WWF Heat 1/9/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Orlando, FL

1.) WWF European Champion Val Venis defeated Albert in a non-title match
2.) Steve Blackman defeated Buck Quartermaine
3.) Too Cool defeated the Headbangers
4.) The Godfather defeated Gangrel

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Albert controls Venis with a side headlock at the start of the match and runs over Venis with a shoulder block. The fans are chanting for Albert to shave his back, but he doesn’t care and shoulder blocks Venis a second time. Venis hammers away on Albert and goes for a clothesline but Albert doesn’t budge. Albert staggers a few times but plants Venis with a spinning side slam. Venis rams Albert into the corner and delivers a few right hands. Albert sends Venis hard back first into the corner and demands Val get to his feet before delivering more strikes and stomps. Venis comes out of the corner and Albert puts a bear hug on him. Val gets out of it and plants Albert with a sit out spinning power bomb. Venis ducks a clothesline followed by right hands and a back elbow strike. Venis hammers away on Albert before hitting a few clotheslines in the corner. Big Bossman is making his way down as Val couldn’t power slam Albert and was nearly pinned. Bossman whacks Albert with his nightstick on accident allowing Venis wins with the fisherman suplex. (*1/4. There wasn’t much going on here. A couple of decent spots throughout and the finish makes me think a split between Albert and Bossman is coming.)

2.) Backstage, The Headbangers talk to WWF World Champion Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in their locker room. HHH wants them to take out Too Cool tonight. He promises Mosh and Thrasher that Rikishi isn’t going to be here tonight.

3.) Quartermaine controls Blackman with a cheap advantage and hit a snap suplex. Blackman stops him with a tilt a whirl slam and works over Buck with strikes. It basically turns into a squash from that moment forward, as expected. Blackman wins the match with a bicycle kick to the chest. After the match, Blackman acts like Kurt Angle celebrating.

4.) A video highlighting the feud between Gangrel and Godfather is shown. Two weeks ago, Luna Vachon begged to be a hoe and eventually Godfather agreed. However, Luna ended up turning on Godfather and spat blood into his face allowing Gangrel to win. Last week, Gangrel gave a bloodbath to one of Godfather’s hoes. Thus, setting up the main event tonight.

5.) The Acolytes make their way down to the ring for some reason. They are out to the ring to cut a promo on the WWF Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws. Faarooq says he doesn’t know of many people who aren’t afraid of them. They are gonna knock their asses out. Bradshaw recalls what happened to the Outlaws last time they wrestled, which included some blood loss. Bradshaw says this match isn’t about their place in history or the tag titles. All it is about is beating the hell out of the Outlaws at the Royal Rumble. They are going to take the titles but only after they destroy the Outlaws.

6.) Mosh and Thrasher attack before the bell to get the cheap advantage. Scotty and Sexay come back with backdrops to get control. Too Cool hip toss Mosh to the floor and elbow drop Thrasher clearing the ring. Scotty hammers away on Thrasher in the corner before hitting a bulldog. Scotty goes for the Worm and hits the move. Mosh enters and drops Scotty with a clothesline. Mosh legally tags in and works over Scotty with stomps in the corner alongside Thrasher. Mosh comes off the ropes and splashes Scotty over the middle rope. Scotty gets driven down with a double front slam and can’t tag out. Scotty gets a sunset flip on Thrasher for a two count but is stopped by another clothesline. Mosh tags in and Thrasher takes Mosh over with a hurricanrana to land on Scotty. Scotty plants Mosh with a back suplex. Scotty manages to tag in Sexay as Thrasher enters as well. Sexay cleans house with clotheslines and a power slam on Thrasher for a two count. All four men are brawling as Scotty sends Mosh to the floor. Too Cool hit their Tennessee Jam combo and pin Thrasher. (*. The crowd was rather lifeless for this one and I don’t blame them, really.) After the match, Headbangers attack Too Cool because they are sore losers.

7.) Godfather cheap shots Gangrel as Gangrel was spitting blood into the air on the ring steps. Gangrel staggers on the apron and is met with more right hands as Godfather went to the floor. Godfather works over Gangrel in the corner with several boots in the corner. Godfather drops Gangrel with a big boot. Godfather continues his offense with a backdrop and a few clotheslines. Godfather scoop slams Gangrel and delivers a leg drop. Luna Vachon has arrived and chases the hoes backstage. Gangrel gets the advantage with a DDT and works over Godfather in the corner before choking Godfather over the middle rope. Luna chokes Godfather as the referee is distracted. Gangrel gets a two count with a clothesline. Godfather runs into a boot in the corner and Gangrel delivers another clothesline. Gangrel controls Godfather with a sleeper hold but isn’t going to get a submission. Godfather fights back with a power slam. Godfather hammers away on Gangrel and sends him into the corner. Godfather avoids a mist by Luna, who hit Gangrel, but that was sloppy as all hell. Godfather hits the Ho Train in the corner and then follows with the Pimp Drop for the win. (*. A rather easy victory for Godfather as Gangrel appears to be of very little priority in the WWF. The finish was done very well, either.)

Final Thoughts:
A lackluster episode of Heat this week as none of the matches were interesting or good. Next weeks episode looks to be significantly stronger.

Thanks for reading.

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