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WWF Action Zone 2/19/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Action Zone
Date: 2/19/1995
From: Ft. Myers, FL

1.) Bob Backlund defeated The British Bulldog by disqualification
2.) Adam Bomb defeated Sonny Pruitt
3.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Leroy Howard
4.) Men on a Mission defeated Barry Horowitz & Dave Sierra
5.) Bob Holly defeated Bob Cook
6.) Henry Godwinn defeated Jim Tilquist

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bret Hart and Owen Hart are at ringside for the opening match. Owen is there for Backlund and Bret is there for Bulldog.

2.) Bulldog hammers away on Owen before turning his attention to Backlund. Bulldog rams Backlund face first into the corner a few times and back first into the corner. Bulldog puts a sleeper hold on Backlund until Backlund reaches the ropes. Bulldog keeps Backlund on the mat with a headlock. Owen is looking under the ring for something. Backlund takes Bulldog down with a drop toe hold, but Bulldog quickly goes back to a headlock. Backlund gets onto the apron, but Bulldog drags Backlund back into the ring to keep a headlock on. Backlund cheap shots Bulldog and keeps control with strikes. Backlund leg drops Bulldog’s left arm and keeps Bulldog on the mat with a hammerlock. Backlund stomps on Bulldog’s left arm. Backlund gets an arm bar on Bulldog as we go to commercial.

Backlund has kept control with a hammerlock, but Bulldog powerslams Backlund with one arm. Backlund regains control yanking on Bulldog’s left arm. Bulldog takes Backlund down with a sunset flip for a two count. Owen has gone under the ring to grab a case. Backlund keeps Bulldog on the mat focusing his offense on the left arm. Bulldog gets taken down to the mat and Backlund steps on Bulldog’s face. Backlund misses a spear in the corner and hits the post shoulder first. Bulldog hammers away on Backlund and hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Owen is taunting Bret on the floor while Bulldog beats on Backlund with forearms. Bret decides to chase after Owen, but trips over the case on the floor. Owen stomps on Bret while Bulldog hit the running powerslam. Backlund takes advantage of the distraction and locks in the chicken wing! Owen sends Bret into the ring post a couple fo times. Bulldog is not giving up. Bret enters the ring and attacks Backlund to cause the disqualification. (*. The first half of the match was literally a headlock. Backlund does not fit in with the WWF at this time and his offense is incredibly stale and boring. I have no interest in seeing Backlund compete in matches.)

3.) Ray Rougeau conducted an interview with Shawn Michaels in the ring. Michales is asked whether or not he’s found a bodyguard. Michaels thinks that people who doubted him have been silenced. Michaels notes that he said he’d win the Royal Rumble and he did exactly that. Michaels also mentions that he entered the Rumble as the first entrant and outlasted everyone else in the match. Michaels believes he’s the greatest wrestler as a result. Michaels thinks it is quite obvious as to why he’d need a bodyguard. Michaels has been sporting Pam Anderson on his arm since winning the Rumble. They haven’t been able to go anywhere since they are so good looking. Michaels reveals he has found a bodyguard to watch his back. This man will not stab him in the back and will watch his back. Michaels will reveal who is bodyguard is on RAW. Michaels proclaims he’ll be the next WWF World Champion.

4.) Owen Hart and Bob Backlund share some comments. Owen says they have had enough of Bulldog and Bret. They will be wrestling Bulldog and Bret in a tag match next week. Backlund is tired of them, too.

Final Thoughts:
The feature match wasn’t very good this week. If you enjoy enhancement matches then you’d enjoy this. Michaels had a good interview to promote his bodyguard, too.

Thanks for reading.


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