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WWF Action Zone 2/12/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Action Zone
Date: 2/12/1995
From: South Padre Island, TX

1.) Lex Luger fought Tatanka to a double count-out
2.) Mantaur defeated Ben Jordan
3.) Men on a Mission defeated Adam Groom & Butch Long
4.) Bob Backlund defeated Raven Clark
5.) Man Mountain Rock defeated Reno Riggins
6.) The Blue Brothers defeated Bill Weaver & Shawn Dakota

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Todd Pettengill is back on commentary, so his disappearance was just for one week.

2.) Luger chases Tatanka on the floor, but gets hammered on attempting to return to the ring. Tatanka beats on Luger with overhand strikes in the corner. Tatanka rams Luger face first into the turnbuckle and delivers a few chops in the corner. Luger gets a second wind and backs Tatanka into the corner. Luger rams Tatanka into the corner face first and pummels Tatanka with right hands. Luger avoids an atomic drop managing to deliver a clothesline and several right hands on the mat. Tatanka dumps Luger to the floor to get the advantage. Tatanka rams Luger face first onto the ring steps. Tatanka kicks Luger in the ribs on the mat. Tatanka hits an elbow drop a few times for a two count as we go to commercial.

Tatanka kicks out of a sunset flip by Luger and knocks Luger down with a clothesline. Tatanka works over Luger with a few strikes to the back. Tatanka taunts the fans while Luger struggles on the mat to recover. Tatanka controls Luger with a bearhug. Luger breaks free with right hands and connects with a back suplex. Tatanka keeps control with more strikes to the lower back of Luger. Luger boots a charging Tatanka in the corner followed by right hands. Luger plants Tatanka with a bulldog and poses for the crowd. Luger runs over Tatanka with clotheslines. Luger powerslams Tatanka, but DiBiase pulls Luger off from the floor. DiBiase begs off on the floor, and punches Tatanka coming off the apron. Luger hammers away on Tatanka outside the ring. Tatanka gets several strikes in as well. Luger shoves Tatanka face first into the ring post, but they have both been counted out. (*1/2. It’s not too bad, but rather boring and predictable. There were a few moments on Luger’s offense that was kinda comical because his shots were way off and Tatanka still sold them.)

3.) Chief Jay Strongbow came out after the match between Luger and Tatanka. During the commercial break, Tatanka came off the top and dropped Strongbow with an overhand strike. Luger tried to get his hands on Tatanka, but was held back by officials.

4.) Next week, the British Bulldog will be in action against Bob Backlund on Action Zone.

5.) Bob Backlund cuts a promo to end the program. Backlund promises to make Bulldog submit to the chicken wing submission.

Final Thoughts:
Looks like they are really dragging out the Luger/Tatanka feud, which has been going on since July. I think Tatanka is doing okay in the role and the attack on Strongbow gives him some more heat, which isn’t a bad thing. Aside from those segments, there wasn’t much going on here.

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