the room, where the hoe is at. Oh boy…

6.) Godfather is shoved into a corner by Viscera, but nothing happens from there. Godfather hammers away on Viscera with right hands. Viscera almost misses a splash but stops himself. Godfather hammers away on Viscera with right hands. Viscera runs over Godfather with a clothesline and connects with a Death Valley Driver. Viscera goes for a backdrop but Godfather avoids that and tries for a shoulder block and knocks Viscera down. Gangrel makes his way down to the ringside are and scares the hoes. Viscera splashes Godfather in the corner. Gangrel accidentally spits red mist into Viscera’s eyes and Godfather gets the win with a rollup. (1/2*. As expected, that was rather bad.)

7.) After a commercial, we see that Gangrel had dumped the hoe in the back with “blood” and she’s screaming in fear. Godfather is pissed and wants Gangrel.

8.) Venis and Brown trade right hands on the aisle way until Venis sends Brown into the ring post. Venis rams Brown face first into the ring steps before getting into the ring where the bell sounds. Venis works over Brown with several strikes. Brown plants Venis with a nice springboard DDT for a two count. Brown tosses Venis to the floor and takes Venis out with a dive over the top to the floor. Brown continues to chop Venis and clotheslines Venis over the railing into the crowd. Venis fights back with right hands and clotheslines Brown back to the ringside area. Venis rolls Brown into the ring and continues to hammer away on D’Lo. Venis chokes D’Lo over the top rope before knocking him backwards. D’Lo fights back with a forearm shot, heel kick and a scoop slam. Brown plays to the crowd and delivers a leg drop for a three count but Venis had his boot on the bottom rope. The referee didn’t see it! Wait, a second referee comes out and tells the referee that Val had his boot on the bottom rope. So, the match must continue.

Venis decks D’Lo from behind and connects with a clothesline in the corner. Venis hits a sit out power bomb but D’Lo kicks out at two. Brown comes off the ropes and whiplashes Venis to the canvas. Brown plants Venis with a snap power slam. Brown comes off the ropes and clotheslines Val over the top to the floor. Val grabs his championship and decides to leave the ring. The referee says that if Val doesn’t return to the ring then he’ll be stripped of the title. Val ends up returning to the ring to continue the match. Brown clotheslines Val on the aisle way. D’Lo sends Val shoulder first into the ring steps. D’Lo goes for the cover but Venis kicks out. Val hooks Brown for a suplex but Brown counters with a suplex of his own. Val plants Brown with a spine buster and heads to the top rope. Brown gets to his feet and crotches Val on the top. Brown hooks Val and hits a superplex driving Val down to the mat but only manages a two count on the cover attempt. Brown misses a splash in the corner and Val hits a fisherman suplex for the win. (**1/4. This felt a little overbooked for my liking. There was some good action throughout and the clean finish was nice. The usage of the second referee and the stripping of the title spot was a bit much, though. Brown had some good offense and it was a solid competitive title match.)

Final Thoughts:
A strong episode of Heat to start of 2000. The tag match was nicely done and I like that there are some programs seemingly dedicated to Heat. Val and D’Lo worked well in their singles match despite the overbooking of it. I enjoyed this one.

Thanks for reading.


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